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Olympic Announcers

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Just so you know the dearth of announcer intelligence about their sport is not limited to baseball and football. So now I know how Joe Sixpack feels when listening to announcers. 

I am watching a number of Olympic events. Some of which I have absolutely no knowledge about. So I find myself having to rely on the announcers "expertise." So twice my BS meter has gone off and I turn to my old friend Google. One time I will give the announcer the benefit of the doubt. What they said was not "correct" but I'll give them a pass on trying to simplify a situation for the masses and the gist of what he said was close enough. The other, not so much. 

Also, I've heard my fair share of official bashing for the Olympics. While not as overt and grotesque as we see in baseball and/or football it is much more subtle but a few announcers are too persistent. A little dig here a little dig there, a quick pop shot, a statement questioning their judgement ...  

Now I realize this is something I am going to pick up on much more than Joe Sixpack, but just imagine hearing these things at every sporting event you watch. So no wonder the general public has a distrust of officials. It is subtly instilled in them from the first game you watch. 


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