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    Northville, MI
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    Aside from the obvious, ....sport kiting, astronomy, good jazz, good wine, and hanging out with SWMBO and doing nothing! ;)

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    Travel - 10u-18u, JV & Varsity High School
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About Me

Northville, MI (sw suburb of Detroit)
I started umpiring in 1991 for the junior baseball program in Northville, ..I just always wanted to do it. I got hooked up with the UIC, and I was off and running. I umpired 11 year olds to 18 year olds, for 5 years.
I did most of my games with my UIC, but when he moved away, I joined an association and got hooked up with different people every game that I didn't know, and didn't like the way they worked. I put it all aside, as it wasn't as much fun, and 'job' and 'life' were starting to get in the way.

Fast Forwrad to 2010. 2010 was my first season since 1995.
Still working for the association for Northville (NBSA) and again doing 11 to 18 year old travel ball, mostly OBR settings. My first year back was interesting, and brought the passion back I once felt.

2011: Same

2012: I've joined an additional association locally (NFWB), and also am now a registered official of MHSAA! I'm also now doing tournaments for a tourney company out of Indiana called Pastime, higher level travel u15-18. 

2013: Same as 2012 with the addition of my first real clinic SEMUC Feb 16/17. And 2013 will be the second season of doing Pastime Baseball Tournament in SE Michigan.

4/9/13: Varsity Game #1 :D

2014: Same as 2013, ... also, year 3 of MHSAA baseball.

2015: Same again, 3rd year at SEMUC, and 4th of MHSAA baseball.

I'm an equipment hound, (who isn't) and love Umpire-Empire. Feel free to contact me anytime! :biggrin: