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  1. Tony Maskits Silver masks examples?

    Gentlemen, Who is this Tony you speak of? Does he have a website? Contact Info? Sincere thanks
  2. Dale Scott

    I read today the Dale Scott is retiring after his latest (3rd) concussion. I can find no confirmation anywhere. Anybody ready or seen this news?
  3. Coming Up Loud and Big

    So going back to the OP. What's the difference between this paly and...Let's go back in history...
  4. Hats

    Crease em, Fold em, store em in the upper portion of my gear bag
  5. What's in Your Gear Bag?

    Gentlemen... Up here in Canada we still have a few MONTHS to go before we hit the field. So now that spring training has kicked off, the juices are starting to flow. I'm looking to create an "accessory" pack to carry with me as part of my gear. What' are the things you make sure you have with you during the season? Cheers .
  6. Tagging runner that is standing on a bag

    Cleveland still wanted the intentional dropped ball called. Umpire meeting came to the same conclusion as @udbrky double play stands
  7. Coach knows squat

    First off, Butterworth was a coach who knew the rules. He's no Todd Secondly want to with this quote... "Starting pitcher comes out to warm up wearing white long sleeves. Me; "Sorry, Todd. Pitcher can't wear white sleeves below the elbow." Todd; "Since when?" Me; "since forever." You say you were playing under OBR with variations. I don't believe it says anywhere in OBR a pitchers sleeves cannot be white. So if you feel its been forever I must have missed that rule. Cite and correct me if I am wrong
  8. World Series umpires

    Unless I already missed it. Perhaps the final curtain for Cowboy Joe as well?
  9. Double Switch??

    Yes the starter remained in the game. He went to play right and a new pitcher came in from the bench
  10. Double Switch??

    That's what I thought. I'm getting conflicting answers from my brethren here, so I thought I would see what the peoples here had to say
  11. Double Switch??

    Set Up Details: Men's League - Caliber is mediocre and down, Uses OBR, Both teams using DH In the 6th. visitors on defence. Manager calls time heads to the mound obviously to make a pitching change. I go to the mound and he advises that the starting pitcher is moving right field, a new pitcher is entering the game, and the DH is done. The pitcher entering the game will bat in the DH slot and the old pitcher will bat in the right fielders slot. While heading back to home plate I shout the changes to the home teams bench, who's manager becomes upset citing this was a double switch and he needed to go to the home plate umpire (me) before heading to the mound, and it should not be allowed. I felt for this level of ball that was not necessary as most players and managers and perhaps even this umpire have no idea what a double switch is. Long and short of it, he keeps up complaining and I eventually dump him. So, Is this a double switch? How many of you enforce the rule to the letter? .
  12. I'm basing my answer on my opinion of MLB rules as I don't know what rule set variations could come into play here. I don't have the rulebook code to cite, however I'm going to say, It's not correct. The batter completed his time at bat when he hit the ball.
  13. Not just in Little League™

    Well he spends a lot of time posting to this umpire message board I assumed he wore 2 hats, My mistake
  14. Not just in Little League™

    So we have a IFF rule that has an "umpire judgement" aspect to it (is it ordinary effort?) Going through the responses the majority would use their judgement and say IFF batter out. ONE umpire, would not. It's HIS judgement so does that make him wrong?? I don't thinks so, However I also think his game will require a whole lot more paperwork when done due the ejection and game reports that will be required.
  15. Balk or Let it Play

    I'm strictly speaking OBR in this case (No FED in Canada) A pitcher cannot feint a throw to 3rd base. That's a rule that has been around for a couple of years now. Normally it's the fake to 3rd wheel and throw back to 1st. so what I get from the OP is the pitcher hitched and did not throw to 3rd and then threw the ball. Treat it the same way as you would if he did this to 1st base I feel you got it correct with the balk call.