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  1. Aging_Arbiter

    Did I get it right?

    .........AND A 2nd UMPIRE
  2. Aging_Arbiter

    Can IFF be called after the ball is dead?

    It would be MY assumption that this is why it is determined to be a "correctable situation" if Umpires fail to call it.
  3. Aging_Arbiter

    Watch out for the bat

    Had a buddy end up on his can once after fastball to mask...........Another buddy sent him a message and said, you should have jumped up, pointed and yelled "FIRST DOWN!" Maybe you could have incorporated a "Frank Drebin" type of dance afterwards.
  4. BUMP!! Published on Sep 19, 2018 @Scott K & @JimKirk give the details how Ump-Attire.com is going to make a donation from a percentage of sales on September 20th. All money raised will go to the American Red Cross. Folks - If you haven't viewed this yet............and ESPECIALLY if you need any gear.........please view this now!
  5. Aging_Arbiter

    Mask Sun Visors

    especially since the visor is above the bill of your cap. It keeps the sun off of the bill of your cap, so the bill of your cap can keep the sun off of your glasses.
  6. Aging_Arbiter

    foul ball called by mistake

    Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.
  7. Aging_Arbiter

    foul ball called by mistake

    Yes, it is a strike. Unfortunately you can't "un-ring the bell" and this will be a strike. the only unclear point is where the ball went AFTER "hit off the plate". If the ball goes into fair territory, then it is a fair ball. If it hits plate and goes into foul territory and is subsequently touched or comes to rest, then it is a foul ball. This is a perfect example of using timing to make your calls. slow down to see everything & process it. This is often referred to as se it, say it, call it : see it (watch the ball all the way to the catchers glove , or in this case.....home plate) say it (to yourself. Ball off plate, plate is in fair territory, no verbal cue, point fair) Call it (for everyone else to know your determination.....no verbal, point fair) 0-2 count........PLAY!
  8. Aging_Arbiter

    better at tracking pitch

    ......and under your name it says 4 posts. Did you lose the count already? I too started solo, due to shortages in the area. Focus on every pitch/play as the most important call of the game, and you will be fine.
  9. Aging_Arbiter

    Forum idea

    If anyone should need "nagging reinforcement", please feel free to PM me your phone # and exactly what time each day you would like for me to have SWMBO call or text and tell you to get your fat @$$ off of the couch and exercise. She's pretty good at it already, so I just thought I'd offer.
  10. Aging_Arbiter

    Batters helmet

    Correct. Boombah was the only vendor that provided proof of testing under NOCSAE requirements.
  11. Aging_Arbiter

    A Mitch Kupchak-er

    We do, but with the litigious society that we now live in, documented procedures (asking the coach to verify) will remove responsibility from the umpire. If you want to keep checking from this point on, I'd tell him to take a hike. As mentioned, you will start to get more notoriety as the town pervert if you continue.
  12. Aging_Arbiter

    Batters helmet

    Boombah was the only approved vendor (for Little League) this year. I'm sure we will see more and more manufacturers rolling this out.
  13. Aging_Arbiter

    Roll Call- Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    I guess after that weight loss.......................bragging will be accepted.
  14. Aging_Arbiter

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

  15. Aging_Arbiter

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

    *****Ladies and Gentlemen, as witnessed above, this is PROOF that umpires..............are a different breed.
  16. Aging_Arbiter

    Need opinion on Shirt Sizing

    Are you there to walk the runway or umpire a game?
  17. Aging_Arbiter

    Batter grabs a ball

    .........and I like to add.............."Don't do that".
  18. Aging_Arbiter

    Now Even Old Dog Mangers Apparently Want To Go Viral

    ok, just wanted to make sure your wiener wasn't ruffled...... wait....what?
  19. Aging_Arbiter


    I'd just like to hear what an entire "typical" day entails.
  20. Aging_Arbiter

    Now Even Old Dog Mangers Apparently Want To Go Viral

    @JSam21, don't take this wrong, I don't care what their uni's look like. I was IMPLYING about the individuals character.
  21. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS 2018

  22. Aging_Arbiter

    LLWS 2018

    well folks. With NY losing last night, our very own @maineump is set up (and due) for any one of the 3 championship plate games. Best of luck TROY.