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  1. It's cute hearing Don Denkinger talk about what Clemens says. Did he hear what Clemens say, because everybody knows there is no way he is able to see what Clemens said. Go Cardinals.
  2. umpstu

    All-Star MAG Smaller Bottom Pad

    Wondering why?
  3. umpstu

    Thoughts on Rayflex mask harness

    I've been told I need one.
  4. umpstu

    Everything You Need For Sale

    An inexpensive one.
  5. Powder that forehead. When I put you on the tv it's blinding me. Oh, thanks for the review.
  6. I don't believe our hs assigner receives anything from the schools. Our pay is $80 a game and the assigner gets $3 per game from umpire before receiving the next part of their schedule.
  7. umpstu

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    Is Ken Jones still assigning?
  8. umpstu

    Smitty making shoes

    You got that right.
  9. umpstu

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    At 22 you are the young umpire I am talking about. Our new guys, when we can find them, are generally 50 years of age or older.
  10. umpstu

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    I just wish we could get more young umpires.
  11. umpstu

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    My body says old most of the time, but my mind didn't get left in the 1970's with some romantic memories that never happened. And I happen to think it sucks when people my age bash younger people. Lest they forget about older people bashing us.
  12. umpstu

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    Not hijacking if it's that funny.
  13. umpstu

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    * is correct. Same guys who will tell people how they never locked their cars or the house doors at night. Man, my brother locked his car doors and some guy still was able to break into the car and steal about $300 worth of 8 track tapes. And we didn't walk 20 miles to school everyday in 100 degrees with ten feet of snow on the ground. Oh, uphill both ways.
  14. umpstu

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    Was 12 years old and playing pickup game with a bunch of older players and was cheating in for a bunt. Guy had squared around and instead of bunting hit a line drive which hit me squarely under my left eye. After that I never wanted a line drive or hard hit ground ball hit towards me. Also could never crowd the plate again. In younger kid game I do believe it should be banned.