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  1. The umpires go out 2 different exits it appears. Not a good look. Oh, and I take the balls with me.
  2. catsbackr

    State Semi/Finals Tourney

    Ahh, you're a 1 ball bag guy!
  3. catsbackr

    PU Mechs W/ R1

    Joe's not going to 3B. He's going to the working area and getting the best look he can in two man. Simple.
  4. catsbackr

    Rulebook in your face?

    It's up to us to use OUR rulebook to verify the correct application of a rule if we are in doubt or challenged on the application of a rule. Plus, they can look up anything they want to in the dugout in their rulebook.
  5. catsbackr

    Can someone tell me about this Adidas mask?

    I bought one just like it off of Ebay. Great mask, of course you probably gotta change the pads.
  6. catsbackr

    IF's F Bombing Partner

    Whatever works for you I guess.
  7. catsbackr

    IF's F Bombing Partner

    I'm not judging, but if you try that around here, the coach is probably going to ask you if the players were talking to you, and if not, mind your own business. Just saying....
  8. catsbackr

    Umpire like a Girl

    Sorry missed @yawetag's comment.
  9. catsbackr

    IF's F Bombing Partner

    @zoops, it's good you had your partner's back. That's a good thing. If the HC is coming out to talk with your partner, obviously time has been called, you might move the players away from where the conference is going to take place prior to the coach arriving and maybe eliminate the extra comments by F4. I don't know, it's kind of a had to be there situation. Unless F4 is talking directly to me or my partner, where he could not hear it, I doubt I would eject. This is JUCO ball, the language is a little harsher. Like I said, had to be there I guess.
  10. catsbackr

    Review: Under Armour Men's Ultimate Turf Trainer

    I got a pair of the UA base shoes for this season and absolutely love them. I was formally strictly a NB wearer and do find the UA lighter and more comfortable. They are a little harder to clean up due to the makeup of the middle of the shoe, but a wet rag usually takes care of it.
  11. catsbackr

    Selected to State

    Congrats @sthomas13100!
  12. catsbackr

    Rulebook in your face?

    I bet when you're working the bases, you "carry" your plate gear to the site. You don't "carry" the plate gear to the field. Do the same thing with your rule book.
  13. catsbackr

    Lock Laces for Plate Shoes

    Yeah, that technique won't do anything to keep knots from slipping.
  14. catsbackr

    Rulebook in your face?

    I doubt the umpire has to have his rulebook on him. I think his rulebook just needs to be available to him, just like every other level. I could be wrong though, I don't do LL.
  15. catsbackr

    Rulebook in your face?

    And that has what to do with a coach coming out to argue a call with the rule book in his hand, how?