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Guest Guest_Billy

[Softball, Federation/ASA rules] Fly ball: Is the batter out??


Guest Guest_Billy

I watched a few games in the past weeks at both Federation/ASA and I saw completely different rulings.  I thought I understood the rules, but my brain seems to not be working.


Scenario #1:

B1 hits a pop fly that is between home and third.  Fielder F5 runs to catch the pop fly.  The fielder is in FOUL territory, catches the ball.  Batter is ruled OUT.



Scenario #2: 


(Same game)


B1 hits a pop fly that goes beyond third base.  Ball is in foul territory (still airborne).  Fielder F7 enters foul territory to catch the fly.  Ball is ruled FOUL, batter is not out.



Scenario #3: 


(Different game)


Same as Scenario #1, but ball is ruled "FOUL."  Umpire rings up a strike.


Scenario #4:


(Yet another game)


Same as Scenario #2, but batter is called "OUT"




I'm going through the rulebooks to find specific situations to answer these scenarios but I'm lost.  My brain tells me: If the ball is in the air and not in "out of play" territory, it's a playable ball

and, if the pop fly is caught *regardless of being between home and third or past third (or past first)* it's an "OUT"   Yet, in all of these scenarios and the rulings I saw, no one complained, no one said a word. 


Is the batter in fact "OUT" as I stated?  If not, what am I missing/misunderstanding?  If it's a "FOUL" ball and the batter isn't out, do runners have a chance to advance? 


Thought I understood all of this, but it seems I do not.  Any answers including any rule numbers would be greatly appreciated. 



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