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  1. Armed Forces Day 2018

    I wasn't inquiring for nothing!!
  2. Armed Forces Day 2018

    Hi everyone .... just wanted to share an article covering a great event that happens in my hometown every year, and once again, my buddy and I were lucky enough to get assigned to this double-header that's a part of the weekend festivities. Always an honor and a privilege to work this event! https://www.hometownlife.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/05/21/northville-baseball-team-makes-armed-forces-day-rousing-success/627688002/
  3. They’re back!

    I'm hoping they do a Memorial Day mask and one for Fourth of July! Fingers crossed!
  4. What CP is this?

  5. Mask Sun Visors

    2 issues ...... 1. it keeps the sun off of your brim (essentially keeping you cooler) 2. it looks cool!
  6. Balk - Dropped Ball

    I did indeed run together 2 provisions! Thanks Maven! P.S. This didn't effect the inning or game!
  7. Balk - Dropped Ball

    Bob, thanks, but that's not what the rule says ......... My specific question is: If a pitcher is straddling the rubber, and he drops the ball, is that a balk, or does he have to be touching it?
  8. Balk - Dropped Ball

    Hi all ... I'm losing my mind .... (at least I think I am) but .... A dropped ball by a pitcher is a balk (that doesn't cross the foul line) ONLY if he's touching the pitchers plate, yes? Why do I think I remember seeing "either on the rubber or straddling" ?? All I'm finding is 6-2-4a Help! Thanks!
  9. NCAA Postseason

  10. 0-2 purpose pitch

    Doing a conference game last night (backend of a DH) ...bottom of the 7th, visitors trying to hang on (2-1) bases loaded ... The leadoff hitter is now up to bat and watches pitch 1 right down the middle and fouls pitch 2 off. Ok, here it comes ...F2 (John ...good kid) sets up outside by quite a bit, confirmed, here comes the purpose pitch to get the batter to go fishing. Pitcher hits the target, but ...it's 3 to 4 balls off the plate (of course no one can tell how far out John is set up) .... "crack" ..... BALL, ...THAT'S OUTSIDE!! VISITING CROWD: OOOOooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Next pitch .... 2 run double down the right field line for the walk-off OF COURSE, that's my fault! LOL .... And, of course one of the happy parents felt it necessary to see us walking to our car and yell from a 50 yard distance, "nice strike zone blue, ...brutal!" Varsity parents ....not Little League ..... Unreal, no wonder there's a shortage of officials! Walking back to the car, my partner says - "I wouldn't have given that strike in a U12 game!" We then had a good laugh
  11. My turn now?

    We are all with you Hokie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Catch or no catch

    Not a catch .... if the fielder loses his glove, ...how can he be in control of the catch? (make sense?)
  13. Quite honestly, ...I think it's pretty cool that he had a meeting w/ an umpire/s and talked about it .... kudos to that umpire and .... Frazier wasn't a total idiot when discussing it. He's probably wrong, but ... he didn't go crazy
  14. MLB Special Masks RWB & Camo

    thanks but I only saw one .........
  15. Mizuno Shovel

    of course I'm in