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  1. FranklinT

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    Mic drop!
  2. FranklinT

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I understand your opinion on this, but $295 for a custom made “jacket” isn’t a bad deal. I’m sure these don’t contain anywhere near the quality of fabrics or craftsmanship that a Brooks Brothers or other American manufacturer’s sportcoat has. Those places also have a much larger economies of scale (ie volume). This isn’t a bad deal as long as the quality is somewhat decent. Im curious who is making these.
  3. FranklinT

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    A recent tweet from Honig's indicates they are offering plate coats in black https://twitter.com/HonigsOfficial/status/1082452934359539712
  4. FranklinT

    Gerry Davis selling MLB pants

    I’m being a nerd here but could somebody post an actual picture of these pants (sometimes stock pics on websites aren’t representative of how they look in person). I’d like to see some actual pics before pulling the trigger...thanks!
  5. FranklinT

    Jim Reynolds new mask

    No comment!
  6. FranklinT

    Jim Reynolds new mask

    It was tough for me to switch to a Wilson Dyna Lite after wearing the All Star double bar mask for a few years. Much lighter and much better field of vision in the all star.
  7. FranklinT

    Douglas Shins Discontinued?

    Per a review of Ump Attire.com, their website indicates all Douglas shin guards are out of stock and discontinued. What Happened?
  8. FranklinT

    Jim Reynolds new mask

    Reynolds wore the FM-25 a long time ago...I have this mask with Team Wendy pads. If you get over the fact it’s big and technically a “catchers mask” it’s a great mask...light and great visibility. Looks like he switched back from a Wilson frame recently.
  9. FranklinT

    Nike plate shoes? Old school guys needed.

    Honig's used to offer their own made in USA plate shoes I believe (this is 10 + years ago) and they were somewhat similar looking to the + POS plate shoes, I thought they were made by the same domestic manufacturer. The shoes in the OP with the nike logo look like the old Honig's low cut plate shoes. This old post talks about them and Tee chimes in here about his Nikes. https://forum.officiating.com/baseball/24477-plate-shoes.html
  10. FranklinT

    Curious...Riddell Power clone?

    This is worn by a handful of young MLB and former MiLB guys (Bellino comes to mind and Baker used to)
  11. FranklinT

    What's in Your Gear Bag?

    Would have loved to seen these and if I remember correctly, he lived in Oregon (by Nike HQ) and was testing a prototype plate shoe for them about 10 years ago now. 1 Pair of NIKE Low Top Plate Shoes (in carry bags w/shoe trees)
  12. both are sold...please lock @Thunderheads???? Thanks!
  13. FranklinT

    New Powder Blue MLB Umpire Shirts

    Not a big fan of these either