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  1. MidAmUmp

    2019 Changes

    The video was recorded at our Mid-American Advanced Umpire Clinic. So no, I can’t share it with the public. The spread sheet was sent from some NCAA coordinators. I don’t know if it has been posted anywhere online. Neither are final or official, so I don’t want to share them with the thought that they are the gospel. I’ll be happy to answer any questions (if I can) with the information I have been given. I would encourage anyone who has any suspicion that they will work collegiate level games this spring to register for the NCAA meetings in January.
  2. MidAmUmp

    2019 Changes

    I’m so busy with clinics that I only worked 1 fall scrimmage and every pitcher was legal. The benefit we have is the majority of our area colleges help with our clinics so we work with them at that time to get them legal. There were several we had to clean up at the clinics.
  3. MidAmUmp

    2019 Changes

    All I’m saying is no one is discussing obstruction, defensive and offensive trips and which umpire should record them, pitching stances, or replay. Why? These are the tough ones. Hit by pitch is one of the easier rules changes. I met with 5 other D-1 umpires last week for 2 hours to go over the new rules. We spent about 5 minutes on hit by pitch and about 45 on obstruction. We’re meeting again this Thursday because we haven’t covered all of them yet and, to help us out, we’ve got a 45 minute video of Randy Bruns going over the new rules and a 140+ line spreadsheet with questions and answers pertaining to the new rules that have already come up this fall. This is the biggest rule change year in a long time. We need to be focusing our attention to the tougher rules.
  4. MidAmUmp

    2019 Changes

    Guys, read (don’t just look at it, but read) the rule rationale... “To penalize the batter with a strike and not award first base if, in the judgement of the umpire, the batter makes an intentional movement to be hit by a pitch, regardless of where the pitch is located.” Rationale “To provide guidance in enforcing the hit by pitch rule and to deter batters from attempting to be hit by the pitch. “Freezing” by a batter is not considered making an intentional movement. A batter who freezes inside the batter’s box and who is hit by a pitch shall be awarded first base.” So in this scenario, the pitch would be called a strike and the batter would stay at the plate. The ball hit a part of the batter OUTSIDE of the batter’s box. He must make an attempt to avoid that pitch. You guys are making this much harder than it should be.
  5. MidAmUmp

    2019 Changes

    It will be explained in detail at the meetings in January. From the camps I’ve worked this fall, here’s what I can tell you... Did the batter hit the ball or did the ball hit the batter? If the batter freezes, give him 1st. If the batter turns and the ball hits him, give him 1st. If the batter sticks out a body part and allows himself to get hit by the ball, keep him at the plate, call it a strike.
  6. MidAmUmp

    2019 Changes

    Did he hit the ball or did the ball hit him?
  7. MidAmUmp

    2019 Changes

    That’s not the rule. The only way we’re calling a strike is if the batter intentionally hits the ball. If the the ball hits the batter, he gets first regardless of if he makes an attempt to get out of the way or not. Batter gets hit while making an attempt to get out of the way = go to 1st Batter stands there like a statue and lets the ball hit him = go to 1st Batter sticks out a part of his body and hits the ball = Keep him at the plate and add a strike to the count.
  8. MidAmUmp

    Roll Call- Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    ...and keeps me from losing my mind when guys are grabassing in line and then make the same mistakes we addressed 15 minutes ago. #learninline
  9. MidAmUmp

    Need opinion on Shirt Sizing

    Get the size that fits you properly and have it tailored. The new black/gray & blue/black can be altered very easily. Mike Defee (the jacked NCAA football referee) wears a XXL. Basically you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a compression shirt, but you don’t want it baggy and sloppy.
  10. MidAmUmp

    CWS - FPSR UA vs OSU

    I’ve read all kinds of bull crap the last few days from “umpires” on various sites, Facebook and Twitter. Stuff like...if the crew had gotten together they would have discovered there was no one covering 1st...the runner veered off and the fielder should have gone to the outfield side. Here’s the deal... Did the runner slide in a direct line between 1st and 2nd base? No Did the runner give himself up and avoid the fielder? No Since he didn’t do one of those two things, we have interference. R1 is out, B/R is out and all other runners return to their time of pitch base. Pretty simple stuff.
  11. MidAmUmp

    Knee Pop

    It’s probably the hardest balk to call. The plate guy can try to focus on the front foot. U1 in 3 man can watch the front knee. It’s hard because it happens so quick. One thing I tend to consider when I’m at 1st is what did R1 do? If I think the move was iffy and R1 stutter-steps then has to dive back, it’s probably a balk. If I think the move was iffy but R1 goes back in standing up, I’d let it go.
  12. MidAmUmp

    Catcher's balk situation?

    Man...the plate umpire in that video is a freaking stud.
  13. MidAmUmp

    2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    No age requirements...but you must be potty trained. We had a 12 year old come one year.
  14. MidAmUmp

    Chairs and buckets ok. But no beer coolers or bbq.

    I've never been there, but know several guys who've worked post-season there. They have asked for clarification and the NCAA says it is okay for players & coaches to sit in that area. You can google the stadium and see several photos of how the area is marked clearly as dead & cameras, ball girls, players and coaches are in that area. Not saying I agree or disagree, just that the NCAA says it's a legal portion of the dugout.
  15. MidAmUmp

    Chairs and buckets ok. But no beer coolers or bbq.

    You can clearly see the white dead ball line in front of the players sitting on the chairs. That area is dead. It has been questioned by regional umpires in the past and the NCAA has approved it as a dead ball area.