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Are the New Smitty Performance Polyspandex the Next New Umpire Pant?

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Call me crazy, but I'm still rocking poly-wools and I still prefer the combo's for my plate pants.   But then, I'm fat so might just be me.  I love the flex waistband!  I gotta get that on all my pants now! :)


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Guys, I have several pairs of the original Honigs PS1 & 2's pants that I'm considering getting Trav Creases done on. I've heard pro & con on sewn vs silicone.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

TIA! :-)

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52 minutes ago, SJA said:

Guys, I have several pairs of the original Honigs PS1 & 2's pants that I'm considering getting Trav Creases done on. I've heard pro & con on sewn vs silicone.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

TIA! :-)

Shouldn't need them.  The Honigs/Hardwick Polywool pants came with them.

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On 4/2/2018 at 12:09 PM, MadMax said:

Hey @JDavis225... do the Combos have the reinforced seat (like the actual Plate versions do)? If so, I think you just sold me on getting a set in Combos. The Plate pants, as @Jimurray is bemusing, are rather... billowy. It’s a darn shame that Smitty made them to accommodate Cricket pads Wilson shinguards, as there are such better, trimmer, lower profile shinguards on the market nowadays, from a variety of manufacturers.

My Base pants rarely get tarnished much, so I can go several games between washings, while my Plate pants get trashed after one game, primarily because the plate areas on these fields are horrible, and I am HOK in my stance. So I could use a second set of “plate” pants.

I don't THINK there's a reinforced seat on the combos but I'll check later today when I get them out of my truck. Since you mentioned the base pants, I'll say that I HATE that the legs are so wide on them. I tried mine on for the first time yesterday and hate that I'll have to spend $10-20 more to have the legs taken in on my base pants along with the cost of having them taken up. Man looking good while unpiring is expensive!

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