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  1. Never heard of that happening. I've been using UMPLIFE since they came out. I have seen some people using check holders.
  2. I read the article and stand by my statement.
  3. Pisses me off that they are singling out the guy with the teal shorts and white shirt. They ought to be singling out every one of those asses.
  4. Damn it. Purpose, not person. Drugs. They'll mess up your typing.
  5. Well, I have worked with a guy who has had it in for a team and some individual players and it sucked working with him. Big reason why? He is nowhere the umpire he thinks he is and is getting a lot of favors because his pop was a big time official. Other umpires don't like working with him either, because he's pretty lazy. I've seen him tossing a ball with an outfielder during a game, real game, and other little things like this. Plus, he's rude at association meetings, continually interrupting with comments he thinks are witty and cute, but which other umpires would just want him to shut up so good info can be put out. So, yes there are a hole umpires that do what you've asked about. They're not fun to work with.
  6. In a 15-2 game that strike zone better be big for both teams.
  7. Just watched a few. They really are spot on.
  8. umpstu

    Infield fly

  9. Yeah, haven't seen anything on google concerning anything new from my end either.
  10. Shouldn't stick to their guns. His behavior was way above and beyond and was a horrible example for anybody associated with high school baseball. And not just in the state of Tennessee, but the whole damn country. He needs to be banned from high school baseball.
  11. Man, I'm sure glad you got it. I would have hated typing slower and LOUDER. lol
  12. Since he's an umpire do you think they're blue?
  13. Would the pitcher have had to throw a crappy throw if the runner was in the lane? Would the first baseman have to make the play he did had the BR been in the lane? I mean, he could have just stretched and caught it pretty easily from my viewpoint.
  14. The umpire has risen.
  15. umpstu

    Squeeze out fo box?

    I'm sure a task force would be convened to conduct an investigation into whether the ball was called dead because of foul play. Get it? I kill me. Steve, was thrilled to see you get back on a field and hope you are able to get going full bore soon.
  16. umpstu

    Squeeze out fo box?

    I read that conversation. And the one where you were called a fan. lol Man, on that site you are fighting a losing batttle with people who will never admit they don't know the rule. Even though you quoted the rule.
  17. Yes. Without it you can feel an actual sting, at least that's what I felt. Don't get anything near that with the con cushion pad. And I absolutely love my All Star FM4000MAG. Recently had a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my lower back so been down for awhile and dying to get back behind the plate.
  18. A fan clearly called it. U1 might have called it after the pitcher stopped his motion, but that was definitely not U1 calling it first. It's Jeff Henrichs at first base and I have heard him speak may times and that is not his voice.
  19. In the video you can see the 1B umpire call time and award 2nd base after Hoye does.
  20. Listen to the mic's up conversation between Hoye and Gardenhire. Really very cool.
  21. I like mine. Really helps with the top pad on the FM4000MAG.
  22. Received a replay from Jeremy Davis and the bottom piece is something Gerry is trying out for the concushion people right now. It's not for sale as of yet.
  23. I generally hear the same comment about pitches in the upper part of the zone. Especially if it is strike one. Coaches generally aren't commenting about your zone in that situation, rather building batter's confidence. If you hear a loud "NO WAY" instead of good take then that's another issue.
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