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  1. Lol. Not what I meant but sure!
  2. I rock an 8 stitch under this mask with no issues.
  3. Have a silver with black pads All Star FM4000 mask that I am looking to sell. Nothing wrong with the mask, I picked up a few other masks since buying this and don't really have room or need it. Only worn a handful of times (< 5) and the frame is in great shape with no dents, dings, etc. I never took a shot in this mask. Please note this does not come with a harness. I can include the All Star Delta Flex harness this came with if you would like. Asking $75 shipped to the 48 states. Also have the matching magnesium throat guard in silver. Asking $95 for the mask/throat guard combo. Reach out via Direct Message with any questions or if you are interested. Thanks.
  4. Great transaction buying from @wolfe_man
  5. Are those black plates from a Wilson Gold?
  6. If I had a Power I definitely wouldn't cover that up either
  7. I stand corrected..this pic shows tape covering his logos.
  8. Holbrook looks good as he’s wearing a Gold with all logos removed...doesn’t look like tape covering them either. They are completely gone. Looks pretty good and sleek.
  9. These have been around for a few years.
  10. Thought the F3 throat guard was an April fool’s joke as it was posted on 4/1 I believe
  11. Ive still got a set from 2007 that I wear...sparingly...but they are still in good shape. The label is "07 - PBS1" and "07 - PBS2." Real antiques!
  12. I miss the good ol days when Honig's apparel products were the gold standard (never thought their protective gear was worth the money). I still have shirts from 10-15 years ago and their Poly Wools that I love.
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