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Found 7 results

  1. Guys, Pitchers: with runners comes set and steps off but keeps his hands together. I've heard that's a balk other guys have said that its not a balk. Too me, it seems that's it's a move associated with the pitch but than I think is it really move.... he's not moving he's standing there.
  2. I was watching the Giants-A's game tonight and they were talking about a balk that was called in last night's game that they didn't understand. Dave Flemming recounted his discussion with Bill Miller before the game and said that it was a point of emphasis this year. I can't find a video online about it. Chris Bassitt is in the stretch, foot on rubber. Brings his hands together. Then, he steps back with his front foot (Lefty, he moved it towards 3B), then delivers the pitch. It's almost like he goes into a windup after he's come set. Here's a video with Price, but he moves it forward, then goes into his delivery. http://m.mlb.com/video/v568503883/bospit-price-fans-five-holds-pirates-to-one-run I can't recall ever seeing a pitcher do this in MLB.
  3. Thunderheads

    Chicken Fest last night!

    All links don't' have embed feature yet............. Pirates-Reds http://m.mlb.com/video/v464989983/?query=balk Dodgers-Angels (Kershaw) http://m.mlb.com/video/v466265883/?query=balk Rays-Tigers http://m.mlb.com/video/v465984983/?query=balk Jays-Red Sox http://m.mlb.com/video/v465144283/?query=balk Jays-Red Sox - AGAIN http://m.mlb.com/video/v465579083/?query=balk
  4. first .......Angel Hernandez at his best .... Your browser does not support iframes.
  5. Mad Mike

    Multiple Choice

    Hypothetical situations using OBR: (1) R2, outs don't matter. Pitcher balks, but continues his pitch. Umpire calls the balk. Batter goes to swing at pitch and hits catcher's mitt. Umpire calls "That's interference". Ball is not batted successfully. Do you give the manager his choice of penalties? Or do you penalize both? (2) R2, outs don't matter. R2 stealing on the pitch. Pitcher delivers. Catcher moves forward from crouch to receive pitch. Steps on plate to catch pitch. Batter does not swing. Catcher throws to F5 and retires runner. Now, I recall that a catcher's balk is only applicable with R3 and a squeeze attempt or steal of home. What would you have on this particular play?
  6. flastyle727

    Proper Balk Mechanic

    ** I HAVE NOT SEARCHED OTHER THREADS FOR THIS ANSWER, I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE ** Case Play -- CWS Final Game 1 -- F1 clearly balks, 1-2 seconds pass and UIC nails it, IMO the timing was excellent. Problem Statement: How do you use the proper timing and mechainc in lower level ball. -- That was the College World Series, the coaches actually coach and most know the rules and etiquette of baseball. In lower levels, especially High School Varsity games in my area we have an issue with Coaches and Balks. Example: F1 clearly balks, immediately OC yells from 3rd base "that's a balk, come on that's a balk" before the umpire can make the decision or call it. Many umpires including myself on occassion will hesitate to make that call after the coach has yelled it first because it gives off the impression that the coached lead us into the call. It if was blatantly obvious I'd still make the call because the entire ball park knew it was a balk. Question: How do others handle Coaches and Balk mechanics? I have in the past, called the Balk, placed the runners and then approached the coach and given a warning for using the term "Balk". This tends to lend itself into more argument or discussion which I'd like to avoid. I've also seen some "old timers" say pretty funny things like " Well doggone Coach, I'm glad you saw that balk and the rest of us missed it, I didn't know you were that good!!!" How do you guys handle this type of situation??
  7. NoCal Blue

    (2) Balk Questions

    Looking for some feedback.... Situation 1 LL 50/70 program (LL green book rules - basically OBR). R1, R3 - 1 out. Pitcher is in contact with the rubber but has not come set, makes a snap throw to third WITHOUT stepping towards the base. I called the balk. Manager questioned the call and indicated that he'd been told that a snap throw was legal as long as the pitcher had not come to the set position. Was I correct? Situation 2 LL 50/70 program (LL green book rules - basically OBR). R1, R2 - 1 out. Pitcher is in contact with the rubber and set. Disengages backwards, spins and feints a throw to second. No call. Coaches blowup, arguing that they had attended a clinic that included umpire instructors and that the pitcher must complete the throw or it's a balk. I say no, once the pitcher disengages he becomes a fielder and no throw is required. This one seems pretty straight forward but in the interest of being thorough...have I missed something? Is there a rule...OBR, FED, LL or ??? that supports the coaches POV. Thanks in advance. NoCal Blue