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  1. Jim. will you be at palo alto this year?
  2. Conditioning, flexibility, rules knowledge, networking and watching games can all be done when its not "baseball" weather. Watching film on handling situations whether on the HUB or Youtube. Talking shop with the guys on mechanics and rotations. Signals in the mirror work too. Take it a step further and watch a game put a mirror in front of you next to the tv and use a chair as a catcher. Then call the game! Where there is a will there is a way.
  3. I'm going to bring this thread back to life since we're getting ready for the NCAA meetings and the HUB has opened up again. Most of the info on here is great stuff! A few little things I'd like to add. I'm a D1 umpire. I have never been to pro school or in MiLB. The road is different for everyone, and the final goal isn't for everyone. The higher the you get the the humbler you get. What I mean by that is if you're the top 10% in HS, then go to JC you're now in the bottom 20%. You then get a reputation of excellence and get to the top 20% in JC/NAIA and you move to DIII/DII and you start over at the bottom 20%. Every rung you go up the better not only the players get but the umpires. They see the game differently, they communicate differently, travel, pack, hold themselves and network differently. If you're available and a good umpire but no one knows you, you will not make it. If coordinators don't know you and no one speaks for you, you will not make it. So here is the list of steps that I see for both MiLB and Non Pro guys.. MiLB Non Pro 1. go to pro school 1. HS baseball / basic association training 2. PBUC Eval Course 2. HS Playoffs/ championship / college eval clinic/tryout 3. MiLB Rookie Ball/short season/college summer league 3. JC baseball / top guy in HS unit / college 2man camps / NCAA 4. Short season A/ full season A ball 4. NAIA/DIII / top 1/3 in JC unit / college 3man camps / NCAA 5. High A ball / MiLB CC and post season 5. NAIA/JC/DIII post season / again going to 3man camps / NCAA 6. AA ball 6. DII non /conf / post season / 3man camp w/ networking 7. AA CC / AAA low man 7. DII CC/ DI non conf / post season / advanced 3man invite only 8. AAA CC/ MLB fill in 8. DI conf / network for NCAA post season - need min of 25 DI games At each level you give back to the ones below you. You work for #8 while at #1. You don't stop learning, networking, reinvesting and going to camps. Each one of these rungs overlap and have a different time table for different people. But being known, having ability, having availability and looking the part are all apart of exposure no matter the course. Like many have said this is mostly done during the off season! Communication and being prepared for that call is why you work on 8 starting at 1. You can't go to a tryout camp to "get ready" and expect a job. You have to "be ready". It's like any other job. If I'm hiring and I see someone with a Masters degree and 4 years experience but doesn't look the part and I have a guy with 20 years experience with a HS diploma, maybe some college but alot of certificates and a great network who will I hire? Everything is a sliding scale. There are pros and cons to everyone's game. It comes down to what your willing to spend to get there. Every year is a new chance to get better, so here is to 2016 boys. Enjoy your journey!!!! Just my $0.02
  4. true, but then you have to wait until it comes. I have a digital copy and 3 with notes and the past years test. All of which can be helpful to someone just getting into college baseball and wanting to get a jump start before January.
  5. Steve, If you don't have a study group for the test let me know and you can join ours. Also if you need a rule book i have a few.
  6. Grayhawk, I'm in SCCUA as well. If you need anything feel free to ask. I hope your going up to Palo Alto as well. Best of luck and congrats.
  7. It really depends on where you live. If a local association controls non-conf or if its all done via the conf staff by a single coordinator. Pro experience helps and is the norm for most. However, as one coordinator put it, "be as good as an ex pro and you'll find a spot." As for what the road looks like.... HS - HS playoffs - JC - JC playoffs - NAIA/DIII - JC/NAIA/DIII post season - DII non conf - DII conf - CC and Multiple post seasons at collegiate level - non conf DI. This can be fast tracked if you can work and network, have avalibility, luck and the right person seeing you. You can do all of these things by going to the right camp. Find out where the coordinators will be at and you'll get exposure which can be a good or bad thing depending as always on how you do/look/say etc. Just my $0.02
  8. golf shirts for me on the bases when we work together stu.
  9. NCAA meeting on the 10th Then Local collegiate meetings the 17th and 18th First collegiate games here in SoCal are on the 1/23
  10. @MidAmUmp Great idea for a thread and great reading. The question I was just chatting with a few friends about the other day has to do with moving from one area to another. Example.... one of my good friends works NCAA Div 2, 3, NAIA and JuCo he has a good network in SoCal and he should be getting close to D1, but his wife is going to be placed for her surgical residency. And there is a very real chance of moving cross country. He was asking me about umpiring in the midwest vs socal. What would your words/thoughts on this would be. What trends have you seen from umpires across the country......
