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  1. conbo61

    Pick off attempt

    I apologize. I should have been more clear. Based upon the OP, this is a balk as the pitcher was throwing to first. The pitcher can pick up his non-pivot foot if he is throwing to second or third.
  2. conbo61

    Pick off attempt

    As soon as he picks up his left (non-pivot) foot, he is committed to completing the pitch. Balk.
  3. conbo61

    Time to go soccer style

    Chico's Bail Bonds...
  4. conbo61

    Apparel n' Equipment Guide v2

    There. Updated it for you.
  5. conbo61

    How do you pack you're hard shell CP?

    Pics please.
  6. Tim Timmons took a pitch to the mask in last night's Yankees/Rays game. Ken Singleton and John Flaherty then started discussing Timmons' Force3 mask. They were fascinated that it had springs. Even busted out the telestrator to circle them up. I think Mike Winters was wearing one the night before.
  7. I got nowhere to be...
  8. And here I pictured them sitting on small stools, shooting the bull with spray bottles in their hands cleaning shoes.
  9. conbo61

    NFHS changes 2019

    I have been using this one this summer.
  10. conbo61

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    I am so sorry to hear this. He is such a tremendous contributor to this site and by all accounts an even better person. Wishing him a speedy recovery and strength to his family and friends.
  11. conbo61

    CHC-LAD mechanics lessons

    We've all been there. Nice to see a pro do it as well.
  12. conbo61

    My Last Week

    What? You retiring?
  13. conbo61

    Steve Palermo

    Anyone else pick up the irony of the man who was also shot with Steve Palermo?
  14. conbo61


    Am I correct in understanding that, similar to the FED approach, if the pitcher is removed, that visit does NOT count toward the six visit limit?
  15. conbo61


    When selecting my CP I was torn between two models. The price difference was approximately $50. That also happened to be the same amount as the co-pay for an ER visit. I went with the better CP. The same evaluation is applicable to the purchase of a facemask. Good luck and don't skimp.