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15 hours ago, BretMan said:

Precisely why I noted "illegal stalling". 

If a pitching change, substitution, or charged conference is legal in the first inning, then it's legal in the last, even if a clock is ticking down and it's being used as a tactic to kill time. 

Faking injuries, [how do you know they're faking?  You're going to tell some kid to 'man up'  and get in the game or get out?] everybody needing to tie their shoes,   taking too much time between innings [See the replies above about waiting until the 5th inning to start doing your job. Fed rules one minute between innings.   ALL of them.  If they're taking too long, that's because you've been letting them all along.] ...that sort of B.S. can be addressed. Again, not advocating an immediate forfeit. Just a friendly reminder that a forfeit can be issued if the B.S. continues should solve the problem.   


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I see no difference between "stalling" and purposely making outs.  The rules are the rules.  If the tournament includes a rule regarding no new inning starting after a certain time then both managers and teams are aware of this.  Since I cannot legislate against purposely making outs, I'm also not going to legislate what is or is not stalling.  As long as they are within the rules regarding time outs and such then I am not going to interject myself into it.

Honestly what I get much more frustrated with is the manager/team that wants to play "hurry-up" when they are on the field.  You've been lollygagging around all game with no sense of urgency and now because you are behind and need a new inning you expect the other teams batter to be ready 20 seconds after they got off the field.  They are no longer allowed to take signs after pitches.  And no offensive time outs are allowed.  If the team leading does anything that would not have even raised an eyebrow the entire game it is all of a sudden this egregious offense.  My solution. . . don't get behind where the clock becomes a factor to you.

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