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Cheering or Jeering?

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On 7/20/2017 at 6:04 AM, basejester said:

It's true that softball has a lot of annoying cheers.  There's nothing about that experience that makes me want to import that behavior into baseball.


Sometimes I hear the cheers on the baseball field from softball and I'm tempted to go over and tell them to 'knock it off'

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To me, outside of obvious negative jeering or negative/derogatory comments, the line is when their chatter is purposely targeting the pitcher. Barely a murmur out of them and then as F1 starts they suddenly hit the volume to 11... Funny part is, I think it hinders the batter more than the pitcher, but that we have to kill immediately. I will address with the HC since it is obvious that the team is not cheering their team on but trying to influence the pitchers ability to do his job.

Last nights game, home team losing, they were LOUD throughout the last 2 innings... But they were cheering and loud throughout their at bat, not just when F1 was doing his thing... this just became loud white noise, and since there was nothing derogatory (Christian School, so I would at least hope) coming out of their mouths, I let it continue. 

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