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    Hit By Pitch

    nope, I didn't. but he recognized it @stkjock
  2. Aging_Arbiter

    Hit By Pitch

    Great observation!
  3. Aging_Arbiter

    Umpire like a Girl

    Yep. Heard them all. We had a "Smitty" many years ago that tried to pull the same thing. Coach taped it to her arm (uniform sleeve), then left for the day (but won the protest). Oddly enough, back when I first started, I used to ask the catcher when I would brush off the plate after the first inning "throw down" to 2nd. I asked this catcher one day and the response I got was "Mr. Umpire, my name is Rochelle, it's nice to meet you." I quickly replied that it was nice to meet her too, and not to take my habit of asking the wrong way. She laughed and told me it wasn't the first time. HOWEVER, it was the last time that I asked. Thanks Rochelle! So since this train is leaving the tracks.................let's ride! I agree, I do not believe there is a "requirement" for females. So let's talk about the male requirement. if at the plate meeting, the coach says "Yes" when asked if his players are properly and safely equipped, that removes the need of you asking the individual catcher if they are wearing one, doing a cup check, or having a 10y/o girl completely knock you off your feet...... So how do you enforce that "requirement"? After lil' Johnny is laying in the fetal position, on top of home plate, crying like his little sister.......what do you do? Do NOT yell out "rub some dirt on it" you insensitive !! In today's litigious society, you're not going down the bench having everyone doing a cup check. The responsibility now lies with the coach. I guess my question would be, should we eject the coach? Should he be reprimanded by the league? He answered in the affirmative 5 innings ago, before lil' Johnny had to bat twice and run outside the left field fence to the porta-jon, all of which I am sure was supervised by an adult, making sure that he had his cup on. Take it further......if he required medical attention, and an accident report is filed through Little League. Will the insurance cover the medical visit if he wasn't wearing one? Is the league now in jeopardy of losing their charter? I agree, a "sensitive" subject like this, should be elaborated on, and communicated all the way down to the coaches & parents. Granted, by the time they reach HS, I have no doubt that big Johnny will ask for time to run back to the dugout because " he forgot his cup". Big Johnny has already gone through the growing "pains" of finding out the hard way, and thus, helps police what the HC doesn't know. Is Johnny wearing his cup?
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    @RichMSN How was dinner??
  5. Aging_Arbiter

    Selected to State

    Congrats! ............I'll be that guy. Don't Suck!!
  6. Aging_Arbiter

    Umpire like a Girl

    How so?? I'm not sure about ALL, but women umpires (that I know) wear a pelvic protector. Used for the same purpose that you wear a cup. https://www.shockdoctor.com/pelvic-protector
  7. Aging_Arbiter

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection

    even though you are resurrecting an old post (almost a year old), I am familiar with Doc's teachings. I have a coach in my local league, that I've had to discuss with board members who feel a certain way. What they are unaware of, is that he is also a youth FOOTBALL coach, and often times has to yell to players on the field (over parents/kids/cheerleaders, etc.). He's VERY loud from the first pitch to the last. However, he is mindful and takes care of his players well. He yells a lot. He yells instructions, changes, etc, but yelling TO the players and AT the players is a completely different animal. There is a fine line, and I'm sure some Smitty somewhere will extrapolate his/her own interpretation of "abusive language" and create a $#ITstorm for themselves and end up on the 5 o'clock news. **Please note, the following statement is a personal opinion that is not referenced in any rule book** (so please don't ask @Senor Azul for a rule cite) This generation of......ENTITLEMENT, is disgusting at best. It is ruining the future for these youth players. I WILL NOT coddle or handle coaches with kid gloves. I'm old enough to remember that you used to have to WIN to get a trophy.......not just show up.
  8. Aging_Arbiter

    Straddling the rubber - called a balk

    ......lets take it a step further......due to locations of the dugout, catcher etc.....the catcher may not be able to see the coach flashing signals. I've seen the PITHCHER take the signals from the coach, step on the rubber, the catcher starts flashing through signals, pitcher shakes off, until catcher gets to the right signal, pitcher nods, and now they are on the same page. So who gave who the signal? Did the pitcher allow time for the batter to be set before the pitch? OOO here in this OP? Maybe?
  9. Aging_Arbiter

    tagging base with glove and ball on force out

    Little League has gone so far with this interpretation that if a softball tackles the F3, and then she tackles the ball back, and has control of the ball when she rolls over and flops her pony tail onto the bag, the runner is out.
  10. Aging_Arbiter

    Hit By Pitch

    I would even go so far as to say in "little fella rec ball" (9-10), if they so much as squint their eyes shut and freeze.......... they probably tried to "not allow the ball to hit them". In their mind, they most likely tried to get out of the way.
  11. Aging_Arbiter

    A Marrried Man's Prayer

    Dear God, You gave me childhood, and you took it away. You gave me youth, and you took it away. You gave me a wife, and it's been years now. Just reminding you.
  12. Aging_Arbiter

    Mouth Balk

    Sorry, I just don't picture @maven as a kind of guy. I see him more of a kind of person.............
  13. Aging_Arbiter

    Arbiter Pay Debit Card

  14. Aging_Arbiter

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    Shoot, I'd sign a waiver releasing Wilson of any liability if in stead of throwing them away, we could use them elsewhere..........then add TW pads
  15. Aging_Arbiter

    Breakaway base question!!

    jest sayin'
  16. Aging_Arbiter

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    on 2 separate occasions, you mention "it took a second to figure out what hit me" You're umpiring a baseball game. I'll go with ......IT WAS A BASEBALL that hit you.
  17. Aging_Arbiter

    Breakaway base question!!

    yeah, but that's jest Rich
  18. Aging_Arbiter

    Rainout Whining

    Just picked up a HS game from a rain out. Depart in 30 min!
  19. Aging_Arbiter

    Catcher using Fielder's Glove

    I the "old wording" what you are referring to? The rules "used to" say, a fielder may use a glove or mitt. Not implying that they could use EITHER but that that COULD use one.
  20. Aging_Arbiter

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    Umpire: MMMMMM Cather: What was that call Blue? Umpire: <removes mask> BALL!
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    Best Concussion Proof Mask

  22. Aging_Arbiter

    Call strike up or down?

  23. Aging_Arbiter

    pitch count

    Who me??? <wait...what?>