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Two types of coaches

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Had this gem from over the weekend. Babe Ruth game, bottom 6, bases loaded, 2 out, VT up by 2.

Batter has already seen a few pitches (think the count was 2-1) and VT coach suddenly yells from the dugout, "Hey Blue, they've got the wrong batter! #33 is up, should be #11, that's the third out."

[You probably can guess where this is going...]

VT players start walking off the field. I call "Time" and tell everyone to go back to their positions.

I look over to the HT coach who's already talking to an asst. who's keeping the book. Coach looks down the bench at a player and I hear him say coolly, "Devon, you're at bat. Get up there." Think he knew he dodged a bullet there.

While proper batter is walking to the plate, VT coach comes out to tell me the inning is over for "batting out of order." I tell him he appealed too early and explain the proper time to appeal BOO - and he's looking at me like I have two heads. He got hot under the collar but didn't get personal w/ me or say anything to get dumped.

Proper batter finally comes to bat. He takes a ball, then he dumps the next pitch way over F9 for bases-clearing triple. (He scored on wild pitch before pop out ended the inning.)

After the triple, VT coach yells out, "This is f*-ing' unbelievable!" Don't know if that was directed at me or his players...doesn't really matter...I tossed him.

VT went in order in top 7, game over.

There are two types of coaches. Those who know the rules. And those who think they do.

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Oh man !  Why did you tell him how to properly appeal it?    You could've said, "You have to wait until the count is 3-2." or some such wacky thing.  :fuel:

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