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  1. Aging_Arbiter

    Being stupid got me hurt

    Kiddie ball umpire starter set.........."Throw that inside pitch again son"............
  2. Aging_Arbiter

    Mask Porn?

  3. Aging_Arbiter

    A Marrried Man's Prayer

    Dear God, You gave me childhood, and you took it away. You gave me youth, and you took it away. You gave me a wife, and it's been years now. Just reminding you.
  4. Aging_Arbiter

    Mask Porn?

    @NicNag I like the look of the 2nd rig better. I'm not sure if it is because of the placement of the throat guard or what (on the 1st), but it doesn't seem that it would function as intended.
  5. Aging_Arbiter

    F3 throat guard?

    Maybe with the aid of a computerized strike zone, we will have LED's behind the logo that will light up when a strike is observed. Freakin' Dave & Busters umpire association
  6. Aging_Arbiter

    Brain Fart Test Question

    Change the head banging on the wall. Keep the wall..
  7. Aging_Arbiter

    F3 throat guard?

    Just received an email response from Jason. We should be hearing something within the next couple of weeks. Besides (unlike a wallet) when asked which throat protector is yours...............
  8. Aging_Arbiter

    Brain Fart Test Question

    and the lights are on!!
  9. Aging_Arbiter

    Brain Fart Test Question

    ok @Thunderheads, I'll be that guy to hopefully provide some levity to you banging your head on the wall.............. Day game or night game?
  10. Aging_Arbiter

    2 strikes 1 pitch

    I'll ask him twice to get back in the box. There is no third request.
  11. Aging_Arbiter

    Smitty Advanced Technology 4-Way Stretch Umpire Pants

    Maybe not for your locale......... Had we not received 1"-2" of rain yesterday, and had my opening game for HS season postponed already today, and with a high of 48 degrees today, I would have been rocking WOOL along with cold weather gear on the athletic field.
  12. Aging_Arbiter

    Calling Pitches

    Don't forget the "cutta'"
  13. Aging_Arbiter

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

    our 15/3 isn't optional.
  14. Aging_Arbiter

    What Levels Use 3-Umpire Mechanics?

    You guys get paid for this?
  15. Aging_Arbiter


  16. Aging_Arbiter

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

    they drank beer?
  17. Aging_Arbiter


    I'm assuming that it's like baseball, and that "once a player assumes the position of the fielder, and play commences..." that it is considered an unannounced substitution.
  18. Aging_Arbiter

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

  19. Aging_Arbiter

    Umpire shoes

    You can.................but the pain of a fouled ball may instantly change your mind about working behind the plate "next time".
  20. Aging_Arbiter

    Snow Day

    Heading home early today to fire up the snow blower..............
  21. Aging_Arbiter

    Pitched Ball in the Dirt

    Just like the rule book tells you what's illegal, so everything else must BE legal, that's what scrounge said. The only thing is CAN'T be, is a called strike (a pitch that passes through the strike zone without being struck at is a "called strike").
  22. Aging_Arbiter

    Snow Day

    Well, just checked the 5 day forecast. Looks like a high of 47 degrees during my HS season opener Friday.
  23. Aging_Arbiter

    Minor Leagues to use Computer Strike Zone

    I'm just surprised that someone (with any amount of photoshop skills more than me) hasn't super imposed an umpire uniform over the top of robo cop yet.
  24. Folks, I just checked back and I've been posting about SWMBO on here since 2013. Recently, I had invited over one of my new "adult" umpires. I had some older pants (that I don't fit in anymore) that fit him, a shirt and a pair of leg guards. As we are walking out, he asks "what do I owe you for this"? I just kind of shrug my shoulders and think for a split second, and there it is.......that voice from the next room. If you get it out of this house, you can HAVE it! Little did I know, there was a method to her madness. Well, without fail, she continues to surprise me. Last evening I had finished packing & repacking my gear bags (Yes, I have a complete back up bag). Since SWMBO was going to the fields, prepping for the season (she now runs the concessions for our 7 fields) I told her that I'd be loading my truck and giving the spare bedroom back to her for the summer. After I quickly reminded her that she purchased most of that STUFF, she offered to help me load it into the truck. She was excited to get one of the rooms back so. She made some back handed comment about me using 2 closets for my umpire pants/shirts/jackets. When I asked her to speak up, she said "Never mind...I get it". High school shirts/jackets/pants in one closet, Little League & AAABA jackets/shirts/pants in the other. I said that I could get rid a set of the shirts, but that meant I would be doing fewer games, and AT HOME more frequently. Odd, she offered to take my newest shirt to the cleaners to get my numbers sewn on. I'm not always good with subtleties. Was that a hint? She doesn't sew, but can cook & craft her @$$ off.