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Super Blood Moon Eclipse

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My son and I were out last night to watch the eclipse. Fortunately just before 8:00 the clouds started to break. But they came back in full force just before the mid-point of the eclipse. 

Here's a link to all the pics we took, but here are a few individual ones.


The beginning...


A few minutes later...


I got worried the clouds were coming back in full force.


No clouds ... for a moment.


Starting to see the red...


Most of the way there...


As I played with the settings of my camera (and I really don't know what I'm doing) I was either getting the red AND overexposure of the white, OR just the white and no Red. I need to learn the settings better.


This was taken just a moment later after continuing to play with the settings...


Here's the grand finally before the clouds came back for good.


Here's the same with the other setting.



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Cool beans. It was cloudy here last night, so we missed it.

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Awesome pics.  It was pretty cool to watch - especially the way the stars behind the moon became visible when it went dark. 

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