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  1. Wrapping it up!

    I am sadly done as well took my shirts and pants to dry cleaners to help store until spring. I am unable to umpire summer ball because I work at a golf course and that job comes first.I think this site is fantastic. Oh I think we need to stop warning and just start booting the RATS
  2. Leg Guard Feedback

    I bought a pair of catcher leg guards and cut off the toe flaps they breath very well and give great protection. I would like to find umpire guards that are low profile and agree with all the men in blue as far as low profile. I would like to change the inside hardware so it wouldn't rust. Imho i prefer the clips they fit more snugly
  3. Breaking Point.

    I think you did the right thing
  4. Cleaning the Plate

    Most of the time I will not call time but will ask the batter to step away after reading on this site that a umpire was hit in the head while cleaning the plate
  5. Screen Name ???

    I have trouble seeing and calling balks doing it solo hence the name balkhater
  6. New Balance MU450MK Plate Shoes

    I love mine the 450 and will wear them as long as they last
  7. Ump Videos

    I agree be more vocal otherwise a outstanding job 1 man is tough in fact I have never done 2 man crew
  8. Galarraga's Perfe...1 Hitter

    i thought he bobbled the ball in his glove it was a tough call
  9. Went and Got Hitched This Weekend

    Tell you only make half and give her the other half and hide the extra dough under the floor mats in the car. One last thing take her credit cards and cut em up then you wont be in my sich
  10. to toss or not to toss

    I am 43 to old for you lol I have a much tougher skin than I did last 4 years
  11. to toss or not to toss

  12. to toss or not to toss

    he was A rat jack ass leading up to this but i have learned on UE last resort to EJ
  13. to toss or not to toss

    it was the runner
  14. to toss or not to toss

    I had a u 10 game almost a week ago and had a coach you know the guy I know the rules I have umpired 18 years. In a nutshell it was a league rule play at the plate slide or a he avoid and his runner crashes into the catcher and hits the ground and the ball comes loose. The kid is one the ground in serious pain and the rat comes at me in a vicious manner and argues for about a minute about the out or safe call. I hear a parent tell the coach why don't you check the kid he at this point quit barking at me and bent down to help the kid off the field and a trip to the ER. I overheard his parents ripping the rat for caring about a Ffing run and not about their kid. My reason for not running this guy I felt it would be a mess of trouble bitching and whining all the way to the parking lot. Oh by the way he shut his rat hole the rest of the game. He told my boss the next day he would have tossed himself. I learned my lesson I will take your guys advice and pop my EJ cherry next time this happens
  15. Umpire Home Plate hat

    I wear an 8 stitch behind the dish but work 1 man all the time. If you like the MLB cap take it to a seamstress and have them sew on a patch to cover the logo