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WTA3409 WV 16"-17"

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    • By ElkOil
      I'm looking to upgrade my shin guards from the bulky Honig's ones I use today to something lighter.  I'm looking at the All Star System Sevens and the Force 3 shins.  I know people rave about the Force 3's, but can anyone one make a recommendation or express a preference?  Or throw out a different option to consider?
    • By grayhawk
      After some swapping and some purchasing, it looks like I am going to have some gear to sell.  I swapped my Douglas CP for the Wilson Gold, but it appears that the Wilson CPs are just not long enough or my torso.  I was planning to retrofit with TW, but since I just bought tcasterlin's Unequal CP, I think I will just sell the Gold.  It's either a M/L, or L/XL - I don't know for sure because the tag was cut off.  When measuring the padding from the inside, it's about 12.5 inches from the neck area to the bottom.  It's barely been worn by the original owner, so it's in great shape.  I have not used it in a game at all.
      Also, I bought the Force 3 shins from tcasterlin because he preferred to sell them with the CP.  I already have a pair of Force 3 shins, so I will probably be willing to part with them if I feel there is no need to have 2 pairs.  They are the 16.5 inch ones.  I'll only sell them if I get a solid offer.
      I'll post some pics of the items soon, but wanted to put this out there for the folks that may be interested.  Just reply to the thread or send me a PM with offers.
    • By alex7
      New, wrapped, in the box.  $50 shipped.  Size 15.  Only free shipping I found online had minimum of $75, so this seems like a fair price.
      Bought extras when a site had free shipping deal, sold some to other members of my association, but left with one pair. Don't want to wait until next spring to give to a rookie. Guys are wearing them at the HS and college level so protection and comfort are not an issue.