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  1. Fulmer calls out PU

    I watched quite a bit of that game and Cole wasn't happy either.
  2. 12" Douglas with T-Hooks option

    Now that's funny.
  3. It's alright. I got buyer's remorse and canceled the order anyways.
  4. Did you ever sell this? I just purchased the All Star magnesium mask for $225.
  5. All Star FM4000MAG

    Looks to be wearing a black All Star FM4000MAG, but the mask seems to have the paint modified as if the black paint has been scraped off at certain points.
  6. end of game

    Why should the umpire direct the BR to first base?
  7. Team Wendy

    The straps on the ottom pad aren't on correctly and also they are not on the same way. Take a look at ump attire site and see how they have their straps.
  8. Mask Choice

    Your choice between an All Star magnesium mask, a Champro Rampage Magnesium or the All Star titanium mask? I have seen good prices on all of them from distributors I trust. Help me out.
  9. Mask Choice

    Thanks for this.
  10. Which one?

    I like the current one.
  11. Mask Choice

    Give me a review on sight lines, etc?
  12. Seriously way too much seriousness in a game of 2nd grade players with either no experience or limited experience.
  13. Mask Choice

    When you say test drive, did you use one in a game or did you just try one on?
  14. Mask Choice

    So have you worn this one and what makes it so good in your opinion?
  15. Time between games

    Usually 30 minutes, but sometimes the booster club might have set up a quick lunch between games, so it could be a little longer.
  16. Titanium Mask

    This is on the Boombah web site: https://www.boombah.com/us/equipment/learn/defcon-traditional-face-mask.html It says it's made out of lightweight high grade titanium. As far as pads go, I'm not sure of the quality. I do know that if the pads aren't Team Wendy's then some people will blast them.
  17. Recovery

    I had it Sep 2016 and my wife made me wear the back brae for the entire 3 months. And forget about the bend, lift and twist. I had to turn a college schedule back as I didn't feel up to working double headers at the time. Didn't work with one assigner, the other two were fine with it. I actually must of healed ok as the surgeon said I didn't need physical therapy. Take your time getting better. Umpiring will be here when you are ready.
  18. No Wilson for Winters

    Watching the Angels-Dodgers game and Mike Winters is wearing a Force 3 mask with the Force 3 icon showing on the chin pad. He's a rebel.
  19. Umpire arm shield

    I think I'd use a sheet of plywood.
  20. NCAA ARs

  21. Skull Caps

    You sure write purdy. Love reading this.
  22. Hello from PA

    Although I would no longer umpire for free I like being on the field with younger people. It keeps my mind younger. Now if my feet would still feel younger it would be even better. I just love being on a baseball field.
  23. Force 3 V3 Chest Protector

  24. How quickly they forget

    Last night. Sorry, couldn't help it.