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  1. umpstu

    Don't Ask me again!

    I was thinking Steven or Billy.
  2. umpstu

    New to baseball, need help

    How many times do batters stand in the box and you hear the coach say, "Don't umpire."
  3. umpstu

    Twist on Hidden Ball Trick Wins Game

    I had one a few years back when the pitcher stepped off, fell down as he was faking the throw to first. First baseman dives as if trying to stop the ball. 2B and RF take off down the foul line. Runner takes off for second base and the ball is waiting for him. The team had tipped me off at the first of the game. Pretty funny.
  4. umpstu

    New Balance MU950 rubbing

    Nothing beats the fit of those field magistrates
  5. umpstu

    hit by a pitch

    Don't they all?
  6. umpstu

    Force 3 V3 Chest Protector - any reviews?

    Why would you risk your well being by wearing a chest protector with a crack in it? What if it takes a shot in that area and fails on you and leaves you in the hospital unable to work at anything? How about just spend 2 game fees and get something trustworthy.
  7. umpstu

    IF's F Bombing Partner

    When you say loudly, how loud was it? Was it loud enough to easily be heard in the stands? In the second part of the Op I can't find where he is making it personal enough for me to warrant his ejection, unless it is loud enough for the stands to hear. Can't understand why people seem to get all riled up about the F word. I was 20 years in the Navy and have spent the last 25 years umpiring baseball. The F word is pretty much one of my top 5 words.
  8. umpstu

    Force 3 V3 Chest Protector - any reviews?

    How tight do you have the straps adjusted?
  9. umpstu

    Umpire like a Girl

    Reeking of sarcasm I hope.
  10. umpstu

    Umpire like a Girl

    Sometimes Big Johnny might not be one of the bright kids. I only work hs and jc ball and there have been a few times Big Johnny forgot his cup. Most of the time he wasn't the starting catcher though, so in his excitement he might forget. It's not a bad thing to ask, even after the coaches have said they are properly equipped. You might just help Big Johnny keep his kabossles attached to his body.
  11. umpstu

    Umpire like a Girl

    Now that's funny.
  12. umpstu

    Lock Laces for Plate Shoes

    I might have to get them if they work. Never had any issue with dirt while working the dish, only my base shoes. I switched to mid cut shoes this year and no dirt issues. With the low cut I'd have to empty them before.