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  1. F3 helmet failure

    I noticed that they are out of stock of all of the F3 traditional masks as well. Is there an issue with the manufacturing? I would interested to know WHY the helmet was discontinued.
  2. Umpire tells defense to appeal

    The umpire is there to make sure that no team obtains an advantage not intended by the rules and enforce/apply the rules equally. By definition the umpire is to be impartial. By making that comment, he (or she) can no longer be considered impartial. It will definitely give coaches reason to question the integrity of the official and that is bad, bad, bad.
  3. Dislodged base

    I interpret this AR as the fielder cannot make a play on the runner on the immediate action that caused the base to dislodge. (Again note that this AR applies if the runner reached the base safely in the first place.) If the runner got up and made an attempt to go to 3rd base, but then tried to return to 2B, I would treat that runner the same as if he were a following runner.
  4. Dislodged base

    From 2013 LL Rules Instruction Manual Rule 7.08(5)(c) APPROVED RULING: If the impact of a runner breaks a base loose from its position, no play can be made on that runner at that base if the runner had reached the base safely. I can't imagine that this AR has changed.
  5. Getting the Best Strike Zone

    I try to operate on the premise that the most important pitch I will call is the next one.
  6. Yankees Orioles game potential double play

    BUT... If R3 had STOPPED at the bag and F2 tags both R2 and R3 only R2 would be out. Correct?
  7. KC @ CLE game right now

    Carlucci. I think he is the only MLB ump that uses that type.
  8. Greetings from PA

    Not at all. Actually had a bit of a sweat by the end. While there is not as much running as a soccer ref, you are not (and should not be) immobile behind the plate.
  9. Greetings from PA

    JV plate this afternoon in Bethlehem. It got nicer as the game wore on.
  10. Greetings from PA

    Come on up!!!!
  11. Greetings from PA

  12. Yankees Orioles game potential double play

    Some dude in Ohio? Rhymes with "Raven"?
  13. Another for Orioles/Yankees

    Top 6, Kahnle attempts pick off and throws it away. Walker turns to give chase and runs into the Orioles 1B coach who is WAY out of the coach's box. I am not staying it SHOULD have, but COULD interference have been called?
  14. Greetings from PA

  15. New masks for old MLB umpires

    There is no way Danley can ever switch. I don't think there is an umpire ANYWHERE in the country that has taken as many head shots as this poor fellow has in the past few years.