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  1. Dropped 3rd Strike Batter Interference

    Right, but in the caseplay situation I mentioned, after the ball initially hits the catcher's glove, the batter on the backswing hits the ball a second time and it goes all the way to the backstop. According to the casebook, the batter is out for interference. I'm just trying to get this absolutely right because I don't want to get it wrong again if in fact I am here.
  2. Dropped 3rd Strike Batter Interference

    FED: R1 on second and two strikes on B2. B2 swings and misses strike 3 and the ball is not caught. After hitting the catcher's mitt, the ball is deflected off B2's right thigh while out of the batter's box into the backstop area. R1 advances to 3B and B2 reaches 1B safely. Is this batter interference? According to NFHS rule 7.3.5, A batter shall not interfere with a catcher's fielding or throwing by: c. making any other movement which hinders actions at home plate or the catcher's attempt to play on a runner. According to NFHS Case Book situation 7.3.5F a similar scenario involving the batter's follow-through resulted in him being called out for interference and the runner returns to the base occupied at the time of pitch. Is this not a similar situation to the above? If, in a similar situation, a batter can be called out for interference on a back swing can he not also be called out for interfering with the ball by deflecting it while running to 1B?
  3. Balk Interpretation

    Is it considered a balk if, when the pitcher begins his delivery to the plate, the runner at 3rd attempts to steal home and the pitcher speeds up his delivery?
  4. Wilson Traditional Mask Pads

    Anyone know where I could find a pair of the Wilson traditional replacement mask pads? I have the Wilson Titanium mask and have noticed several MLB umpires replacing the factory wrap-around style pads with a traditional style set of Wilson tan pads in the non wrap-around. I would prefer the traditional style, but can't find them anywhere in the tan color. In fact, in last night's game 3 of the NLCS, Sam Holbrook was wearing the very style mentioned. See picture of Sam Holbrook (click here). Gerry Davis offers them in black (click here). Anyone know where I could find them in the tan?
  5. Brian O'Nora's injury

    I believe those are the Davis-Wilson Shin Guards They seem to have a hinged knee cap which, when flexed, creates a gap without the hard-shell protection. I could be wrong, but they look an awful lot like the Davis model. The Wilson pictured above would have more coverage than the ones O'Nora's wearing.
  6. Catcher's Leg Guards

    Anybody ever worn or heard of others wearing catcher's leg guards instead of the traditional umpire leg guards? I currently wear a pair of Honig's and don't think they're all that comfortable and they're too bulky. I figured a pair of Wilson catcher's leg guards would provide comfort, protection and not be so bulky. I'm considering these: http://baseball.epicsports.com/prod/7239/wta3500-pro-hinge-fx-baseball-catchers-shin-guards.html Any thoughts?