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    • By LineyNinja
      I have been seeing more guys in the pros wearing the All-Star FM4000. I have heard many good things i.e lightweight, durable, comfortable to wear. However, I have also heard many negative things about the mask i.e sparks fly when you get hit, the upper bar does not extend far enough out leaving umpires vulnerable. I know I have seen some guys wearing a matte skull cap with it. I like many of the positives but am concerned about some of the negatives. 
      Two things:
      I am interested to hear what everyone's thoughts are about the mask
      Have you found anything that backs up or disputes the cons of the mask?
      Thanks guys!
    • By umpstu
      What kind of mask does Jeff Nelson wear?  And I don't know how to get a pic of it.
    • By Mister B
      While cleaning up some old gear for our league, I came across a bunch of old masks. Not the best, but they work. But most of them had the old plastic belt harness. So In order to make them usable again, I discovered that Honig's is selling their Red harness for $1. Yes, it's red, but it's a dollar. So if you are a league looking to make some gear usable, this might not be a bad alternative. 
      Probably not the look everyone is looking for, but it's a much better harness than what we had. 
    • By sd181612
      Mariners @ A’s 
      Is Jimbo donning yet another mask??
      Perhaps my man @Scott K can help.
      P.S. Sorry for the bad quality. And for those who haven’t noticed (because it hasn’t been obvious, of course ) I’m a huge fan of Wolf.
      Also, I think he’s wearing the 460v3s low. (Correct me if in wrong)