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Found 95 results

  1. If a pitcher's Windup position is very similar to a set position with runner/s on bases he has to announce this windup pitching to umpires under rule 5.07(a)(2) Comment. Is there a balk if he announces Windup and uses the set motion?
  2. TCU - NC State balk

    My apologies if this was posted before, but I can't find it. What is the violation here?
  3. Hands bouncing while coming set

    This happened during a game one of my fellow umpires was working. I was asked the question on whether this is a balk or not. Hopefully I can describe it well enough for you all to give me your thoughts. I wasn't there, so this is based on how it was described to me. NFHS: F1 starts in the stretch, leaning in to get his signs. Once he does, he begins to come set. During his motion to come set, his non pivot foot comes to a complete stop, but the F1 continued to bounce his hands (still together) up and down in front of his body from about navel to sternum. After a couple of bounces, he comes to a complete & discernible stop prior to delivering the pitch. A balk was called, because - I was told - the hand movement did not constitute one continuous motion. I was under the impression that as long as something was moving during the motion to come set then it was part of "one continuous motion." If he had paused completely at some point and then did the hand bounce, I can see the balk for a double set. But since the hands were moving from his initial move to come set, he was OK as long as he came to a complete stop prior to delivery. If there was no complete stop then you could get the no-stop balk. Is this a balk? I think there is a MLB pitcher who does something similar, but I can't think of his name. Thanks for the input.
  4. Fed rules. RHP. R1 and R2 with one out. F3 is playing behind runner at 1st (F1). F1 steps and throws to 1B. Throw is not to F3, but is straight at the bag. F3 does not catch the pick-off, but does is quickly into possession after ball hits wall close to 1B. Is this a balk in the FED book?
  5. Had 2 different situations in our game tonight I want to ask the group and see if we did it right. FED Varsity. Situation 1 Visiting Team is batting. #12 is up to bat with a 3-0 count. Home team coach comes and out and mentions "The lineup says #19 is supposed to be at bat, they don't have a #12 on the lineup anywhere." The coach wanted an out which was incorrect no matter what since even if it was an incorrect batter, the correct batter would take over the count. I ruled that he had the proper name of the player written even if he had written the wrong number down and therefore he was the proper batter. Is this correct? Situation 2 Runner on 2nd. Runner breaks for 3rd. Pitcher steps and throws to 3rd without disengaging. My partner ruled this a balk. I thought you could step and throw to an unoccupied base for the purposes of making a play without disengaging. What's the correct ruling here? We stuck with his call since I wasn't positive. And for a fun way to start, we had to eject a player in the bottom of the 1st inning. R1 got in a rundown between 1st and 2nd on a pickoff. Ended up being tagged around the head/face area and didn't like it but the play was fine. No MC or intent, just a baseball play. I was PU. R1 got in the face of the kid who tagged him. My partner broke them up and warned them both to not say another word. As R1 is going back towards his dugout he yells for the whole park to hear "tell him not to hit me in the f-ing face." I promptly acknowledged his desire to no longer participate.
  6. More fun with balks

    I love the reaction from a pitcher, as if to say ..."what? what did I do"??? I also love watching Laz Diaz work http://m.mlb.com/video/v1161936183/?query=balk
  7. Balk Talk on MLB Central

    Oh my God, my ears are bleeding profusely!!!!!!!!! http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/7417714/v1151858783/?query=balk
  8. Another balk reversal

    I do believe this is the second time this year a balk has been reversed and in my feeble mind, .... both reversals have been incorrect.... I called this one while watching the game .... http://m.mlb.com/video/v1150337883/?query=umpire
  9. Dickey- balk

    big double knee pop .... http://m.mlb.com/video/v1139672683/?query=balk
  10. Balk

    Subtle move, but TR saw it and it scores a run. what I don't understand is, why look at the pitcher after awarding R3 home? http://m.mlb.com/video/v1120742283/?query=balk
  11. 2 balks from the weekend

    .....One very obvious, ....one, VERY slight front knee movement .... http://m.mlb.com/video/v1077366783/?query=balk http://m.mlb.com/video/v1077812083/?query=balk
  12. Balk!

    Garden variety of course, but ....I just always like seeing these! Question, .... do you call this at the levels you umpire? (just for conversations sake ) http://m.mlb.com/video/v1057965383/?query=balk
  13. Fathers Day Balk Fest

    http://m.mlb.com/video/v836244483/?query=balk http://m.mlb.com/video/v834310883/?query=balk http://m.mlb.com/video/v834500983/?query=balk
  14. Jump/turn to 3B

    LL Junior. R2 breaks stupid-early, while the RHP is set. Pitcher does a jump/turn and throws to 3B for the out. (Obviously not a violation of OBR 6.02 (4) because the throw is for the purpose of making a play.) What ways could a pitcher balk on this? What are you watching for? Anything different than a jump/turn to 1B?
  15. Coach Entices Balk

    R1, 1st Base Coach loudly speaks out, "That's a balk," before the pitcher delivers. How should this be handled under FED and OBR rulesets? We told the coach to knock it off and let us make that call. There was no balk to be called. Fortunately, we had no more problems in the game with this coach trying to "help us out." I recall reading somewhere that the offender could be ejected if they were warned and continued, but I can't seem to find the correct references. Any reference(s) would be appreciated.
  16. Kershaw Balk

    I love how Joe calls this ........ Kershaw has been doing this for a while and ....in my eyes, it's a balk and he does it everytime. He's pissed because no one else call it on him but Joe! He moves forward torward home .... Kershaw is also a cry-baby ...look at him "not even close!" I'm surprised Joe kept him in the game, lol http://m.mlb.com/video/v776806583/?query=balk
  17. Balk or Delay of game????

