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  1. New Balance Plate Shoes Falling Apart

    A little off topic but same idea. Has anyone heard about any new styles of plate shoes coming out? Right now the only two plate shoes you can find are New Balance or 3n2. I know that New Balance has new base shoe style coming out I was just hoping that a new plate shoe is in the works.
  2. Mask Porn?

    Brand new set up. Wilson aluminum with the new mizuno throat guard. I love the weight and color of this mask. Vision is great. Not a big fan of the new pads, I feel that I get much more vision with TW.
  3. Another FAKE Nike on ebay

    It looks like a +pos ZRO-G with nike pads
  4. selling everything

    @bvanump text sent
  5. X-Temp

    They had this product at TUS this year. They were talking about using it as a post game cooling system. They would keep the vest and and the seat cover in the locker room so after someone finished a plate job they could use it to cool down quicker.
  6. Considering New Shinguards-UE Kevlar OR WV Pro Black

    Does anyone have pictures of themselves wearing the UE shin guards? I would like to see some pics of how they fit and how far up the leg you guys wear them.
  7. Mask Porn?

    Plus pos ZRO G
  8. Mask Porn?

    Just finished taking my throat guard off. I really like how it came out.
  9. How do you handle?

    This one is a two parter. It's not an ejection story but a question on how to handle coaches in a league and level where I have a hard time finding that line in the sand. The other part is a question how to handle a "know-it-all" coach and his back handed comments/complaints. (Sorry in advance this will be long winded but it's a problem that has been growing and growing) 1) there are two Cal Ripken leagues where I live and my association covers games for both of them. One league is easy to work. The coaches are easy to work with and we don't have any problems. The other league has had some success in national Cal Ripken tournaments over the years and now I believe that is going to their heads. This year working at their major level (11-12 year olds) I have had a hard time finding my correct length of leash. When I work the plate these coaches cry on every pitch. It feels if little Johnny doesn't swing it's not a strike. I also have to deal with the umpires in the stands aka fans who will tell coaches that strikes are feet off the plate or painting black if they are pitching. I've had coaches who don't get a pitch and jump of their bucket and throw their hands in the air exclaiming "where did that miss" like a child not getting his way. Close plays on bases always have a coach yelling with "you/he were totally safe/out." Followed by a coach showing he tagged him up here. When they come and to talk to you they always want to show their acting skills and when I tell them to talk to me and don't show me, it's met with you don't need to get an attitude with me. They want help on every play. I know much of this is par for the course with most coaches and leagues but the problem I'm having is that it is every game and when I try to warn and stop it it's always you got a chip on your shoulder or you don't like me and you out to get us kind of thing. This league also issued cards and numbers to every umpire that we show at the beginning of the games to the scorebooks who write them down. If you do ever eject or you have a call they don't like they go to the name and number and write a complaint and always ask that you not do any more of their games and it's work so far on two umpires. The problem I'm having is how to I handle this like a professional umpire, having been to pro school, but also allow for a little of longer leash knowing they are mostly dad coaches who don't understand how to manage correctly? There are also things we can do as an association to have a more uniform policy in handling coaches because other guys let them get a away with so much. It's trying to find balance. What are your suggestions? 2) my next problem is with one coach who coaches in the league I'm having problems with. He thinks he is a baseball guru and the parents love him. Granted he is a good coach at teaching fundamentals and making kids better. But when he is coaching he creates this umpires vs us feeling. When his kids are pitching and he throws a close pitch he doesn't get he says "nice strike." Close plays on the bases "you were in there." When you tell him to stop he tells you he is talking to his players. When a ruling goes against him "what else do you expect." It feels that anything that goes against him is our fault. He accused me of making his pitcher cry because he didn't get a couple of close pitches when he was having a hard time finding the zone. What I can't stand the most is most of his comments that should get him ejected he says under his breath or away from you so he gets to say them but doesn't suffer the consequences. It's starting rubbing off to his parents and even worse his players. I don't want to come off as I'm out to get him but it's getting hard to continue to feel disrespected every game I have of his. Any question or suggestion welcomed.
  10. Considering New Shinguards-UE Kevlar OR WV Pro Black

    I am also looking into getting the UE shin guards. My question about them is how is the fit? I measured my leg and I am about 15-15 1/2". I wanted to know how they should fit and what size that I should go with.
  11. New Balance 460s or Reebok Zigs

    Just got my 460s on Saturday and used them behind the dish today. Let me say these are awesome. I was skeptical to go to NB after using reebok most of my umpiring career. But my feet felt great after a 2:30 high school game. Very easy to clean. Very very good shoe.
  12. Todd Tichenor mask pads

    I wonder if that is Wilson doing the same thing they do with the big W sticker on CPs.
  13. Todd Tichenor mask pads

    I took this screen shot of Tichenor and it does look like he has the Belgard pads. Also I had a question about mask pads. Cory Blaser used Team Wendy last year and this year it looks like he is either using Wilson non-wrap around or Team Wendy with a Wilson logo
  14. +POS Zero gravity mask concern

    It just a bit of a bummer because I really like the mask a lot. I just wished the catcher would of caught the pitch.
  15. +POS Zero gravity mask concern

    I wanted to see if anyone else had any problem with this mask as far as taking a shot. I just finished up a game and I took a straight pitch about 75 to the mask, maybe the catcher deflected it slightly, I didn't feel anything. But when I went to inspect the damage I saw that the frame was bent badly and looks like it started to cave in. I really like the mask, good color and great weight. I only used it for 4 games so far and had it for less that a year and this was the first shot I had taken with this mask. Have any of you experienced this problem before? I will post pics later