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  1. catsbackr

    Schutt XV-HDX Question Re: Attachments

    @Razzer, Can you remove the Gold pads and replace them with the Adams/Schutt pads? I'd love to see or hear the instructions on how to do this, I have both CP's.
  2. catsbackr

    Ejecting Fans

    @beerguy55, I will give you one thing, you talk WAY too much. Glad I don't have to work with you. I can imagine going to you on a check swing, then the response taking 2-3 minutes as you explain your response. But, I digress. Yes, my position is in the absolute, I have ZERO authority in the stands.
  3. catsbackr

    Schutt XV-HDX Question Re: Attachments

    Message me Max. I'd love to keep trying it.
  4. catsbackr

    Schutt XV-HDX Question Re: Attachments

    This is all really interesting information. I bought an Adams. The question is, do you really want to have to do all of this stuff to your CP? I don't. I have a new Adams, worn once, for sale. Oh, and the neck is way too narrow, too!
  5. catsbackr

    Ejecting Fans

    It's kinda hard to eject someone that's not in the game, isn't it? MLB umpires have somewhat more authority than we do in the levels we work. Take care of you business inside the fences and on your way from your site. What do you do if you get heckled as your leaving, do you have a post game ejection of the fan heckling you? You guys do what you want, eject fans, eject the concession stand people, etc. if you want to. Sounds like you guys want to be cops, not umpires. This horse is dead.
  6. catsbackr

    Ejecting Fans

    Nope. All of the things you listed are for something that occurs on the field.
  7. catsbackr

    Ejecting Fans

    I don't do youth leagues, so, if an umpire's jurisdiction does extend to the stands, I stand corrected.
  8. catsbackr

    Ejecting Fans

    Nope, you have no jurisdiction. None.
  9. catsbackr

    Need Pants!

    They stretch? When do they stretch? I've never had a need for my umpire pants to stretch. Just curious.
  10. catsbackr

    First games of the year!

    But, beware of the yellow snow!
  11. catsbackr

    Ejecting Fans

    I've said this before and I'll say it here again, "YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY IN THE STANDS! NONE, ZERO." If you think you do, you're just making up rules. You don't. And, for @Thatsnotyou, if you play under Fed rules, you are supposed to have a game administrator at the site.
  12. Senor Azul, You are the man!
  13. catsbackr

    diamond mask pads

    I like this a lot!
  14. Sorry, but that plate coat looks...GRAY?!?
  15. catsbackr

    Information available signal

    NFHS has tried to re-invent the wheel. You don't need to develop something that's already in place.