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  1. The 2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic will be September 6-9 in Springfield, Missouri at the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center and the all turf US Ballpark in Ozark, MO. Please see the attached clinic flyer for more details. Register online at www.midamericanumpireclinic.com/home.html 2018 Clinic Flyer.pdf
  2. Two runners on third, lead runner out?

    The crew got together and fixed it. The end result was R2 was called out.
  3. Relief pitcher not beckoned

    Unannounced Substitute 5-5-g-2) when the pitcher engages the rubber.
  4. Strike Call

    This isn’t bunk...it’s about 75% the reason. The other 25% is evaluations. It’s much easier to evaluate MiLB prospects and current MiLB umpires early in their career if they are all working the same stance. But, yes safety is a major concern when you consider several MLB and MiLB umpires have had their careers cut short due to concussions and head/neck injuries thanks in part to working the scissors or knee.
  5. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    Hand soap and water. Don’t use chemicals, they will eventually destroy your shoes.
  6. Odd appeal play

    Okay...I need to revise my initial post. When I read the play I missed where it said that the throw went to the plate. I thought the throw from the outfield went to 3rd and was having a hell of a time wondering why you guys didn’t think that was an appeal with R3 retreating and F5 catching the ball in contact with the base. I went back and re-read the original post and now see... I agree that it’s a Had To Be There situation. I’d want to see how the 3rd baseman reacted when he caught the ball in contact with the base. I would agree that the act of catching in contact in that situation does not, in and of itself, constitute an appeal.
  7. Odd appeal play

    I’ll explain in detail later today or tonight but I’ll simply say right now - the offense screwed up so the defense is afforded any benefit of the doubt on this play.
  8. Odd appeal play

    Call the runner out. The offense screwed up by not tagging up. The defense threw the ball to 3rd and the 3rd baseman was standing on the base. That’s an appeal whether the 3rd baseman knows it or not.
  9. College site apparel

    It depends on where you live...or better yet, where the clinic is located. Personally I wear golf slacks and a polo shirt or 1/4 zip pullover to a D1 game. However some "groups" expect their members to wear a sport coat or suit and tie. It's overkill and impresses no one, but when in Germany...do has the Fuhrer says. I would do a little research or pack a sport coat in your car and if you see others there wearing them, throw it on.
  10. Best lines you've heard or used at an umpire?

    Joe Brinkman to Dick Howser, "You couldn't manage a whore house on an army base."
  11. What to look for here?

    A lot of stuff working against us... 1B having to go into the hole (looks like they might have had a shift on...hard to tell), a pitcher covering too late, and a fast runner. Others have already brought up expanding your field of vision. It starts with Pre-Pitch Preparation. Have you identified what the infielders are doing? Do you know the 1B is playing towards the hole (or in a shift)? Have you adjusted to this? Have you considered - if the ball is hit to him, the pitcher is going to have to cover? All of these things tell me to back up. By backing up and taking an initial position close to the grass/dirt line, you take a couple steps fair and read your pitcher. By reading the pitcher you now know he reacted too late and it's going to be tight...potentially a tag play. Stay back instead of getting sucked in. You should have a good field of vision to see the tag to the body and foot touching the bag. Finally you have to stay calm. A lot of guys tense up when a play like this occurs. Tensing up will lock your eyes and you'll get tunnel vision. That's easier said than done... The reality is this is an extremely tough call and it's the defense that screwed up, making my life difficult. So in those situations (when I just don't know) I'm going to error on the side of the team that didn't screw the pooch and let the chips fall where they may. None of us have access to replay on this play. So we have to go with what we see. We're going to get a visit regardless. I would take charge of that discussion (we know why they are coming out) by giving a quick explanation - either l had him touching the base before the tag -or- I had him tagging him before he got to the base. And then I would immediately offer to get with the crew to see if anyone had anything different. Get the coach back in the dugout and see if anyone has information for you. Now the coach can't come back out and we've kept the discussion to a minimum.
  12. Equipment Bag Debate

    I post in the equipment forum with the frequency of a solar eclipse. I just think if people spent a little more time discussing rules, situations, and mechanics instead of their 6 masks and all the crap they have in their "bucket" they'd become the umpire they are trying to look like.
  13. Equipment Bag Debate

    I have the Ebag. It's great for flying. You have to get creative with how to pack everything. It helps to know origami. I bought it because of the lifetime warantly. However, I've been told they won't honor it if you tell them you use it for umpiring. I can't verify that but some friends said they tried and were denied. I had the Force3 when Honigs made them and the first time I flew with it the zipper was destroyed on the bottom compartment. So I've been skeptical of that bag ever since. Personally, if I didn't have to fly I would probably get one of the bigger bags. There's just more room to pack everything you need. I have to double and triple check things with my Ebag to make sure I'm not forgetting anything and staying under weight.
  14. Decide a bet

    Who is responsible for the batter runner if he stays at 2nd base in this situation? This is why we teach that you are responsible for runners...not bases. The plate umpire is responsible for the lead runner. The base umpire is responsible for the batter/runner.
  15. 2017 Mid-American Umpire Clinic & Advanced Clinic

    You don't need to bring your entire closet. A couple black and/or lt blue jerseys will be fine. We send out an email prior to the camp answering these questions.