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'Umpire Jokes'

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I attended The 77th annual Portland Old Timers and Active Baseball Players Association's banquet last night, good times. One of the speakers was Tom Trebelhorn, Portland guy and former big league manager. he told this joke:

A guy who owns a diner sees the chief of police one morning and says 'hey for all the hard work you do I'll buy you breakfast'. The next morning he comes to open up and there's an envelope on the door with two tic's to the policeman's ball. That day he sees the firechief and he buys HIM breakfast. The following day there are two tickets to the Firemans Ball awaiting him. The very NEXT day he sees the guy who umpire's the local baseball games and he decides to buy HIM breakfast.

The next morning he shows up for work and there are ten umpires waiting for the free breakfast!

I'm gonna tell this joke in the future but sub 'coach' for 'umpire'.

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