  11. Grayhawk, this can be true depending on where you live. However, regardless of age you can move up with the right network. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. We all have different skills in our tool box. The key is knowing what yours are on both ends. This allows you to work on perception and the holes in everyone's game. Jax, availability will help, being a great crew guy will help. Being a people person and doting all of your eyes and crossing your tee's when it comes to communication with institutions and assignors. And finally, working on your network. One of the best ways for guys to move up is to go to a clinic that the powers that be are at. It's a micro bubble of them to see and get alot of feedback from instructors on potential candidates for their conferences. It can get you on there radar one year and then get you a job the next. Age +/-, availability +/-, athleticism +/-, network +/-, communication +/-, professionalism +/- all of these things and more can change perception of people on your game. So know your strengths and weaknesses and address them or showcase them. Best of Luck
  12. I'm coming in late to this one but I'll put my $0.02 in the hat. I've been and still am where several of you are. 3 years ago I was 5'11 and 260lbs. Much like Magic I started running to lose weight and eating "healthier". I did see gains and lost some weight but it wasn't the full results I wanted. I now weigh in at 205lbs and am still dropping. Things that have helped me out alot. Look at your body transformation as a journey not a goal. If we look for small victories then we can become complacent after the win. Vs, creating a new culture and mindset. Don't just do one thing. It will work up front but in order to maintain and not plateau you need to look at things holistically. This means eating cleaner, leaner understanding when to eat and just as important when to rest and how much sleep you get. I've ran the LA marathon 3 years in a row and have countless halves for charity. Cardio is awsome however, I still do crossfit 2 days a week and go to the gym 2 days a week for strength training. Also yoga and stretching will help blow out the lactic load. Finally if you really want to see gains you need to know your body. Blood test will help identify what your pitfalls are/could be. Are you deficient in something that can be gained naturally or supplemented for. Finally remember that every day you don't feel like sweating just try it for 10 min. If your still not feeling it then give yourself the rest day. But for me at least 9 times out of 10 that is the kick start I needed to get me going. Other tips have all been stated on here about wearable electronics and finding something fun, find a partner etc. All great things just find whats right for you and look at your fitness like we ideally look at our umpiring holistically and 360 degrees. Your mileage my vary.
  13. Great camp! I know several guys who've moved up the ladder after this camp. I went in 2012 and had a blast and learned alot. Amazing staff and a great bunch of guys. I would highly recommend it.
  14. Plates on my platinum are in the exact same place, and as you mold it to you if feels better and better. Stu not all of us can have a ball force field as your luck would have it. Nor your pop eye arms that makes even the thickest chest protector seem slimming. So more power to the guy who wants what he wants and goes after it. Enjoy the rig when it comes in.
  15. if any pitcher takes a couple of second sure b/c by then you've called balk and he'll stop. Look at the spirit of the question guys it happens fast in college baseball. If he pops (thats a balk) 1.2.3. step off throw..... really.... Knee pops happen right before a pick to get the runner to bite.
  16. that questions is talking about if you have no available subs. This is completely different. If you run a catcher after bitching about strike 3 at bat they replace him the next half inning on defense or when his spot comes up in the line up. This isn't that hard of a question guys.
  17. guys this is pretty simple. If you see a balk in college its a delayed dead ball... yes so he balked just like the questions says. Knee pop, no stop, shoulders, etc.... he continues to throw to first and throws it out of play. R1 now has second and awarded 3rd on the ball out of play. it's pretty cut and dry. I know A is correct and the theres the rule reference. Take it as you like, just trying to help guys who maybe in a pinch with less then a week to go.
  18. I have reebok field magistrates and nb 450's I'd sell you. Just PM me
  19. ^^^^^ this^^^^ Ball is alive and in play on this one guys.
  20. In NCAA the answer is A. Here's your rules reference 9-3-c (4) penalty cheers.
  21. The answer is A. Here is your NCAA rule references if you're interested. 6-1-b, 6-1-f, 6-1-h, 8-3-I, FYI [7-11-n & 8-5-o apply to fair-ball only]
  22. College season starts for me in 10 days. Took this weekend to pull everything out and make sure everything is reset for a championship shape on day 1. Have a great year boys.
  23. go to a local hockey store and find a cheapy, it will work fine for you. Also a camping out door store will have a 36/42/48" duffel that for the time being would work as well. Past that look online at ebags, ebay the like and you'll find something that will work for you I'm sure.
  24. nope, I use there products and like what has come out as of recent. I have to use them for a few conference I work in. But to be honest I looked in my closet and its 90% honigs now after my cleaning with the other 10% made up of majestic. I don't like smitty for my body type and the way they feel. UA has fallen off a lot in the recent orders I've made. So honigs it is for me.
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