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Force 3 tights

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On 3/8/2017 at 7:19 AM, JimKirk said:

I've taken a few days to respond in order to do some due diligence on these. Scott, Paul and myself have discussed together plus we've communicated with Jason Klein at Force3 for his input.

After all that, my opinion is that these tights will fit MOST using the waist size scale provided. Force3 did extensive work to ensure the size chart was as accurate as possible to begin with for most waist and leg size combinations.

We did our own as well. First, we compared leg area width to that of the Smitty tights and the Smitty tights do taper more than the Force3 tights taper in the thigh area as waist sizes decrease. Therefore, it is possible as @majordave alluded to that there may be some who are really thin in the thighs who these tights may not fit properly.

We tested 2 individuals in the the tights on near-opposite ends of the spectrum. 1 with large thighs in a 2X size and 1 with medium thighs in a M. Both were in their waist size. Photos are enclosed for both and as you can see there are no issues.

For those who might have tiny thighs, another saving grace for this year could be that the Kevlar pad inserts are about 25% lighter than the originals (S-XL have the newer / 2X and above stock stil available on last year's version as of writing). So if there would be any sliding-down issues on those whose thighs are smallest then perhaps this issue will now be less prevalent.

Therefore, if you are considering these tights for your season, I would NOT recommend sizing down (as the thigh size will not decrease anyway). Wear your normal size.

I hope that helps.



Thanks for responding Jim. I will follow your direction and order my normal size and go from there. 

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3 hours ago, Mr Ump said:

Naw, I just got snowed out for tomorrow. I am thinking I might get on the field next Wed., Mt Carmel vs Simeon. At least I hope I do because that would be a great game. I don't know if the tights are advanced or not but I need a pair of tights so might as well get some protection too. Never been hit in the thigh by a pitch but you never know. I just need to get the sizing right before I order because I hate doing returns. Hopefully my Nutty Buddy will fit too. Then I will be really happy.

Damn. Have a game this afternoon and it is supposed to be 88 at game time.  Let me know about the fit of the tights in the thigh area.

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On 3/2/2017 at 10:57 PM, Majordave said:


i have large F3 and they are too loose. I have a 34-36 waist and bought that size. Too big. Not sure if I'll re-order medium and sell these or not. Pads are flexible.  No idea if they protect or not since the legs are too loose and the pads slip down near my knees. 

If your waist is 38-40 maybe the L will work for you and we can make a deal?

Hey @Majordave

Any interest in selling these?

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