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  1. Uhh...

    Good one, Chief!
  2. What did you get for XMAS?

    I didn't get anything for xmas, but I will have some happy kids for CHRISTMAS.
  3. Florida Collegiate

  4. is this normal?

    It's possible that you have either a cracked or bruised bone. I took a shot to my elbow several years ago and it was cracked, bruising looked just like you described.
  5. Back in the game

  6. Ump clinic west of the mississippi

    check this one out. it will be a little closer than the one in east texas.http://tulsaumpires.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2013-CAMP.pdf
  7. Cold Weather Gear

    Gerry Davis Arctic Wear is the best I've found. Works too well for me on a baseball field, it now resides in my hunting clothes bag.
  8. AAA Championship

    Congrats to the Ohama Storm Chasers!! My cousin was called up from AA to fill in for the playoffs due to some injuries.
  9. Leaving first thing in the morning for Bartlesville, OK to work the AABC 14U World Series. 5 man crew working 3man all weekend, I'll get to work 7 out of 12 games with 2 of them on the stick. Love the rotation we'll be working, off before and after your plate game.
  10. Feeling crappy

    I worked 2 JUCO doubleheaders over a weekend back in early march feeling like crap. I know I didn't work at my best, didn't give the teams a good day either day. I should've stayed home, so my advice for you is to stay home. You'll feel much better knowing that someone is out there working and able to give it 100% than you will next week after working them yourself at subpar. My
  11. Batter Interference With Catcher

    Please explain how your getting TWO outs on this sit. Wishful thinking? I'd have an easier time explaining how I forgot the smiley in my original post. OP has 2-2 count. I'd get 2 outs on this also.
  12. Wierdest thing to Happen on Field?

    Working a summer showcase tournament at the University of Arkansas and they were having an air show just south of the stadium. Had a Stealth Bomber fly over the field twice. Fortunately both times we were between pitches and everyone just stood there in awe.
  13. SEEDS

    frito lay ranch flavored. 2 for a buck.
  14. Malicious Contact

    I agree, I'd get him for MC all day.
  15. Rubbing Up The Baseballs

    I just tell the coach to rub my balls for me. sometimes they laugh.