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Vent time

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I was fortunate enough to get a HS playoff game this year. That was the good news. The bad news is that it was out in the woods somewhere in the middle of Deliverance County and it was less than a pleasant experience for me.

Upon arrival the home coach showed us to his office where we would be dressing. Once there he says “We will have a policeman here at the end to escort you guys to the parking lot.†:shakehead: Ominous sign?

I had the plate. The backstop seemed like it was within arm’s reach from me. There was a big boy in his lawn chair at the fence who starts in with the very first pitch. He went the whole game. He and the 100+ home crowd were annoying as hell the entire game. They must have been selling alcohol in the concession stand. I had a hard time focusing on pitches and I know I missed several because of the distractions.

This was an elimination game so I understand the excitement. I just don’t think a 4 dollar ticket gives you the privilege to ride my ass for 2 hours. It never got personal, so outwardly I ignored it. But to be honest, I just never got comfortable during the game like I usually do and it affected me. I have to say that this is only one of a handful of games I have done that I wish I could forget about.

I guess the police escort felt he didn’t need to show up to get us to the parking lot since the home team won. We left without incident and even heard a few “good game blue†comments as we left. Really? I was expecting to run into the big boy on the way out. I think he was sharing a cold beer and hot dog with our police escort.

3.5 hours total of travel time

.75 hour pregame time

2.2 hour game time

82 dollar game fee.

300 dollar PTSD counseling costs.

I think I came out the loser in this deal.

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Congratz on the playoff game!

As for the rest shake it off, you went in there did what you were there to do. You earned the right to get that game.

I had the same experience in the state playoffs last year. A school I'd never been to before which was particularly brutal on umps. They went nuts over a ball call which walked in a run which was 12" outside. Even their own catcher said it gets annoying.

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