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  1. Super Regional Crews

    The money in Div 1 ball is really good, so you're going to see more umpires with pro experience. And it you're a Div 1 conference assigner who would you hire? A guy with 10 years of pro experience or a CC umpire who's been to a few clinics? I know an assigner who won't hire an umpire if he hasn't been at least a AA umpire. Can't say that I blame him.
  2. UIL State Tournament Batter interference

    Seems like he might have got a little excited.
  3. Where is the arrow pointing?

    In regards to what?
  4. I wouldn't buy that ticket yet since the line drive knocked the glove off. I would say to know the rules.
  5. Knee Pop

    But if you see it call it.
  6. Balk

    Curious. How many kids play fed rules before high school?
  7. Balk

    I wonder why high school hasn't implemented the same balk rule as OBR and NCAA? I'm thinking that when a balk is called in high school that the kids just stop everything and stop paying attention which presents a hazardous situation. If the OBR rule was in place then maybe they would continue to focus on what's happening. Anybody help a brother our here?
  8. Chest Protector For Smaller Guys

    I have a West Vest Gold 11" for $75 plus shipping.
  9. Super Regional Crews

    I'm not arguing your point. I know some of the guys who have worked in the past. I have to say that that is one hell of a group up there this year. Have been to quite a few clinics where these guys were instructors and not only are they great umpires but they love to share their knowledge. They make clinics fun.
  10. Super Regional Crews

    Isn't it every rwo years?
  11. Champro Magnesium

    Can you take a pic of the harness??
  12. Champro Magnesium

    5 minutes from my home.
  13. Molina's Foul Tip

    As a Cardinals' fan it was a great call. Umpire was all over it. Batter out. Next.
  14. Replay, catch/no-catch

    Doesn't the ball have to leave the infield for a catch/ no catch to be overturned.
  15. Interesting audio from old Mets-Dodgers game

    Saw this. Outstanding.