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  1. Glove Knocked Off - Detached Equipment?

    Here's your unicorn !!
  2. MHSAA Finals

    Don't Suck!
  3. Batter turning at first base

    now, lets take into consideration the level of "judgment". Would I trust most of the guys on this site to make the correct call, probably. Would I trust the umpire in a previous 7U post to understand what intent means. Absotively posolutley no.
  4. Cussing

  5. Base coach interference?

    Just dropped you a PM
  6. Head first slide

    LL is the only rule set I am aware of that discourages the head first slide, with penalty being "out". However, the umpire may not be trained/as trained as they should be in interpreting the rule. A stumble/fall/crawl is not to be interpreted as a headfirst slide. Now, while many of the umpires on this site may give you a different interpretation of what a headfirst slide is, it is just that. In the Umpires "Judgment".
  7. Base coach interference?

    I'm definitely getting an out with you coach.
  8. Called a Bad Game, How to Recover

    to use a basketball analogy..............
  9. Play at the plate

    damn @maven, I saw "depending"...........and thought you were going to say day game or night game.
  10. Umpire interference?

    It seems as though Maven's subtle remark was missed. Read the OP slowly. F6 (SHORTSTOP) collided with BU F4 (2nd BASEMAN) dropped the ball. Trying to get anything out of this is akin to trying to smell the color 9.
  11. Getting older vs. getting old

    Rely on the job "reasoning". I for one (assuming there are probably others out there) have had a knee replacement. It slowed me down for about 3 months during the off season when I was rehabbing.
  12. Getting older vs. getting old

    I always try to remember to pee before the game starts.
  13. How to explain "how to counter blocking base"

    <mic drop>
  14. How to explain "how to counter blocking base"

    and after you have been ejected for coaching your kids to do that...........................what do you tell the coaches and parents?
  15. While there have been several suggestions, solutions and reality issues mentioned, it's just that. Reality. It's part of the game. That sarcastic side in me wants to tell you to go play soccer. However, I think you have many solutions to choose from now.
  16. Mask

    Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. I would recommend paying what you feel that your safety is worth.
  17. Salesman by trade?
  18. Champro Magnesium

    and one would think for advertising, they would have the harness properly adjusted.
  19. Protest Handling

    I added a couple of notes to what @stkjock had otherwise nailed........asking for ruleset I am also drawing a couple of assumptions based on the OP. The protest was filed when the question arose and a protest was filed with the UIC before the next pitch/play/attempted play. Otherwise, the board was wrong in upholding the protest. I add that only because (being my local league UIC), I had to sit in on a protest hearing. When play X happened, the manager questioned/complained/tried to convince the umpires on the field that Y was what they should have done. After the end of the inning, when walking out to the 3B coaches box, he informed the home team that he was playing under protest and to write it in their book. TOO LATE!! Sorry Charlie. As soon as I asked "If/When did he tell the umpire(s) that he was playing under protest", he knew the protest was not valid. They lost, twice.
  20. Transaction Experience Thread

    Outstanding transaction with @Razzer. Ordered a harness for my umpire (to get it before he left) that was leaving to work the North Woods League and he made it happen! 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, whatever indicator you need.
  21. Funny Coach’s Response on Baserunning Mistake

    Time to recruit a future umpire..........
  22. Coach pitch interference

    Day game or night game?
  23. Little League Catcher to Pitcher rules

    /\ /\ This /\ /\
  24. Umpire wrong signal on ambiguous call

    This right here tells me that you did not have "umpires".
  25. Was looking at the schutt info and saw this. I am primarily doing lil' fella' ball this year (9-12). Do y'all think this would be sufficient? Just looking at trying something new and was considering a purchase. https://www.schuttstore.com/low-profile-umpire-chest-protector-shirt.html