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  1. Were you blocked out somehow, or just missed tracking this pitch all the way in? I'm not understanding how you didn't see it, but "sounded a little strange" was your first indicator. Whoa now! I just came back from TWO FULL WEEKS of vacation, and I could be misinterpreting what you wrote.....
  2. Next Stop............OMAHA!?!
  3. TW fan here. *Note - These pads are not particularly fond of cold weather. I'm sure the gear junkies on here can explain the composition of them much better than I. Cold = hard pads, warmer weather = comfortable pads.
  4. You would lose that argument in my game. Once the 3rd out is made, the next half inning has begun. That indicator is used for "timed games, application of curfew rules, another player delivering a warm up pitch, etc.) There is a switch in Offensive & defensive positions. Get off the field in the time allotted or get charged a conference. **edited for clarity** If you (as a coach) have been reasonable throughout the game, I'd definitely "remind you of this". However, if coming out with the "neither team....", nope. It's charged.
  5. would the easiest "layman" explanation be that if it disrupts/interrupts the flow of the game, that would be a charged conference? (in this instance) Just trying to clarify in the event a guest doesn't speak baseball terms,.
  6. ditto! what @pnewton said The p isn't for phig, is it?
  7. I like my house.., my truck, my property in general. As indicated, you can "ignore the crap" as you wish. If you end up needing a place to stay, I have a spare room.
  8. I wouldn't want the stench on my gear..........
  9. .........it's kind of like "Just throw strikes Johnny"! I often want to turn around and ask, Do you REALLY think he isn't trying to?
  10. /\ this Last year they were not authorized. NOW, there are letters from the manufacturer authorizing the "add-ons" IF they are the manufacturer of the C-Flap.
  11. I carry a "coach be cool" stick in my truck........... Some call it a collapsible baton
  12. Said loud enough to the catcher, but meant for the coach to hear............. I hope they keep up with those "good takes", we'll be out of here sooner than expected!
  13. Coach, you're here to be a role model for these children. If you continue to act in this manner and FAIL TO BE that role model, there is no need for you to be here at all.
  14. 10U kid pitch..........Wood Bat............. Maybe they were bunting because the bats were too heavy to swing?
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