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Found 6 results

  1. Thawk

    The lengths parents go to

    So on I Sunday I dumped a parent dressed up as a coach for arguing balls and strikes while he was sitting behind homeplate operating the scoreboard. When I did dump him, I said to him "Coach, you need to go." He promptly replied "I'm not a coach, I'm just the scoreboard guy. You can't eject me!". I replied with "You're wearing the coaching uniform, so I'm gonna treat you like a coach. you need to go." Oh the lengths that some parents will go to.
  2. So working as BU in a JV game. Bottom 6, HT up by 2, R2. R2 attempts to steal 3B, F2 throws down to F5. R2 is still only halfway between 2B and 3B when F5 receives the throw - Dead to rights! R2 instead of maybe scrambling back to 2B, or even trying to avoid a tag, just keeps on running towards 3B, turns his left shoulder towards F5, and trucks him. Damnit kid!! So I call time, signal the out (F5 held onto the ball), and then ejected R2 for malicious contact. HC, who was 3B coach, just calmly told his player he's ejected. Post ejection head shakers; 1) it was the last game of the season, and 2) HT was down to 8 players because they had burned their substitutes. HT extended their lead (ejection was first out of inning), but that batter's spot was the on-deck spot at the end of the inning. Would have really sucked if VT had made a comeback, and HT would have had to start the bottom 7th with 1 out.
  3. HeyBlue!

    When to EJ?

    Question to all you umpires out there, What types of statements from coaches or players warrant an EJ in your books? Any keywords that warrant an immediate ejection, versus a warning? Hoping to hear some opinions!
  4. This issue has come up twice in one week for me, different leagues. Want to hear how some of you have handled these scenarios. 1) Boys Rec Ball, 15U, with a female coach. Bang-bang play at the plate. Runner from 2B slides into home and touches the plate before the Catcher tags him. I call him safe, checked on the batter's location and call time to clean off the plate. The Catcher all the while is screaming at the top of his lungs, "I tagged him! I tagged him! I tagged him!" I remained silent, brushing off the plate during his little tantrum, which lasted 15 seconds or so. His Coach is 3 feet behind the fence from him, not saying a word. I was about to address his inappropriate reaction calmly, when he vigorously tossed the ball to the pitcher and yelled at the top of his lungs, "SCREW IT!" I tossed him immediately and informed his coach that she needs to suit up a new Catcher. (fun fact: this ejection dropped their team down to 8 players). After the half-inning ended, I went to remind the Coach that when the ejected player's position comes up in the lineup, it becomes an automatic out. She told me, "Fine, but I want you to know that he has Turrets Syndrome!" Without responding, I returned to my spot and finished the game. At the end of the game, I checked the rule book and found out that ejected players have to sit out 2 additional games due to an ejection. I informed the coach of this matter, and she said again that he has Turrets, and that “she’s had to deal with it for 5 years now because it was my son you ejected!†I didn’t say another word, but walked to my car and drove away. 2) Boys Rec Ball- 12U. Batter hits the ball and throws the bat in a way where it spins and hits the Catcher square in the back of the head. I call time, check on the Catcher, and per the league rules warn the player and the team not to throw the bat. At the end of the half-inning, the violator’s coach come up to me and says that the Batter was Autistic, as if to imply I should let it go. I emphasized that he still shouldn’t be letting go of his bat and his team still has an official warning. My basic reason for this post is to hear how you are all dealing with what seems to be a phenomenon of having players with limited skills for whatever reason expected to be given passes on basic rules of the game that can also be detrimental or injurious to other players, if not also adding to a bit of mockery to the game. Vavs
  5. http://deadspin.com/mitch-williams-ejected-from-childs-baseball-game-for-ar-1574736005?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow We need to flood MLB Network with emails.
  6. Umpire in Chief

    My first Ejection in 2 years

    Tonight was my first EJ in 2 years. Mustang game (9/10 y/o) game I have the dish. D3K and the play at first is close my partner gets the out. Out storms the coach from the 3rd base box to me. "You've got to overrule him!" I reply, "I can't overrule him." "Come on that's the 5th call you all have blown tonight!" "Coach, That's enough! You're not going to be out here counting on us!" "How can you all miss 5 calls!" "You're outta here!" What a douche.