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  1. Fred Munster Feet

    Wow. Just saw the ending of the game today. Anyway, I think we found a pair of work boots that might work. I'll keep all posted.
  2. Fred Munster Feet

    I have Jim. The link you sent goes to 4E. He's almost as tall as his feet are wide.
  3. Fred Munster Feet

    Guys, Got a guy in our local high school with extremely wide feet. Wears a size 11 or 11.5 6E. HELP.
  4. Several items for sale

    Are the pads and harness new or used?
  5. Are you talking about the Smitty poly spandex or Honigs poly wool?
  6. Umpire-Empire Store Changes

    Dang, no socks.
  7. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    Are you in Pete Lopez' group.
  8. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    Outstanding. Congratulations.
  9. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    What unit are you in?
  10. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    DH rule. Intentional walk. 3-1 move. Defensive and offensive conferences are a few.
  11. Gerry Davis Fechheimer poly wools

    Can you hold them until I lose 30 lbs?
  12. NB base shoes

    So, the 2e in your regular size is narrow? Wonder if it would work for a little longer length?