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  1. conbo61

    Umpire like a Girl

    I think nowadays they call it a "She-shed"
  2. conbo61

    PU Mechs W/ R1

    I have not been going to the pitcher's mound, but more up the line to the 45 and then slightly inside to get a better angle on the slide at second, but not TOO far out of line to watch the pulled foot/swipe tag.
  3. conbo61

    First time I've ever seen this one

    "Rule 6.01(a )(5) Comment: If the batter or a runner continues to advance or returns or attempts to return to his last legally touched base after he has been put out, he shall not by that act alone be considered as confusing, hindering or impeding the fielders." I understand this comment to address a situation where a runner continues to act as if he was NOT put out in an attempt to confuse the defense. It puts the onus on the defense to understand the situation and not be "distracted." In this situation, the interference is due to the path of the ball being altered so I am not sure that the comment applies. It seems as if the Deary Interp is the accepted interpretation as far as OBR is concerned, so the run is nullified. I would assume you then follow the conventional runner struck by batted ball protocol - R3 out, BR to first.
  4. conbo61

    Making Money Umpiring

    I am fortunate that I do not umpire to supplement my income. My umpire fees go toward the expenses I incur for this hobby so I do not take away from the family budget and to provide the kids with some extra spending money when we go on vacation. I did not get into this to "make money" but rather as a way to stay connected to a game I loved for a long as I can remember. I know of many folks who officiate 4, 5 or even 6 different sports. Perhaps that is a way to improve your money making money opportunities. Never had a desire to be a "sports official", just an umpire. Perhaps the only people who get into this level of umpiring (summer, HS, etc.; NOT Division I Power Conference) to make money are also the same folks who thought they would be able to buy a yacht by placing "tiny classified ads" like the dude they saw on the infomercial at 2:30 AM.
  5. conbo61

    How do stop popping up

    All of the above plus a silent mantra. To yourself "Down, down, down..." Pop. Decide. Announce.
  6. conbo61

    Shut a game down

    I see no problem with the decision you and your partner made. I think continuing to play may just have been setting things up for a complete blow up. The only observation I have is that you mentioned that there was "chirping at the plate." Was that player to player? Given their recent history and that things seemed to be getting testy, some preventative officiating may have been in order. Between innings, call the head coaches to an area behind the plate and have a quiet, private conversation telling them what was observed and that they better calibrate their players before things cross a line. Just my $0.02.
  7. conbo61

    Where should I put my water bottles?

    Apologies in advance. I couldn't resist.
  8. conbo61

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Get one with the PIAA embroidery?
  9. conbo61

    Hoodie under plate coat

    I remember back in the 2008 WS, the Phillies and Rays had caps with flip down ear flaps. https://www.fanatics.com/tampa-bay-rays-new-era-downflap-39thirty-flex-hat-navy/p-24466533142025+z-9047-2264940106 https://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/30/sports/baseball/30caps.html I would love to see an option like this for umpires.
  10. R3 Out. Catcher must be LYING on the ground for a jump, leap or hurdle to be legal.
  11. conbo61

    Question about enforcement

    We are constantly reminding our members to enforce these rules from the beginning. A problem that we have experienced here is that the stance rules are not enforced during the regular season. Then when League/District/State playoffs begin and the illegal pitch/balk is called, coaches immediately breakout the "He has been doing it that way all year and no one ever called it." As has been noted on the forums for other circumstances, by not enforcing it at the time, you are leaving a mess for the next guy and it may be when the game stakes are high.
  12. conbo61

    Colored masks acceptable?

    Just out of curiosity, what exactly is the rule?
  13. Apparently I missed this, but who is being commemorated with the JM patch?
  14. conbo61

    NFHS Rules question

    I recall hearing a rationale along the lines of the did the ball hit the bat or the bat hit the ball (similar to Jimurray's response.) The explanation went further to state that if the bat were STATIONARY, the ball hit the bat, play on. If the bat were moving, the bat hit the ball (no consideration of what DIRECTION the ball was moving), therefore the runner is out. No one advances. No regard for intent either.