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  1. LLWS 2018

  2. Greetings from PA

    Happy belated Birthday
  3. Sign stealing prevention CHI - COL game

    Survival of the fittest?
  4. 2 out, everyone leaves the field

    Any runners on? Would we award them home based on Defensive abandonment???
  5. Would You Toss?

    To me, it was answered almost a year ago.
  6. Sign stealing prevention CHI - COL game

    Fast ball up & in?
  7. Wendelstedt Advanced Amateur Umpire Course

    @Scotty_Ump PM me if interested. I had one of my local guys went through the OUTS clinic the week after Wendlestedts umpire school and can put you in touch if you'd like.
  8. Batter Steps out of Batters Box

    Especially with the 'lil fellas', you have to realize that this may be the first time that someone besides Daddy is throwing a ball at them, and it might hurt if they get hit. Unlike upper levels where testosterone may cause big Johnny to step out (in defiance), at this age, you have a scared lil' Johnny. In my local league, I usually treat this like an injury. I'll call the coach down from 3B, and try to calm him down. Yes, if he continues, the zone may get a little larger. But the bottom line is that we are trying to get lil' Johnny to be a part of and enjoy the game. Maybe he's in a LL that's in the north, maybe they didn't have many (if any) practices due to weather, before the season started. Now you have a man-child staring him down like he's tonight's dinner. He's just scared.
  9. Continuous batting order & Subs

    Correct. If you are using a continuous batting order, that means that EVERYONE is in the line up. A sub can only be a sub if "not currently in the line up".
  10. The Ump hard shell chest protector

    I still use the soft shell version for the "lil' fellas',
  11. Game Management - Ejections

    I think you nailed this one. I have always stood by the contention that I have not ejected anyone. I have merely confirmed their desire to no longer participate in that days contest. You always regret the one you missed................@MST was it?
  12. triple play???

    ok..............I was reading "ball off of the dirt" as "line drive that didn't hit the ground", not that bounced off of the dirt. With the line drive and R1 moving, returning to 1st is what I was seeing. Either I was sleepy as hell when I read that this morning, or it was edited. I'm gonna go with sleepy as the AC in my hotel room had the temp up to 80 degrees just after midnight. Good call @Rich Ives.......wow, that hurt.
  13. triple play???

    I think I see where he is going. R1 was off when the line drive was caught (off of the dirt), and was returning to tag up as F3 had the ball. Our initial assumption is that the ball thrown to F3 was to retire the BR, BUT...................could it also have been missed as an intended appeal (of R1 not tagging up)............
  14. BR Reverses Direction to HP, Baseball

    it says it was Posted Friday at 07:21 PM
  15. Do you have a pet?

    I have an English Bulldog that has his own couch in the man cave. Yes, That's why I'm on the floor.
  16. Easy as it gets plus a story

    Had a similar situation some years ago (2005, 2006?), except pitcher was being over dramatic on calls not going his way. I called time, informed coach (his father) that he was either going to pitch, or umpire.......not both. He came up to me after the game, apologized, and asked for an indicator. This way he could keep it in his ball bag as a reminder. When our HS won the AAA State Championship in 2011, he handed it back to me and said, "I don't think I'll be needing this anymore".
  17. Blind call

    Never guess a player out
  18. Tag runner on half-off helmet - out?

    day game or night game?
  19. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Here's an idea. you can put on a skull cap and let me punch you in the ear (to simulate backswing interference). If you can get up, we'll then repeat this with a HSM. just sayin'................
  20. Hit by Batted Ball

    The only time that R2 would be protected is if s/he were one of two runners in a forcible situation with less than 2 outs (Infield Fly) AND s/he did not intentionally interfere with the fielder making a catch at/on/near 2B. Given your situation above, Runner is out.
  21. Force Out?

    I don't have a book in front of me & not sure if LL changed their rule #s as well. It used to be 4.09 (exception)
  22. atttaboy @HuskerUmp22 Congrats!! btw, Garret got offered a job with the North Woods League.
  23. drop 3rd strike ruling

    its ok @noumpere, I meant what you knew.
  24. Field Condition Adjustments

  25. Base Running Appeal

    Depending on the rule set, I would have 1 word for the defensive manager to learn....................PROTEST I teach my umpires NOT to take a protest personally. SOMEONE is bound to learn something from it. Either the umpire will learn why he kicked the call, or the coach will learn the rule.