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  1. mw94

    Smitty making shoes

  2. Who actually making these? and $90.00 is pretty steep for an amateur level umpire . I will stick to my Smittys poly spandex for now. https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B08PTMLB001PL/MLB-Pro-Style-Plate-Umpire-Pants.html
  3. https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/umpires-ejections-and-player-ethnicity-an-analysis/
  4. mw94

    Invalid appeal question

    And it was the wrong call
  5. mw94

    More Ontarian Hilarity

    If any one here is a long time member of the ABUA board. They might remember some very crazy post by a member named ExCop . He was from Toronto and the post were sometimes just insane . Lots of ejections and fights .
  6. http://www.nfhs.org/articles/high-school-baseball-rules-changes-focus-on-player-safety/
  7. mw94

    Non-Ejections: 2 Examples

    and this is why I hate the travel ball bs about getting scorecards signed . If their even a hint of problems i leave let them go to TD desk if they want
  8. If this article is correct? It appears the protest was allowed because the Umpires used a cell phone to call for a rules interpretation " GHSA has not responded to 11Alive's request for comment on the use of cell phones to make a decision other than say that "they were not used to determine whether the runner had touched the third base bag." So the call was correct! But by getting consultation via phone GHSA overturns the call?? Bottom line, in Georgia go get your rulebook out of the car instead of making a call to your UIC or Rules Interperter
  9. mw94


    Click on website for Retail Locations only Colorado . I guess they consolidated everything to CO? https://honigs.com/locations/
  10. mw94

    UCLA Bound

    Its California , year round baseball
  11. mw94

    iNFIELD-FLY RULE (2-19)

    No, ball is alive
  12. mw94

    Unsual Double Play.

    You mean something like this ? I grew up in NY and actually saw this play happen Live
  13. mw94

    I can't read this (redo)

    No not Jim Evens , its the school Lawump graduated from.
  14. Hi to all of my brethren in Southeast Florida Coast. I will be visiting my family in the Boca Raton area was wondering if anyone could hook me up with some games to work? I am not picky about the level(ok no T ball ). I will be there in early March. I will be missing out on all the baseball here in Arizona during Spring Training , if I could work a few games in Florida that would be great. I know for a fact I can reciprocate if you come to AZ. In the Spring ton of tournaments revolving around Spring Training, during late June to early July USA Baseball tournament is so big they recruit umpires from out of state . I have 20 years doing College and Varsity HS . I also am considered decent enough to fill in on MiLB Spring Training . Thanks Marc