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Catcher not in control of mask

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My solution: Don’t work 11U baseball.

Hell, I don’t work any level below where the players shave their beards (or should). Works for me.

Hats off to you guys who suffer through youth baseball. Glad I don’t have to. 

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Another reason I don't do LL anymore.

Question though for all who say you can't eject? I'm not arguing... but what if catcher hits batter with thrown mask?  Player safety - and that should extend to umpires - is something we are taught to keep a close eye on.  

I've been hit once, I then kept a very clear path of the catcher. It's a different feeling than a baseball hitting you.  Your just doing your job and then out of nowhere BAM! something catches you off guard. Let me tell you when a full size 4 lb. catcher's helmet hits you - you know you've been tagged!

It was in Babe Ruth and annoyed the crap out of me.  We spend good money on masks and then a lazy catcher carelessly throwing his mask scratches your carefully kept mask up for you.  It's like putting on a new pair of plate shoes and then the catcher cleats your toe because he's off balance (lazy).  SMH. 

Don't they teach kids anything anymore?

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