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  1. Finger stiffeners

    Day or night game? Seriously though, how would you know it's there?
  2. Bragging a little bit...

    NIce job!! "Didn't suck"!
  3. SWMBO.........you guessed it.....again

    She just doesn't stop..........
  4. New Umpire In DFW

    Let's hope he was a poor hitter. Good hitters determine to hit the ball WELL before it enters the strike zone. We have to wait until it does.
  5. HWumpireschool

    Just an update. Huskerump22 is at PBUC for evaluation. Garrett was invited to the OUTS clinic and will be working the North Woods league this year and is at the top of the reserve list........and returning to HWUmpireschool again next year.
  6. Brady

  7. Neoprene Sleeve

    unless an undershirt covers them. I can't call what I can't see!!
  8. Runout or boundary

    I know they make a lot of noise when you're trying to sleep......................
  9. Infield Fly, Interterence, or Both?

    But is he? Would the ball have rolled foul if no contact was made by BR? How many licks does it take to get to.........never mind. Why rule on something where we aren't sure of what would have happened "IF" and possibly open a can of worms, when you can rule INT on BR and return runners with no arguments?
  10. Pass Interference?

  11. Calling a balk for stalling?

    I agree to a certain point. 3-4 seconds (to me) is well beyond that point.
  12. Calling a balk for stalling?

    8.01 b) The Set Position. Set Position shall be indicated by the pitcher when he stands facing the batter with his entire pivot foot on, or in front of, and in contact with, and not off the end of the pitcher's plate, and his other foot in front of the pitcher's plate, holding the ball in both hands in front of his body and coming to a complete stop. From such Set Position he may deliver the ball to the batter, throw to a base or step backward off the pitcher's plate with his pivot foot. Before assuming Set Position, the pitcher may elect to make any natural preliminary motion such as that known as "the stretch." But if he so elects, he shall come to Set Position before delivering the ball to the batter. After assuming Set Position, any natural motion associated with his delivery of the ball to the batter commits him to the pitch without alteration or interruption. Preparatory to coming to a set position, the pitcher shall have one hand on his side; from this position he shall go to his set position as defined in Rule 8.01 (b) without interruption and in one continuous motion. The whole width of the foot in contact with the rubber must be on the rubber. A pitcher cannot pitch from off the end of the rubber with just the side of his foot touching the rubber. The pitcher, following his stretch, must ** Some assumptions made from the post. 1) there are runners on, since a balk was called. 2) the "stalling" that the umpire referred to was the stopping with his foot in the air for "3-4-seconds".
  13. PHOTOGRAPHY from our Umpire-Empire members

    Wait! I GET IT..................I really do!!! Kind of...............like................coaches vs rats!
  14. Passing Runner

    I have yet to see ANY runs score after the last out of the game is made. Maybe I wasn't watching closely enough though.............
  15. Two Batter Interference ?'s

    ESPECIALLY.............if it's Joe Buck