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  1. I've been using them for a couple years and haven't had that issue. I do cross 2 straps which I used to do during my catching year. Notice singular year there? I was ten and got tired of my hand hurting.
  2. In 2 man R1 and BR have separate umpires watching the touches. As far as 1 man mechanics go, you can only do so much and the defensive dugout should have nothing to do with it. Head on a swivel.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS
  4. I seriously believe that baseball bats are the major contributor to my tinnitus. Never stops.
  5. They need to get rid of the Rawlings bats. Those bats kill my ears. I mean they are the loudest bets ever.
  6. Force 3 is an outstanding mask and provides great protection. When hit while wearing V2, it was more startling because I knew I had been hit, but the force was distributed or stopped because it was nowhere near other masks. What bugged me is now matter how many times I adjusted the harness I could not get it to stop pulling the bill of my cap down. I have like an 18.5" neck so the weight wasn't noticeable until I would hold it in my hand.
  7. You and your crazy theories. You're some kind of wild man.
  8. I always double knot them.
  9. The TINK sound when a ball hits the F3 is pretty startling as well. It's like the ball hitting a brick wall and you are wondering, "Did I really hear that sound?"
  10. I had one of the originals as well. I did not like that spring in the middle of your forehead. Not enough padding between the spring and your head. It stung when a ball hit towards the top of the mask.
  11. 85 with a little wind tomorrow. Oh, and a local pollen alert. Guess I'll work 1st base.
  12. I can't tell if the 2b touched the ball while it was in the air or after it had hit the ground first? Regardless, I saw U1, U2 and PU all call infield fly. Camera didn't show if U3 called it. R1 obviously heard it being called as he went back to first base.
  13. I believe it's named after a Spanish burro living as a king in South Korea.
  14. I wear a six stitch with my All Star fm4000mag. No issues.
  15. umpstu

    pitch count

    You and your sarcasm again.
  16. umpstu

    pitch count

    Makes all the sense in the world, right guys?
  17. umpstu

    Fair or foul

    Or thrown to first for the out. You know those third base coaches have the best arms.
  18. I forgot about rattlers. Have had a rattler delay at Grossmont CC in San Diego and Imperial Valley CC in Imperial Valley. I steered very clear of those damn rattlers. So did the players and coaches.
  19. We have a female umpire in our unit who is really good. Works varsity baseball and has a playoff game tomorrow.
  20. Geessh, Max. 5 minutes sounds a lot better than 42 seconds.
  21. Man, seems as if this post might be sarcasm or something.
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