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  1. Looking for advice on how to better see the tag from C on a catcher throwing behind a runner on 2nd. I find that I can't really get around the throw to get a good look a the runner contacting the bag and the tag - I am often screened by the runner. Maybe I'm starting too deep? Anyone else have that issue and any advice?
  2. I love my Wilson Charcoal. Fits great with the harness that came with it and I feel very protected. I bought it used on craiglist 10 years ago and have used it for 80-90 plate games a year and i see no reason no replace it. I used a gold for part of a season and never felt comfortable in it.
  3. Ump-Cast Podcast

    these guys do a good job
  4. Awkward daddy ball situation. Need Advice

    i used to be a stickler about not calling time - now I just do
  5. Watching umpires while I watch my son

    why not change into your pants at home or at work?
  6. Rookie Tips

    Say only what you have to. Give an explanation in simple terms, either explaining what you saw or what rule you are applying. What you say can and will be used against you
  7. especially since "catch" is irrelevant when it comes to a tag up
  8. Base award

    isnt this similar to a right handed pitcher stepping back and separating his hands at the same time while spinning to throw to 1st? We (or I ) see this all the time - if he fakes the throw, are we calling the balk?
  9. Br retreats, potential obs

    So fed there can be obs but obr only if intentional?
  10. Br retreats, potential obs

    And would FED be different? I know that softball would
  11. Br retreats, potential obs

    In the yankee game today there was R1 and the ball was hit on the ground to F3 (actually deflected off F1). F3 fielded the ball well up the line maybe 15 feet in front of the bag. The BR, rather than run into the tag, retreated back towards the plate to give R1 time to get to 2nd. F3 chased him and ultimately tagged him. My question is how far can he retreat? Would he be out if he retreated back past home plate? And what if ( and this almost happened) F2 “obstructed” him while he was retreating towards the plate?
  12. fair or foul

    if the fielder touches the ball over foul territory before it reaches the base, it is a foul ball. position of the fielders feet is irrelevant
  13. Strike Call

    i say something close to "hike" and I hammer
  14. 2018 POE

  15. Appeal of pulled foot

    How are you calling safe if you cant see the pulled foot but the ball beat the runner? I would think that you would only be calling safe if you had him safe regardless of the foot or if you saw a pulled foot. no?