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  1. constable

    My First Ejection – Only Umpires Should Count

    I'm aware. It just seems unlikely..
  2. constable

    My First Ejection – Only Umpires Should Count

    The games you are referencing- did they actually have players and coaches? Seems like a high number never having to dump some one.
  3. constable

    Hey Ump, You Got One Job To Do...

    Never give the " one more" option. Tell them that's enough, knock it off etc etc.. I woulda chucked him for his comment. No need for warning. That's a personal attack from a AC who isn't allowed to talk at all. buh bye.
  4. constable

    Restricted to the dugout

    Only in high school rules are coaches required to sit. I think a technical foul isn't the best comparison because there are stiffer penalties than the coach having to sit.... Depending on the rule set 1 or 2 points and possibly loss of possession are a much harsher penalty then making mouth piece sit for the game. That being said, I eject far more in baseball then basketball because basketball gives me a method to deal with poor behaviour that warrants attention but many not an ejection. Even if I had the option to restrict in my rule set, I can't imagine ever using it.
  5. constable

    Officiating other sports

    I know I'm late to the party- I frequent basketball forums almost exclusivley during the colder months. I also officiate basketball. It is my main sport. Baseball has fewer opportunities and to me isn't quite as enjoyable. There is also considerablly more high calibre basketball around here to officate then there is baseball. Basketball is much more organized and focused on development in these parts. For example, a 3 day camp in the summer, biweekly meetings every week from the 2nd week of September through to the exam in November. Our meetings are also held in conjunction with a local HS teams practice. The newer officials ref their scrimmage while more seasoned and accomplished guys offer feedback. With baseball- I pay 45 bucks and once every 3 years i go to a clinic and the other 2 years I write an online test and violia I'm certified to officiate the highest level of baseball in the province. Basketball is much more progressive. Years of going to camps and clinics and meetings and working HS and rep games before I got annointed as a college basketball official.
  6. constable

    1ST game 1ST ejection, was I too anxious?

    Yep. Coaches sometimes come out fired up looking to get you fired up. When you stand there and don't say a word it pisses them off even more.
  7. constable

    Easy Pesy Lemon Squzzey

    As much as I hate to agree with ump_24.. I can't disagree with him... to me that's a wearn and a walk away...
  8. constable

    Coach counting

    I had a coach come screaming out of the dugout at to protest an obvious call at second base- pick off play, F4 gets the ball, R1 slides into F4's glove which contains the ball and is placed squarely between the runners foot and the bag. The coach is aruging. I calmly tell him what I had and that we need to get on with the game and walk away. The coach then says "that's some real home town umpiring" which I retort with a ump_24 "knock it off" and continue to walk away. He continues to follow me and is raising his voice telling me how " that's 3 you owe us". His night ended there. Don't show me up. You'll never win.
  9. constable

    Jersey Style / Color

    Around here navy blue is rarely worn. Baseball Canada has removed it from their colours as an acceptable colour ( powder and black only). Baseball Ontario being as delayed and backwards as they are has yet to catch up. Black and powder are the ways to go. A lot of guys are buying the powder with the black trim instead of the navy and white now too for what it's worth. I added red to my aresenal this year.
  10. constable

    Odd First <acronym title='Eject'>EJ</acronym> of the season

    We don't deal with any grief here. I've never once heard of an umpire getting blackballed for doing their job. That being said, we don't deal with the schools ourselves as independent contractors. We have an assignor who gives us the games. I can't for the life of me think of a single situation where if I felt the need to restrict someone to the bench I wouldn't just throw their ass out of the park. Just so long as you can keep them on a short leash and not get punished with a reduced schedule, blackballed, etc. when you take care of business. If you have to listen to a lot of grief and not be backed up, then the Canadian system is not very good either, no system is under those circumstances, and we have found out that those 'do not eject' or face the consequences, in many areas are more prevalent than anyone wants to admit.
  11. constable

    Odd First <acronym title='Eject'>EJ</acronym> of the season

    We don't work FED baseball up here in Canada and I'm glad we don't. The restriction rule is one of the dumbest ever conjured up. Just throw the rat out of the game in the first place. Problem solved.
  12. constable


    Ignore him. Walk away. There are very few circumstances in which I'd motion for someone to come talk to me. This certainly isn't one of them.
  13. constable

    Coach Ejected, Game Forfeited

    Not all rule sets permit "restriction" i.e. OBR which is what we play up here north of the Border ( which is a funny term, because 27 US states have land north of Canada's southernmost point). If a coach is bad enough to get "restricted" then it is time for them to go home.
  14. constable

    Joe West Asks for Help

    From the video it's inconclusive. That being said, Maddon disregarded an obvious warning. Good night.
  15. constable

    Dogging it?

    Is that not the same thing? Are you not preventing catcher's interference? I understand the safety aspect but there could potentially be a rule violation here as well.