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    LLWS 2018

  2. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS 2018

    I just want to take a moment and throw this out there. DO NOT be surprised if game times are bumped up. As with any tournament, I feel safe in saying that they will do what they can to get all of the games in. If they need to start earlier due to forecasts indicating weather concerns in the p.m................they may just do that.
  3. Being a Cubs fan..............there was a point in time where I liked Girardi. Now......not so much. Must be from too many foul balls to the head when he was catching.
  4. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS 2018

    posted above....... 8/17 4pm - 2B Idaho v. Michigan (Lamade) ESPN 8/17 8pm - RF Georgia v. Hawaii (Lamade) ESPN
  5. Aging_Arbiter

    East Region

    Anyone heading to Bristol, CT next weekend for the New England/Mid-Atlantic regional tournament??
  6. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS 2018

    According to the color commentators, their stat provided to them was that this was the longest opening round game in the last 17 years. South Korea ended up defeating Puerto Rico by a score of 4-2 in 9 innings. (note for those not familiar with Little League……..it’s a 6 inning game) Well, our boy had his hands full today in an epic battle between 2 international teams and there was only 1 error in the game. @maineump's game started at 1pm EST. The US game started at 3pm in Lamade Stadium and finished (in 5 & ½) minutes before the International. A long road.........but a job well done brother!
  7. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS 2018

    I went back to the hotel for lunch, and caught the first 3 innings. Looked pretty solid. Unfortunately (for me) the excitement started in the 4th!
  8. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Report post It's called a THROAT GUARD for a reason.
  9. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS 2018

    OK FOLKS.............for those not following Troy's blog, our very own @maineump has the dish for the OPENING GAME 8/16 at 1:00PM EST Korea v. Puerto Rico (Volunteer) ESPN SET THE BAR BROTHER!!!! 8/17 4pm - 2B Idaho v. Michigan (Lamade) ESPN 8/17 8pm - RF Georgia v. Hawaii (Lamade) ESPN
  10. Aging_Arbiter

    East Region

    Well, last Saturday, SWMBO & I traveled to Bristol, CT for the opening ceremonies of the New England/Mid Atlantic Regional tournament. Sunday comes along, and I'm sitting in the stands, when behind me to my right, I hear this faint, yet authoritative "Strike" call. I figured it was just someone's little brother mimicking the umpire. Then, I realize that this young voice, just gave the correct count, before the umpire/scoreboard did. I turned around, and there was this young man (all of 10-11 y/o) with his mask on, indicator in his left hand, black umpire shirt (CP underneath) and gray pants (albeit baseball pants). So I asked mom if I could get a couple of pictures. As soon as I was done, he asked "Can I come down there (in the front row) with you? Without hesitation, I invited him down. Now, when I say this young man was all in........when the PU cleaned the plate, Matthew would pull his plate brush out of his ball bag and clean the imaginary plate between his feet.........put the brush away.......put his mask back on.......check his indicator.....point to the pitcher and yell "PLAY"! **note** Matthew plays in his local challenger division of little league baseball. For those not familiar with Little League, the Challenger division is for children with physical and/or mental disabilities. So as soon as I see this, I send a text to an umpire friend of mine who is manning the replay booth...."You have GOT to see this. I'm in blue seats next to umpire gate" #UmpFan Several minutes later, I get a text back saying that we are getting ALOT of air time. Come to find out, ESPN+ had put this on a split scree with the PU. You will see that Matthew waits for the PU to make a call, then makes his, and give s the count. SWMBO found it on that book face thing she has on her phone. I posted it on twitter. Fortunately, they cropped the video and only captured my elbow. However, SWMBO was sitting in the row behind me, and is the blonde on the right side of the screen in the opening shot of the video. Not all heroes wear capes https://www.littleleague.org/videos/young-umpire-calls-game-from-the-stands/
  11. Aging_Arbiter

    Weight Loss Group

  12. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS 2018

    13 AND A WAKE UP FOR #72...............Our very own @maineump
  13. Aging_Arbiter

    Experimental Mechanic for tag plays at home

    ok, I feel like I've beat this guy up enough. I'll leave this topic with a short story. Some years back, I was doing an early spring game (LL) on Saturday morning. A bit of "comfortable" in the air. It was almost perfect weather with a bit of dew left on the grass that had not yet evaporated. My partner on the bases (FEMALE), came in to pivot and take the runner to 2B. Well, when she set up for the call, her trailing foot stopped, but lead foot did not. She ended up doing the splits, never took her eye off of the play, and made the correct call. Even though the runner was out, she received a standing ovation from both teams and fans.
  14. Aging_Arbiter

    What Additions That 6-man Builds Upon 4-man

    From what I've been taught, U2 would only make that move on a bang bang trouble ball............maybe a dead sprint straight in by F8 for a below the knee running/sliding catch that he has the best view of (in which the Umpire at 3rd would rotate to 2B, HP to 3rd, etc.. Other than that, I believe they use Left out, Right in. LF umpire has F8 moving towards him.....or going back. RF Umpire has F8 towards him or going in. I could be mistooken ............... but when in doubt PREGAME IT.
  15. Aging_Arbiter

    Experimental Mechanic for tag plays at home

    The "Wedgie"??
  16. Aging_Arbiter

    Shin guards question

    ..............it's an industry term
  17. Aging_Arbiter

    Experimental Mechanic for tag plays at home

    I would recommend AGAINST this position to begin with
  18. Aging_Arbiter

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Great to see you back in action (online) @grayhawk
  19. Aging_Arbiter

    Force play slide INT video

    If you read down the "tweets", some get quite entertaining (sorry, I was at a loss for words). But it did make me think about how many people THINK they know the rules. You hear it almost every day at every ball field, in the dugout, the stands, hell...............even the announcers. If we could get all of those folks assigned to games, there wouldn't be an umpire shortage for the next 40-50 years!
  20. Aging_Arbiter

    2018 LLWS

    BUMP!! Don't forget to look for #72 @maineump http://www.easternmaineumpires.org/troylare.html
  21. Aging_Arbiter

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    Semper Fidelis @grayhawk
  22. Aging_Arbiter

    Coach on field

    A lot of it could be in the wording too. I tell them to wait until play is relaxed and "ask for time". Once time is granted by me or my partner, go to the umpire that made the call. It seems as though this has helped as a reinforcement that "the coach asks, and we grant" time. Asking a coach to call for time could imply that he has a little more authority than he actually does. Semantics? Absofreakinlutley. Has it worked for me? You bet.
  23. Aging_Arbiter

    Little League

    IS THAT where they got the expression................"Clear as Mud"??
  24. Aging_Arbiter

    State Semi/Finals Tourney

    Of course not. The beer is in the stands...................not on the mound