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  1. PHOTOGRAPHY from our Umpire-Empire members

    Wait! I GET IT..................I really do!!! Kind of...............like................coaches vs rats!
  2. Passing Runner

    I have yet to see ANY runs score after the last out of the game is made. Maybe I wasn't watching closely enough though.............
  3. Two Batter Interference ?'s

    ESPECIALLY.............if it's Joe Buck
  4. PHOTOGRAPHY from our Umpire-Empire members

    Road trip coach?
  5. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    Just so you guys don't feel that I save all of my sarcasm for this site, you should meet my SWMBO. @maineump can vouch for our friendly banter taken to another level. A couple of years back, when doing a "self assessment" for my annual performance review at work........ My Director laughed so hard, that he forwarded it (without editing my input) to the VP. Under Languages spoken I listed "Fluent in Sarcasm & Tounge Fu". Yes, I received an increase. It WOULD appear that honesty is the best policy!
  6. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    For my patent leather shoes I use a mixture of 65% dihydrogen monoxide & 35% water.
  7. Masks

    YEAH! physicsological @Thunderheads I don't know, maybe it's just me because of my build, but I've never "thought" about the difference in weight or "couldn't get used to" whatever. Go with what you prefer. Just like I used to tell people who asked what kind of motorcycle helmet they should buy. I told them if they wanted to buy a $25 helmet, consider that it's $25 that is protecting their head versus a $300 helmet. To each their own, as they say.
  8. New umpire getting started with his kids

    AMEN!!! Many moons ago, when I first started, I can still recall one of the most impactful pieces of wisdom that my mentor uttered in a post game. Surprisingly enough, not only do I still use it, but I hear it from others. Learn to umpire WITH the rulebook, not BY the rulebook. This too referring to different POEs as @wolfe_man had mentioned.
  9. Foul tip

  10. New umpire getting started with his kids

    Welcome!! I'm sure that @Fittske24 can assist with any gear questions you may have.
  11. LLWS 2018

  12. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    Scrubbing bubbles............spray on, wipe off. They do that work so you don't have toooooooooooooooooooooooo
  13. Fred Munster Feet

    Closest I could find was 5E https://www.orthoticshop.com/pw-minor-hercules-steel-toe-boots-men-up-to-size-15-5e.html
  14. LLWS 2018

    he will
  15. LLWS 2018

    @conbo61, we need to try and coordinate a meet & greet when the time comes.
  16. LLWS 2018

    T-Roy, will be glad to run interference. If you take a picture of your schedule and send it to me, I'll post it for all. You'll be busy enough. And you can bet money that Sue & I will be there to see you!! Congrats again brother!
  17. So, I get this text from my wife today of a picture of a t-shirt that she just purchased. Thought y'all might enjoy this.
  18. Pentagon K52 Plate shoes

    @conbo61, how is the width on those? All I see advertised is size, not width.
  19. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    Whew! I'm glad @maven didn't come back with "day game or night game?"
  20. Fred Munster Feet

    I would suggest getting the duty expert's opinion .................. @JimKirk
  21. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    without the casebook handy, I would lean toward yes. Without that, How do you know he wasn't going to fake 1 runner and go to the other? Dammmmmmmit, then again, I could be thinking OBR.......<mumbles> bassakwards FED BS
  22. Reebok Field Magistrate plate shoes?

    @wolfe_man, even though I had reservations regarding the shine, I too will echo @tpatience. BEST plate shoes I've worn. In regards to the shine, I used to have a pair of patent leather plate shoes. That had me spoiled, period, the end. Seeing is that UA has upped their minimum buy to $129 for free shipping (I get it, when you're world class, you still need to make money), these shoes and any subsequent return of them is FREE shipping. I mean, think about that. That's my favorite dinner, my favorite adult beverage, etc........FREE.
  23. 2018 POE

    ..............or no. At which time I will ask that you return to the dugout to verify. We will wait here for you.
  24. HWumpireschool

    On the left is Garret (my previous Jr. LL Umpire)/Legion umpire and on the right is our very own @HuskerUmp22 at the Wendlestedt Umpire School.
  25. Umpire-Empire's Favorite Products of 2017

    Warren, I agree as I have the same equipment bag. I had the original JEAPU bag before the Force3 re-model.