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  1. catsbackr

    Dead Ball Strike Mechanic

    Yes, you can barely hear him, but I believe he points and says something to the effect of "Yes, he did or yes you did." And then he calls time.
  2. catsbackr

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    Nah, John Deere.
  3. catsbackr

    Dead Ball Strike Mechanic

    That's Will Little!
  4. catsbackr

    Shin guards question

    Again, it's an absolute FACT! I was the one that got hurt in the game. So, it ain't no opinion. I never said everyone would get hurt. And, 14U throwing 90? Yeah, right.
  5. catsbackr

    Metrolina Camp

  6. catsbackr

    Shin guards question

    It ain't possible, it's a fact.
  7. catsbackr

    OBS at Home Plate then Malicious Contact

    Old catchers, I was one, back in the 70's were taught to hang onto their masks if there was a possibility of a play at the plate so they could put the mask back on. When I was in HS, it was still legal to run over the catcher. But, we could also chew tobacco, too.
  8. catsbackr

    Force play slide INT video

    Wow, that's pretty wordy. How about, "Bob, I've got the runner legal, "But he made contact with my fielder," Bob, I've got the runner legal." " Let's play ball."
  9. catsbackr

    Shin guards question

    These look hot as hell.
  10. catsbackr

    Shin guards question

    You will get hurt in these. I tried them, used them 1 game and retired them.
  11. catsbackr

    Looking For A New Equipment Bag

    Just get a Diamond. You won't be disappointed.
  12. catsbackr

    How do you pack you're hard shell CP?

    Just pack it right next to your bra.
  13. catsbackr

    Profile of 22 year old umpire

    What a wonderful story, thanks for posting.
  14. catsbackr

    OBS at Home Plate then Malicious Contact

    Horrible call by the 1B umpire at the plate. Watch the catcher's helmet. The force was so violent it knocked his helmet from his head.
  15. catsbackr

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Jax, It's not HS baseball. This play checks all the boxes for MC under Fed. I'm kind of surprised you don't see it.