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  1. I had this play just a few weeks ago and I would love all of your imput. This is a Fall ball 18aU classic. I happen to know both of these coaches very well and know that one of them likes to pull every trick in the book to get run across. I'm the BU 1 out runners on 1st and 3rd. The coach calls "dead man running" play. In which as soon as the pitcher comes set the R2 takes off from first. Hoping for either a balk, or a run down. Well the pitcher does everything right, so no balk. Now R1 is in a rundown. R2 starts to sneak his way towards home, the catcher seeing this tells F4 to check the runner. F4 does so while keeping the run down in play. So pretty much the play is broken and R1 is screwed. Right before he gets tagged about 10 feet from first base the HC yells "Go Now!" and R2 makes a fake 2 step break and then stops and heads back to 3rd. Doing this made F4 not tag R1 and swing around to look at R2. While R1 scampers back into 1st base. Seeing this my partner calls time, announces verbal interference on the HC. And states that R1 is out. This brings out a S**t storm which we took care of. I thought it was a brilliant call, and a great read of the situation on a crafty coach. Anyone else have anything differently or was this a case of over umpiring? Enjoy
  2. I agree with you that they will take the best guys. And you can't hide a great umpire for long. However this is my thing and I'm not saying its bad. Say in 2011 theres 50 guys for eval to PBUC 25 and 25. And say there's 32 slots available... ok great you know your odds. Now say in 2012 there's the same 20 and 20 from Harry and Evans five less from the year before, and now we add 20 from PBUC. So we have 60 guys now and the same 32 slots. However 20 guys know there evaluators and have had 28 days head start to know there dislikes and likes and network with them. You would say they "should" have a competitive advantage. This will bread alot more cut throat competition. Which I'm all for, however I know some won't be. And as long as it stays on the up and up like many have said and not turn into a conflict of interest. just me $0.02
  3. I like that fact that they're trying to educate the coaches, AD's, parents and players. I also like the fact that the coaches should have the bat list at the field. I just don't like the list. BBCOR fine, wood bats fine, and grandfathered in list ok... However all of the others seem to vary state to state, and section to section. This to me is what is making people go nuts! Parents call monkeysports here in Cali and get different info on whats legal vs. calling hitrunscore.com from NYC. Instead of all of these state adoptions lets just say NFHS and move on please! It would make life simplier for everyone involved. Yea its going to be a pain in the butt this year. But why add to the frustration by having X legal in Y but not in Z. IMHO this is and will continue to be the largest complaint we'll face... inconsistency. From state to state, section to section, umpire to umpire. just my $0.02
  4. Main reason I have a bag at the office is I'm not always in the same car. My main car is a rolling locker room where i've made custom trays to hold everything. However on days I don't have games i drive my coupe to work. All of my stuff doesn't fit in that. So when I drive that and I get a phone call I can say ok. Also if something goes wrong and my partner calls me, i don't have to go home. (it's happened a few times to many)
  5. I know several guys who did the same thing, making a bigger rip in the helmet. However a few years ago an umpire in our unit, did this and ripped the crack in half to the point where the ear piece was about to come off. The coach as and fans where beside themselves. The helmet was from a kid who had died in a car accident earlier that year. And his little brother who's the bat boy came to every home game and wore his bros helmet and would bring the umpires water and balls etc. Before we go any further this helmet was inside the dugout on the shelf where it always was. It didn't come out with all the other helmets to be inspected outside of the dugout. The umpire "hunt and pecked" and found it, and before he knew what happened he had a **** storm and the school was asking our unit to dismiss him. I know that this is an extreme situation however you never know. So ask for the gear to be brought out. And if you see anything else inside ask about it, don't be a bull in the china shop. This is why I just make notes, inform the coach and tell the player directly that were not using this one today sorry. I've never really had a problem with it. Yes there are a few times gear has come back out but you note it, and when you catch it again the coach will take care of it really quick and you look like a rock not an a$$. just my $0.02
  6. Short answer yes i have a back up CP, Shins, Mask, and i rotate shoes, shirts and accessories. I have my main bag in my car or home and my back up bag and old uniform in my office at work. That way if I ever get a fill in call last minute I can do it without running home. hope that helps
  7. Warren, whats your definition of a "few"? Last season for HS I had 44 games from march to may. I found 31 illegal bats that i throw out. I would like to think that's before I deter guys from trying once they see that they can't get away with it. For me I'm at the field an hour early anyway. So for me to take 5 min to walk through the gear that has been brought out of the dug out and laid out for me. I don't go into the dug outs. I always ask when i go get the paper work and balls to rub up for the gear to be brought out. As long as FED requires it. I'll continue to do it.
