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  1. FED Pitcher's Feet

    How about in the windup position, only the heel of the pivot foot in contact with the rubber (foot in the hole in front of rubber)? Legal position? Rules seem to stipulate only "pivot foot contact."
  2. If only I was making this up

    I feel your pain. I had the first "revised" question you posted above. Unfortunately, because I had "locked in" the test questions/answers, I was only able to access the responses for a and b - c and d simply do not appear. No way to select the revised answers. I'm confident my answer of b was graded incorrect.
  3. rcjhyman

  4. T-hooks for Wilson Platinum/Gold

    Thanks for the football shoulder pad thought, storm13. I've tried to find these for a while. A Google using "t-hook football shoulder pad hardware" turns up a number of sellers, including Amazon. Unfortunately, they're sold in packs of 50 - LOL. kylejt, If you'd like to sell me a few please PM.
  5. Mo'na Davis

    I'm thinking there's a difference between a quick pitch and no stop from the stretch. The former impacts the batter more, "before the batter is reasonably set in the batter's box" - but, can't say I've QPs in the LLWS so far. The no stop clearly impacts runners more - but, with no leads and allowable by rule - it's a moot point.
  6. Mo'na Davis

    By rule LL Majors and below need not come to a complete stop in the set position (8.01 (b) Note).
  7. Transaction Experience Thread

    Seller: Majordave - Item: mask frame. As advertised. Good transaction.
  8. Glossy Belt or Non Glossy?

    My loops, all Honigs of various types, measure 1 3/4 to 2. The belt I own measures 1 1/2. You need some extra room to account for the thickness of the belt. Also, I think some belts are measured like lumber: 2x4 is really 1 1/2 X 3 1/2. As others have noted, that's certainly the case with waist size.
  9. Glossy Belt or Non Glossy?

    Hank's: Saw this on some umpire site, maybe this one. Probably the best piece of gear I own. Unfortunately, all it does is hold up my pants. Expensive, but full grain, thick leather that'll hold up your ball bags and your pants for years. http://www.hanksclothing.com/hanks_amish_belts_ccw_the_gunner.html FYI - Matte is my preference.
  10. My Backup Mask-New View Refurb Project

    Looks great. But wondering if the heat applied has any effect on the metal or the welds. I'd guess there won't be any catastrophic failure, but you never know.
  11. Arizona Fall League Umpire Selection?

    Your handle belies your knowledge, dumbdumb. Thanks! Any knowledge of how they're selected? Obviously, all are AAA officials.
  12. I was just on vacation, caught three AFL games, with the three different crews that are working. All were excellent, and the last game I attended was the first IR game as noted in another thread. Wondering if anyone knows how the crews are selected, and which league(s)/level(s) they come from. FYI: Here is the umpire roster: Crew A: Trip Gibson (CC); Sean Barber; Jeff Gosney; Pat Hoberg. Crew F: Seth Buckminster (CC); Marcus Pattilo; Stu Shuerwater; Thomas Woodring. Crew L: Jon Byrne (CC); Anthony Johnson; Gabe Morales; Jeff Morrow.
  13. "The Third Team" - DVD Copy Available.....

    1. CodyLoe15 2. Bam 3. Larry in TN 4. Typhoon 5. Elares and many thanks to KLAH 6. BRUMP 7. rcjhyman
  14. ACL injury- is it the end of the line?

    Rabbit: I'm missing ACLs in both knees. I'm as recovered as I'm going to be - the injuries were some years ago, I rehabbed and continue to work out. I wear only neoprene knee warmer/supports. I've worked well over 100 games each of the last ten years - a majority of them plate. From my experience and observing current athletes with similar injuries, it'll take upwards of a year to get your muscles toned to do the work of the ACL, and to get the confidence in your knee and body to do umpire activities. Take it slow on the field, but work your butt off on the prescribed rehab exercises. Keep working, plan on a comeback. Good luck. FYI - Now, most likely due to the ACL and associated injuries and cartilage tear/wear, I'm looking at dual knee replacements - SOON. But, I'm still planning on working ball games.