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  1. Transaction Experience Thread

    All, It has come to our attention that there are a fair amount of transactions that take place between us U-E members. In an effort to improve the site and make everyone involved more comfortable, I am creating this thread (sticky) within the Buy, Sell, Trade forum where U-E members can mention their good transaction experiences, and, just in case, their NOT so good experiences. In the situation you do have a poor, or less desireable transaction, please be fair. No name calling, no embellishing, period! This is your warning. Good transactions should be mentioned as such, ....(think eBay): good communication, fast payment, equipment in good condition, etc, etc. If you'd simply like to start out by stating the members in which you've had good expereince with, you can list them, this way eveyone can see all at once, it's up to you. I have been on different forums that use a thread like this and it can be very helpful to people who are purchasing or selling something for the first time. If you have any questions, PM me. BE FAIR, BE NICE I will start: GOOD TRANSACTIONS WITH: Jocko Conlon FranklinT JaxRolo Slo8140 If I've forgotten someone, let me know, I'll add you
  2. Plays at the Plate

    You must have had a better view?
  3. Slot Position - Batter Hugs Plate

    ugh....I hate this!!!!!! happens all the time, and I don't understand why batters want to crowd the plate Anyhow ... I move up and back just a bit, but I try to see the release (even if I'm not in the slot) and then move in w/ the pitch. NO, it's not ideal I know, BUT ...you have to see the release!
  4. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    The top pad is just the standard pad ...only the bottom is unique more to the point, ... the top pad isn't "tiny" ....it just looks like it compared to the bottom pad the top is actually a standard sized pad
  5. I pulled a Suzuki

    @gnhbua93 .... well? You know everything about F3, ...what's the scoop?
  6. 2 out, everyone leaves the field

    Poor game management. Fix it.
  7. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    Maybe this should be combined in with the other thread that's talking about this mask? Anyone have any thoughts before I merge this into the other? My thoughts: Everitt could have and probably would have been concussed with ANY mask getting hit the way he did, and where he did (queue up Mario in 3, 2, 1....) anyhow ..... The top pad isn't "tiny" ...it's just the standard top pad from All-Star (however compared to the bottom pad) ...yes, it's tiny
  8. Mask Pad material to face PREFERENCE - leather vs pad -

    LMX are nice also, but for me, LUC's just feel so good and feel as though there's more protection there, plus, they're lighter than TW's.
  9. Mask Pad material to face PREFERENCE - leather vs pad -

    The All-Star leather is the LMX pads ... vinyl on front, leather on your face. LUC pads are their fabric (which is my personal favorite pad)
  10. Ebay finds

    Well ............. CRAP!
  11. Greg Gibson's mask

    Guest Jay Beatmann .... Please utilize the link to the thread where we are discussing this mask provided by MadMax for any further inquiries. I'm going to lock this up so all of the info stays in one place. Thanks!
  12. New masks for old MLB umpires

    Drives me nuts! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. Anyone found out . . . ?

    If anyone on earth would know, Joe would .... and when HE blocks out the "W", .... something is going on. Call him!
  14. Plays at the Plate

    I see no issues on any of them .............
  15. Anyone found out . . . ?

    I agree with @SJA .... that doesn't apply .... Remember, many guys wear TW pads and they just black out the logo, ..... Ray's harness has nothing to do with it because it's hidden. The contract says that you must wear Wilson gear and if not, the logo must be covered. Ray's harness is hidden, so that's all set. TW pads get "blacked out" on the logo.... this "W" hiding is strange indeed!
  16. New masks for old MLB umpires

    You are correct sir, no W on Joe's chest protector Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  17. Navy or black Zett ??

    Or of course the elusive shovel? Anyone have a beat on either one of these? Please send me a personal message ......thank you Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  18. New masks for old MLB umpires

    @MadMax ..... not yet, .... the MAG isn't offered officially to 'umpires' like their other models ........ YET
  19. Poly spandex in MLB?

    @MadMax .... I don't think UA has a 'working relationship' with All-Star, ... they're just allowed to put their logo on their stuff
  20. Not sure I have a tag anywhere .......... the 'conclusive evidence' hasn't been 'shared' yet IMHO
  21. How to keep the Nutty Buddy in place

    it says it on their website, and this has been discussed in the equipment forum quite a bit as well.... BUT: @Old Skool has it ..... For me, I wear moisture wicking boxer briefs (when I do ballgames) .... Then the jock that holds the cup in place, then I always wear tights over that. You need some type of compression over top of the NB & jock to keep it in place.
  22. Super shiny Wilson, Nike, or All-Star

    which reminds me Stu ........ what I meant to say is ........ I don't think the MAG pads even go onto the Standard FM4000
  23. Super shiny Wilson, Nike, or All-Star

    Thanks as always Max! I don't believe those MAG pads fit on anything else either, and as for a request for 'anything' umpires from All-Star ..... good luck