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Independence Day Special or Mistake, Who Cares? MLB Premium On Sale!

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Fired up the AppleTV to watch the video clips of Orlando Arcia scoring from 1B on an infield single and escaping from a 3B-HP rundown (this had to be good!) to discover that the Orioles vs. Brewers game is the Featured Free Game of the Day. When prompted to login (I just have a lapsed, standard account), I noticed that the cost for a Year's Subscription is... only $19.99!!! The monthly is $24.99. This may have been a misprint, but I took a shot, and sure enough, I was charged $19.99 for the rest of the year of premium baseball coverage.

Happy Independence Day! Watch some baseball!

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16 minutes ago, Matt said:

Why would you buy a whole year when he'll only be a Brewer through the end of the month?

Arcia is not getting traded.


Def not a mistake, but I thought their special for the 4th was 20.17, that's what I've seen everywhere the last few days.

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1 hour ago, udbrky said:

Arcia is not getting traded.


Def not a mistake, but I thought their special for the 4th was 20.17, that's what I've seen everywhere the last few days.

I've been a Brewer fan for 37 years. I wouldn't hold my breath that he's around in August.

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On 7/3/2017 at 5:39 PM, Matt said:

I've been a Brewer fan for 37 years. I wouldn't hold my breath that he's around in August.

Well, you guys are re-building. That means you want young, controllable talent. You convert short-term assets into long-term assets. He debuted last year, so you have another season before he even reaches arbitration. Then, you have 3 years of arbitration before he becomes a free agent.


Unless they get overwhelmed with an offer, he's not moving.


I think it's along the lines of probably 300:1 odds. There's just no justification for it.

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