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  1. Thunderheads

    Balk or No Balk

    No offense taken. However, .... your question was: balk or not? You can't balk without runners, ....that was my only point and why I asked
  2. Thunderheads

    High School Pitching Rules

    Correct. Umpires don't have any say in the "pitch count" rules unless we have to step in and verify their numbers in which we stick w/ the home teams count. Pitch count has been in effect for a few years now and I've NEVER been involved in any of it, thankfully!
  3. Thunderheads

    Balk or No Balk

    How is this a balk in the first place? You have stated he's in a 'wind up' position, and you also mention no runners.
  4. Thunderheads

    Mask Upgrade Question

    NO APOLOGIES NEEDED FELLAS!!! No big deal .... I just want to keep "Mask Porn" as it is, ...photos of your masks
  5. Thunderheads

    Mask Porn?

    Everyone ..... @OODA Loop There was a question on this topic that was an EQUIPMENT question, and not MASK PORN which is photos of your rigs, therefore, I moved it to the generic equipment forum w/ a new topic "Mask Upgrade Question" ..... the link is here:
  6. Thunderheads

    Plate Umpire Mechanics

    Bingo .... this is kind of what I was thinking, thanks
  7. Thunderheads

    Plate Umpire Mechanics

    didn't catch that, thanks
  8. Thunderheads

    Plate Umpire Mechanics

    John, not a lot of info here .... outs? runner/s on? Any more to this than what we can garner from the vid?
  9. I don't care that I'm an umpire, and that we're all in the "brotherhood" ... we are, but ... I tend to agree w/ Hinch here. This is ridiculous. Angel opened himself up by saying he 'misses 4 pitches per game', Hinch remembered and took the opportunity to use it. So what? Hell, if that were me, and Hinch said that ...I'd probably double over in laughter! FIRST PITCH of a SPRING TRAINING GAME and Angel dumps him. Honestly, ...it's like doing a few HS scrimmages and someone doesn't like a pitch. For God's sake, talk about it, sort it out, ...it's a scrimmage, it's PRACTICE ... Someone would have to REALLY go overboard with me at a scrimmage game for me to send them to the showers....oh well.... Whatever .... I just can't wait to see the first Angel Hernandez - Houston Astro plate game this season!
  10. Thunderheads

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    I have not ....
  11. Thunderheads

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    find what? Black and Gray flag patch to cover the logo? I don't know? I'm glad the logo is black though ....won't really get that dirty
  12. Thunderheads

    Minor Leagues to use Computer Strike Zone

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. Thunderheads

    Masks & Base Shoes

    Sorry, they're pending, but I'll put you second on the list. As I understand it, they should go sometime tomorrow. If that doesn't happen (keep watching here) you can send me an IM
  14. Thunderheads

    Ebay finds

    but ........did you SNAG it?
  15. Thunderheads

    All Star FM4000 MAG Grey Pads Brand New

    or course ...once these equipment whores saw my mask, they were sold on the gray!