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  1. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    Me want.
  2. Benidtenei out of baseline

    He was on the foul line and wound up on the dugout side of the three foot lane. Seems to be pretty far out of the base path when he avoided that tag.
  3. Ball 4 wild pitch

    "Bad kid. Bad".
  4. I don't call mine a beer belly. It's now referred to as a fat muscle. Took me a long time to get it and one pitch to destroy it. I figure if I call it a beer belly, that when I get hit the keg tap might start flowing.
  5. Cooooold Weather

    Tomorrow's supposed to be around 100 so my partner and I thought about wearing the powder blue, but those make us look fat. Well, we look fat because we are fat, but black shirts look better.
  6. Jeff Nelson

    What kind of mask does Jeff Nelson wear? And I don't know how to get a pic of it.
  7. Jeff Nelson

    The throat extension is what threw me off.
  8. Cooooold Weather

    DUDE! It was all of 70 degrees here today. Thought of wearing a jacket. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  9. Jeff Nelson

    Well that explains a lot of things. Thanks.
  10. The Ump hard shell chest protector

    Do not challenge MadMax. Ever. lol
  11. FED pitching requirement

    I have balked in a winning run for a pitcher not coming set. Pretty damn blatant on his part for me to call it in that situation. Considering I had warned him twice prior to calling it. And it was a school night in extra innings.
  12. Who's call is it

    This is where the head on a swivel mechanic comes in to play.
  13. Problems with Plus POS Orders (again)

    I have never had any issues with orders from + Pos and I've been ordering from them since 1995.
  14. Tag runner on half-off helmet - out?

    In Germany or Russia?
  15. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    It's a safety thing. Be great to have ten kids swinging a bat and one get his head busted open because a rule may or may not exist. I actually make a hs player or student put on a batting helmet if he's going to run down a foul ball. I will stop a game to make sure the kid warming a pitcher up on the field or in the bullpen has a mask on if he's going to squat down. I think safety is a good thing. In my 25 years as an umpire I've had coaches argue a lot of things, but they never, ever argue about the kid's safety.
  16. PolySpandex size questions

    But, they do stretch. I've actually never tried the flex fits.
  17. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Not sure of rule, but I will only allow 2 on deck between innings. I work JC and HS ball.
  18. Using HC First Name

    Had an easy dh to remember names yesterday as both coaches were named Chris.
  19. Blind call

    Does the plate umpire usually take plays at first?
  20. PolySpandex size questions

    The poly spandex actually have some stretch to the waist band.
  21. Darvish balk

    The right shoulder thing was the only thing I could see. Plus, he's wearing a Cubs uniform.
  22. Home run, fake throw, passing

    Just poor coaching as usual.