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Haid D' Salaami

NEW MLB Umpires

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One thing that is truly unworldly in modern times and probably hardly ever been done since the old days is the fact that Gabe Morales only worked 103 AAA 'regular season" games in his entire AAA career before being called up to the 'full time' staff. Both Morales and Pat Hoberg are the phenoms of the modern era. They were called up to AAA 6/24/13 and 6/27/13 respectively after spending 1 1/2 years in AA prior to their original MiLB start in 2009. They both worked the Futures game that year, 2013, after the call up to AAA. Hoberg on the plate and Morales at 1st. They worked 66 AAA 'regular season' games and then started the 2014 year in MLB on opening day. Absolute phenoms. They were effectively moved directly to MLBU after completing a Master's Degree in school time (5 years), compared with the time involved in MiLB (5 years), before moving to MLB Spring Training and 'call up' status with 123 games in 2014. Morales had 135 in 2015 and 131 in 2016 with Hoberg at 92 in 2015 and 139 in 2016. The 92 in 2015 allowed Hoberg to get in more AAA games that season.

Morales only had 19 AAA 'regular season plate games' under his belt before receiving a MLB game. After the initial 66 AAA games in 2013, he worked 7 AAA games in 2014, 4 AAA games in 2015, and 26 AAA games in 2016. If it had  not been for the 19 games worked in August last year which was 12 more than any previous monthly high, he would have easily come down into double digits for games worked in AAA with 140 games being one full season of work.

Hoberg only has 151 total AAA games ever worked in his account, or just a week and a half more than a full AAA season. Totally unbelievable between the two, but when you are good, you are good. Just a double wow between the two of them.

Yes, they both worked the 2013 Arizona Fall League (only once-oops-Hoberg worked 1 Morales worked 2) for an extra 32 games, with 8 plate assignments. Neither ever worked a AAA All Star Game nor AAA playoff games.

Good luck to them in the future.

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And here is the confirmation of the Carlos Torres full time appointment.

Liderendeportes dot com --  1/19/2017
ARACAS-El umpire venezolano Carlos Torres recibio el 5 de enero la anhelada llamada que lo convertia en el segundo arbitro criollo a tiempo completo en las Grandas Ligas. The Venezuelan umpire Carlos Torres received on January 5 the long-awaited call that made him the second full-time Creole referee in the Major Leagues.

Said he would be going to the states next week to participate in meetings.


So there is your confirmation in the papers on one of the 4 new hires.

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