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NCAA Div 2 regional

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Wanted to share with the group, in May was selected to work the Atlantic regional in Reading PA hosted by Kutztown State University. There were 6 umpires for the regional and we did 4 man for all games, the crew chief kept us off the game before and after our plate jobs. I worked 8 of the 10 games in the tournament, finishing up with a first base assignment in the Championship. The teams were from the CIAA, PISAC, and West Virginia Conferences. The 6 teans were Shepphard, Winston Salem St. Kutztown, Mercyherst, West Chester and Seton Hill. West Chester swept through undefeated beating Kutztown 6-0 in the final. Westchester then went on to Cary at the Div 2 Series and won it all there. It was the finest professional experience of my career, I was the only regional rookie of the six umps, we had a great and experienced crew, most had done multiple regionals and I think 2 had done the series in Carey NC. The guys all were wiling to help cover any issues I had with 4 man mechanics and we talked all tournament about coverages and ways to work smoother and better.

The tournament went very smooth with no ejections, off field issues or distractions. We worked at Owls Stadium, Ted Palka Park in West Lawn PA, mostly a legion field, but a great venue. Kind of unique dimensions 360 to left pole, 415 to center and 305 to pole in right. Made for a few triples and a lot of gap hits not too many homeruns but certainly a few to right. We stayed at the Inn at Reading in our own rooms provided by the NCAA. For a few days I felt like a pro umpire all we had to do was eat, sleep and umpire. I did 2 Thurs, 2 Fri, 3 Sat and 1 Sun. I did a lot of third and second as the rookie ump and designated "outfield runner"! My plate job was the first game in the winners bracket and WestChester beat Mercyhurst 3-2 in a well pitched game on both sides. West Chester had 3 pitchers who potentially were going to be drafted, so you can imagine the quality of the pitching staff. Scouts in stands said my guy was hitting 93 on the gun!

Well thats about it, I know Warren was asking about my experience and I wanted to put it out there. About 18 years ago when I started umpiring coach pitch and horrendous youth 27-22 games I never imagined I could reach this level. I guess I put this up as a encouragement to all to reach for your goals in this business, master each level as you move up and never stop learning and working.

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