  8. Its not that big of a deal. These things go in cycles, Reebok has had the NHL, NFL and umpires for the last few years. A few years ago All-star had it before them Franklin and now Wilson. It just goes for 2 years or so then swings the other way. I believe Majestic has had the longest running uniform streak in pro sports. I wear what I like, and what will protect me the best. However if that's what the pros use then so be it. Past that I let the marketing guys out bid eachother and i'll just wear what i want.
  9. quick list for 2011... gear, clinics, books another set of Poly wools New hats, another set of reeboks base and plate more ultimate shirts and oakley radar vented sunglasses nutty butty lol black and blue clinic in Sac - clinci maximizing the 2-man system - book
  10. slo, Keep up the work on loosing weight and you'll have new gear to buy soon enough. As for you have "everything". It maybe true you have everything you "need" now how about everything you want???? Or is everything the way you want them? Once i got all of my gear i started to buy back ups also i would customize my stuff to me. Stuff i didn't want to try when i only had one set of gear. Also I know I buy new books for my library, hats, nike compression dryfit socks, umpire care products, and i look at the condition of my under armor every year. These things fall apart fast when you do 100+ games a year. Next thing i do is continue to build my "main bag" and back up bag for the office. Also things that you may not think of but are helpful a home steamer (don't have to dry clean my poly/wools anymore!) a trunk organizer, a nice folding garment bag. Also if you have "everything" beyond a shadow of a doubt, my suggestion would be tally up what you save and put it towards a clinic or camp to advance yourself. just my $0.02 Mike
  11. I have to agree with all you said. It doesn't make to much sense for an Umpire to be digging around the dugout. If someone is going to use an illegal bat they are not going to put it out until after the bat check anyway. If we are asking if they are "legally equipped" then we should be covered! Because of course we are memorizing every piece of equipment that we look at. I do, also if i throw out a helmet or bat i look for the little details and note it, if it does come up in a game. Saved my a$$ a few times. One time I had 2 brothers try to bring up the same bat 2 times and a broken helmet 3 times. After they got caught the first time you'd think they'd learn. Also I agree with Warren that I wish Fed would get on the same page as NCAA, however I don't think this a mission in futility. I've caught many bats and hats over the years. Also if you throw one out of the game and show a knowledge of equipment then its less likely they'll try to bring something out later. I had a team this last year that i threw out the same bat 3 times on 3 different games. Come to playoff time i walk on the field the coach tells little johnny to put his bat away before I even check it. lol glad to see he's learning.
  12. Thank you coach that is 12! really.... ok I LOATH this product for a few reasons. 1. as mentioned its unprofessional looking. 2. It clumsy to get on and off. I mean its his invention and he gets the thing caught! 3. What happens when a foul ball hits it, or a catcher turns and you don't open the gate quick enough and his jersey gets caught on that thing! 4. Why take away one of the most useful tools to an umpire... i mean ball boy comes i have a shelf for the balls. 5. finally and most importantly he says so you don't have to put it on the ground! Mean if you don't have this product its ok, or the norm. So he's filling a "need." Learn to clean the plate, put on your mask on, and hand or catch baseballs with one hand. Simple safe, professional, traditional. Next thing i'll see is that he'll have a larger version for those poor souls who have a bucket, and don't know what to do.
