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  1. when are u opening cooperstown dream park for umpire 

    1. Thunderheads


      Mike, please inquire with Warren ...... Umpire in Chief

  2. Thunderheads

    Ohio High School letter to parents

    Michigan has adopted this also ............. https://secondhalf.mhsaa.com/All-News/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/7847/Dear-Mom-and-Dad-Cool-It
  3. Thunderheads

    Prevent Rust on New Wilson Gold

    I just searched this forum using "rust prevention" ........ you're welcome! http://umpire-empire.com/search/?q= rust prevention&type=forums_topic&nodes=9
  4. Thunderheads

    Equipment question

    you can get them at Ebay super cheap also!
  5. Thunderheads

    Equipment question

    Another great option - cheap - is the All-Star FM25 that you can typically get on ebay for about $20. That + a good pair of pads and you're set to go. I 'tank' of mask that's light enough to be worn all day, but takes a real beating w/ good vision also! Attached is my FM25 project from a few years ago
  6. Thunderheads

    Equipment question

    I'm moving this to the equipment forum. @Mark Gaver .... go to this forum and do a search ....you'll be reading for days with great information: personal opinions and experiences! here is a link to the equipment forum and me plugging in the "search this forum" and only using the word 'masks' ... 52 pages of conversations! You can fine tune to put as much detail or as little as needed in your search: http://umpire-empire.com/search/?q=masks&type=forums_topic&nodes=9 wolfe_man gives a great beginners course above however! Thanks John ....
  7. Thunderheads

    Mask Porn?

    I got those from All-Star, ... they were an extra set of pads made for Salvador Perez when he was with All-Star .... it's an LUC outer in silver, backed like an LMX w/ tan leather! A true one-off ....
  8. Hey all .... Once again assigned to do an "Armed Forces Day" Saturday double header at the local high-school ...always a great event where we DON"T have to wear Navy! Anyhow ...... TOC is only showing 7 total shirts on their site and my buddy and I are looking for a good source for camo shirts? Any and all references appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Thunderheads

    Nike TI with Navy pads

    $150 shipped to your favorite UE admin?!?
  10. Thunderheads

    Nike TI with Navy pads

    I thought those came down in the last year (price wise)?
  11. Thunderheads

    Ebay finds

    off topic, and I should no better than this, but .......... what is the infatuation w/ this rig?? It's a Gold for God's sake .... it's a Champion for God's sake ..... it's no different really .... Sort of silly when you think about it
  12. Thunderheads

    Thousand Oaks Umpire

  13. Thunderheads

    Jim Evans School

    there are only 2 schools ......... Wendelstedt, and the MiLB Umpire Academy. Evan's school no longer exists.
  14. Thunderheads

    2019 Rulebook is now on Arbiter

    ok, well, now you have me confused! LOL. I just read the OP post and still don't get it, but oh well. I try not to read these things in too much break-down detail because you will, eventually, confuse yourself
  15. Thunderheads

    2019 Rulebook is now on Arbiter

    I don't get that from the paragraph at all........