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Found 11 results

  1. TASO Exam

    Seeking info and feedback regarding the few questions I got wrong. Read below. 1. A force is reinstated when a runner retreats past the base to which he was forced to advance. T or F I marked False due to a runner who passes a base needing to be tagged upon returning. Unless I am misinterpreting the question. Correct answer is TRUE 2. No outs, R3 on third and R1 on first. R1 attempts to steal second. B4 interferes with F2, but F2's throw gets R1 out. During the play at second, R3 scores. B4's interference is ignored and R3 scores. T or F. I put false due to the interference from my understanding runners return back their base start of pitch. Correct answer is TRUE. What if R1 gets caught in a rundown because hes thrown out by a mile? Kill it if first attempt is not successful? 3. A coach physically assisting a runner during playing action is interference. T or F. I put TRUE and apparently its false. Any feedback is welcome.
  2. Fired up the AppleTV to watch the video clips of Orlando Arcia scoring from 1B on an infield single and escaping from a 3B-HP rundown (this had to be good!) to discover that the Orioles vs. Brewers game is the Featured Free Game of the Day. When prompted to login (I just have a lapsed, standard account), I noticed that the cost for a Year's Subscription is... only $19.99!!! The monthly is $24.99. This may have been a misprint, but I took a shot, and sure enough, I was charged $19.99 for the rest of the year of premium baseball coverage. Happy Independence Day! Watch some baseball!
  3. Everyone needed a helmet, and there weren't enough to go around.
  4. Cincinnati Umpire

    My name is Derek, I live in Cincinnati. I just started umpiring a few months ago and absolutely love it. I grew up playing baseball, and have been trying to get into umpiring for a while. Right now I am just working slow pitch soft ball. I am working as many games as they will give me, and I am still asking for more. I want to umpiring baseball, being new to umpiring this forum has been great for weeding through the equipment that I need. I am absolutely loving the competition on every pitch to get the call right. If anyone could help steer me in the right direction regarding getting into umpiring baseball or any other advise I would greatly appreciate the help.
  5. Offensive Charged Conferences

    Some of the leagues that I umpire for play under MLB rules. I know in federation, coaches are allowed one offensive conference per inning... What is the rule on that for MLB? You see all of these MLB players talking with their 3rd base coach halfway up the line so often and the umpires never say anything.
  6. Batters Clothing

    Had a situation tonight that I wonder if I booted... High school JV (FED rules). Home team's jerseys have large sleeves - enough that when the batter is in position the sleeves hang down about 3" below his arm. Pitch comes in high and inside and barely brushes the hanging-down sleeve. Runner takes off for 1B, and I call him back and call a ball. HC argues. I said that clothing only applies if it is "reasonably well fitted" (2-40-1). However, in reading 8-1-1, it appears that that only applies if the shirt is not being worn "properly", and all the uniforms are that loose. Batter ended up getting ball 4 on the next pitch anyway, so it didn't make any real difference, but I'm trying to make a learning opportunity for myself from this.
  7. Umpires - Federation Group

    For those of you that use Facebook. I am the admin of a closed group called Umpires - Federation Group Feel free to join us. We have almost 500 members. I try to keep it civil. Umpires - Federation Rules
  8. Ok, so I had this happen to me today. This kid had thrown his bat twice before, and both came with warnings. On the third instance he hit a ball, with a runner on 3rd base, to the outfield but threw his bat causing him to be out/ejected. The kid on 3rd scored. One side's coaches argued that the kid should be returned to 3rd because he threw his bat which should result in a dead ball. The other side's coaches argued that the ball was live because he hit the ball and THEN threw the bat. The umpire decided that the run was to be counted and that the ball was a live ball. Was the umpire correct here? And does an ejection after a thrown bat result in a dead ball?
  9. Catcher Pet Peeves?!

    I'm sure there have been other topics like this, but I thought about this driving home from the fields last night, thought I would post a topic for it. CATCHER PET PEEVES All catchers have pet peeves of umpires, and are always willing to tell stories or complain. (Tight zone, Hand on back, trying to talk to them, etc..) But what are pet peeves WE, AS UMPIRES have for them? They can be our friend at times, protect us, and sometimes help us out, but them can also be our worst nightmare. Feel free to start posting your personal pet peeves that catchers do, and we'll see where this goes!
  10. Howdy Fellas

    Hey everybody. Please call me Axe. I have recently got the umpiring bug again, as I took something like a 20 yr break from it. I don't even remember why I stopped in the first place. I hope I can make some sort of contribution here as well as learn/relearn a few things. I have to note that this forum struck me as the place to be, as an umpire, to discuss umpiring and everything related. Thanks for that.