    This came from a friend and I can't find anything on it: NFHS, R2 & R3, Outs don't matter, after a pitch, F2 throws to F6 who is in his regular position. Is this anything? Balk? Delay of game? What, if anything, is the penalty?
  18. So last night, for the first time ever, I called the "both hands moving then stopped" balk. What happened next left me in shock and awe. R2/R3, pitcher takes the rubber with hands down at his side in the windup. I'm VERY lenient on any movement to bring the hands together as 'assuming his initial position' if it's even remotely close. This, however, was not. He stood there with both hands at his side, looked in at the catcher for a bit, then brought both hands together in front of him. And stopped. I waited a sec, thinking 'is he going to keep going, however slowly?'...but nope, he stopped. Called the balk, he was perplexed...since it was a JV game, I thought it appropriate to tell him specifically why it happened, the whole 'with both hands down, moving both is start of motion'. This is a pet peeve of our state director, who had the good fortune to call it twice last year in a varsity game and have to hear "NO ONE HAS CALLED THAT ALL YEAR!". So he made sure we ALL knew about it this year. But the amazing part was what happened next. I braced for the coach to come out asking what happened. It was only a 1-0 game, and this balked in a run. Nope, he stayed put. So maybe he was busy and didn't notice? Nope....as soon as the inning ended on the next batter, the pitcher went to his dugout and started asking what that was for. And the coach not only explained it, but demonstrated what he did wrong. He's not an umpire as far as I knew, but not only knew the rule but used it as a teaching moment for his pitcher. Hero.
  19. Balk?

    A friend asked me this the other night. R3. F1 is in the windup position with both hands at his side. He raises both hands simultaneously and brings them together chest high and pauses while he takes the signs from F2. Once he receives his signs, he begins a rocker step and continues with the pitch with no stop. Our chapter interpreter said balk and I disagreed. Interpreter said it would not be a balk if F1 started with glove hand at chest height and brought his hands together, but because he moved both hands it simulated the start of the pitching motion. My thought is that bringing the hands together is not the start of the pitching motion. Fed case books has these: 6.1.2 SITUATION C: With a runner on third base, F1 steps on to the pitcher’s plate in the windup position and his glove hand in front of his body and his pitching hand at his side (a) immediately brings his hands together for the purpose of taking the sign but does not begin his delivery, or (b) gets the sign and then brings his hands together and stops before delivering a pitch, or (c) gets the sign, brings his hands together and continues his pitching motion. RULING: In (a), (b) and (c), these are all legal moves. 6.1.2 SITUATION H: F1, with both arms at his side in the wind-up position, first moves his glove to a position in front of his chest, stops his momentum, and then moves his pitching hand into the glove. RULING: This is legal. Both of these address bringing the hands together, but both situations start with F1 having his glove hand in front to start. Can anyone offer more interpretations?
  20. A legal step to 2B?

    R2. Any rule set. Pitcher on the rubber in set position, with his free foot one meter in front of the rubber. He lifts his free foot and steps toward 2B, then feints or throws to 2B. My question is HOW FAR must his free foot step? Certainly the foot must clear the footprint of where his foot was when he came set. Can the free foot land IN FRONT of the rubber (i.e., on the home plate side of the rubber)? Would that constitute distance and direction to 2B? Or must the free foot step to, or behind, the pivot foot?
  21. First Game Fun .....

    I guess I could have posted this in the high school forum, but it actually applies to any rule-set, and it's generic enough that I think it fits here in Free For All better ...... Monday, ...first game of the year, I'm on the dish, partner in B .... Varsity, (home team's 2nd pitcher)..... Coach from the bench .... "Joe, you've got to stop, slow down" This pitcher was coming close, very close, but he did have a very short pause. Well, even after a coaches warning to him, .... he really started blowing through his sets, .... BOOM ..."THAT'S A BALK, TIME" (I echo) ..... There was some grumbling from the bench but not too much. Until he did it AGAIN!!! Now the bench is mad!! I'm thinking, ..what?!? Wait a minute .......... YOU'RE telling YOUR OWN PITCHER to stop, and slow down, but you're going to piss and moan when he blows through sets and we call him on it?! Geeez ........
  22. Pitcher Decoy Trick

    A twist on the hidden ball trick... B1 reaches 1B. The ball remains live as the pitcher and first-baseman confer. The first-baseman goes to the mound and positions himself astride the pitcher's plate, intending to fool the runner that the pitcher is astride the pitcher's plate. The real pitcher, with the ball hidden in his glove, walks to 1B and pretends to be the first-baseman. B1 steps off 1B and is tagged by F1. Balk? Out? "Time! Don't do that again!"? F1 and F3 are identical twins.
  23. Balk or No Balk

    An umpire working at a high-school seeing pitches video taped a pitcher warming up, and noticed what he was doing ....and....posted it to facebook and it's turned into an argument (shocker). Thoughts? PS ... it's a big file, so it'll download on your computer and you can open it in your 'video player' from there. If someone can embed it for me, that'd be great! Balk No Balk (1).MPG
  24. balks in 2-man

    So, this weekend I got burned twice on with runners on 1st and 3rd, left handed pitcher stepping towards first on a pickoff and falling home. I learned that my mistake on both was as soon as I saw the throw over to 1st, I looked towards third and never saw F1 falling towards the plate. Is there is any advice that you can give to help out with what your mainly looking for?
  25. Balk!

    Your browser does not support iframes.