  13. Astro and Jax, I can break down a dugout in 5 minutes each. However I also was a Manager for a large sporting goods store for 4 years. My job was to train guys in general sporting goods sales, and equipment. So I was able to get alot of product knowledge from the coaches, retail, athlete, and umpire side. If you know what your looking for and have the product knowledge its fairly quick. Usually when i work with a guy that knows i know the gear he'll take hats and i'll take bats. As for the info it's rather hard to give it justice over the internet. But here are the high lights. A. 2 3/4 or under 31" is illegal they don't make them anymore.... you'll have kids try to bring in -5 that they reprint on. B. Check the hindge of all 2 piece bats. If you can move them or if they have "fat cracks/stretch marks" near the handle and there's a gap throw it out. C. the usual flat spots and cracks. D. the cap, if it spins or is loose or reglued... throw it out E. Biggest thing is the sound. If during a game a kid hits one and it sounds like a you just hit a tennis ball with a wet newspaper... recheck the bat.... that' your biggest clue. I have cut aways and other things that i show my group i actually will bring in illegal bats as examples. However i hope this helps you guys out a little bit. Also here is the list of BESR comp bats grandfathered in so far..... dont' worry there's only 7. Demarini CF4, Demarini Vendetta comp.... *note i don't know how since it has a squared handle* Combat B1 both regular and signature, Combat B2 TPX Dynasty comp, TPX Triton
  14. This is a step in the right direction with BBCOR b/c I know last year I educated my unit on how to check for altered/illegal bat. However this transition year will be hard. Guys will have to either memorize or carry the bat list. However even though BBCOR is a step in the right direct you still have to know how to check for an altered bat. I know at least 3 companies that are selling BESR cert bats that i.e. the Demarini CF-4 that has been shaved and rolled selling for $500. You still have to know what to look for. This will deter most, but not all parents and kids from trying to shave/roll their bats. Here in Cali its simple BBCOR for aluminum, only 7 composite bats on the "BESR ok list". So keep your eyes open for not only a new silkscreen sticker, but everything we've been taught on how to catch illegal bats. just me $0.02
  15. Hey everyone, Well I've been off and on this website for the past year. I find that many of your comments, situation analysis, as well as suggestions to be very instructive and helpful. I've made it my new years resolution to look at umpiring through the eyes of others to help me with my education. So all of you will be and have already been a great help to me in that. So thank you. Btw my name is Mike, I'm from So Cal. I've worked, LL, travel, Legion, Adult, HS, and I'm currently trying to break into college ball. Hope everyone has a wonderful MLK weekend and have a great upcoming season.
  16. I try to stay in shape year round, for the simple fact that we play year round here in California. But now that the season is about to get into full swing, I add an extra 30 minutes of stretching everyday. Also add 25 walking lunges and squats on to the end of my 3 mile run. And finally I start doing eye tracking exercises or run on a treadmill while watching games on tv. Past that my workout stay roughly the same.
  17. Warren, This would have nothing to do with Joe West and his patent. I doubt they're selling this chest protector merely repairing or altering it. Much like you would with a suit. They're taking his gear and customizing it to the persons needs and or wants.
  18. It's a west vest gold to be sure. However there are a few differences. As stated above they've removed the wilson logos, also they've reriveted the whole chest protector with nickel rivets. I can't tell for certain but it seems that they've done away with the t-clasps on the front, so they've odviousely change the back straps in some way. Several guys do this, I know Chris Hickman, and myself do. We send our stuff to guys who can frankenstein our stuff for a more custom fit all the time. This way you can get .75" memory foam rather than 1.125" dd foam in certain places for better comfort/protection, nickel or brass rivets for longer life, and reinforced stitching in places that break down over time. This is what I believe is going on here. And the KL is probably the local company he used to redo is CP. I'll post some pics of things I've done to my platinum and gold here in the furture. Just me 0.02 cents Mike
  19. Interesting topic, Jim I'm glad that you've brought this up. I personally have worn a mouth guard as a catcher and as a goalie and now as an umpire. It's actually pretty easy. Shock doctor basic gel molded, then just snip off a little bit of the sides I can talk as clear as day. The only time that you take it out is when a coach is coming out to talk to you. just slip it into you pocket. most coaches that i've worked with for years finally see it and ask how long i've been using it. 99% of them never noticed that I've done it for years. I will tell you that I've taken shots with and without and it does make a huge difference. mike
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