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  1. StoneyK

    Do umpire make resolutions?

    I want to get into shape. Wait, round is a shape! So I'm good. d:-D
  2. StoneyK

    Rule interp asked of me today...

    Hey, I agree, I'm just stating his side.
  3. StoneyK

    Rule interp asked of me today...

    OK, now for pt2. my partner >argued< for lack of a better term that you are penalizing the defense with a chance at a dbl play because of an offensive mistake. I still state that force is off but he has a point.
  4. R1, outs don't matter. Batter hits trouble pop to short RF, R1 tagging, ball is dropped and BR rounds and passes R1. Now BR is out but is the force removed with that out or can a play be made on R1 going to 2B? I say that force is removed and R1 cannot be doubled up by force. What say the group?
  5. StoneyK

    How Many Games?

    ... and have another schedule yet to come in. After all is said and done I'll be scheduled 25-30 and end up with 35-40 (rainouts, extra pickups) and 2-10 playoff games (district, regional, state).
  6. StoneyK

    When did/will your season end?

    ...but I got a few games in in September at the Mid-America clinic in Springfield, Mo. My 2009 season begins in January with some HS and LL clinics with HS play starting the 2nd week of February.
  7. StoneyK

    Mid-America Advanced Umpire Clinic

    the Mid-America Umpire Clinic http://www.midamericanumpireclinic.com on Sept. 12-14 and the Mid-America Advanced Umpire Clinic http://www.geocities.com/midamericanumpireclinic on Sept. 18-21. They are both in Springfield, Mo. but have different coordinators so I'm guessing they are different and separate.
  8. I'll be attending this clinic in a few weeks, can anybody tell me anything about it and what to expect.
  9. StoneyK

    level of Umpiring you wish to call

    I don't currently call college but am attending a clinic in September (Mid-American in Springfield, Mo) so Omaha is probably out of the question. That said last year I called the Big League Baseball World Series (Little League 17-18yr) in Easley, SC. My next goal is the LLWS in Williamsport.
  10. StoneyK

    Umpire in Chief

    I'm from SE Arkansas and this is my 22nd year to umpire. I currently call baseball and fast pitch softball (HS/AmLegion down to LL, Babe Ruth and various mens leagues). I've been married 22 years, have a 12yr son who plays LL and am an LPN/CDT (Certified Densitometer Technologist) which means i do bone density exams for osteoporosis at Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (hospital). 3 years ago I crossed over to the dark side and became a manager/coach for his team and have been an assistant the past 2 years. I have called multiple LL district and state tourneys (Big League, Sr League, Jr League and LL majors, 11yr, 9&10, 8&9, and 7&8 baseball and softball), 6 regionals ('00 LL Southern region, '02-03-05-06-07 Southwest region BL baseball) and 07 BL World series and am trying to get to Williamsport someday. I've also called the '05 Ar. A state tourney, '07 AAAA tourney and final and '08 AA tourney. I have served on the Southwest Region Umpires Advisory committee, am Arkansas District 3 staff, am an instructing clinician and do clinics for area leagues.
  11. StoneyK

    officiating magazines and umpire Camps

    ...for the MID-AMERICAN ADVANCED UMPIRE CLINIC in Springfield, Mo. in September. Has anybody been there and can tell me anything? I'm looking to start calling some college ball.
  12. StoneyK

    What do you write on line-up cards?

    ,,,line up cards I mentioned. They are excel and on the front where I have the Southwest Region logo you can shrink it down and paste a different one on top. I have LL, HS (Arkansas Officials Asso.), American Legion and Babe Ruth umpire patches I use on the front page. The one I'm posting has 10 batters but for LL (SR's and below) delete lines 30-31-32 and 63-64-65 and have 9 batters. To start a card write the starting batting order in the #ed slots. When a change is made cross out the starter and write down the sub and when he/she entered in the top or bottom of the inning they entered. On the back you can write the visits and in the small boxes the outs and baserunners (R1-R2-R3) when the visit was made. I went to the local office supply store and bought a ream of card stock (a little heavier than regular paper) to print the cards.
  13. StoneyK

    Owing a plate

    1st off I'm a plate hog regardless of the age/temp/time of day! BUT when i get to the game site meet up with my partner I ask which one he wants to be polite. The other night I worked a Sr. Mens (1)game and asked my partner his preference. He stated he had these two teams in the past week (different games) and he asked me if I minded doing it to give them a new look of course I said yes. That said, I have been fortunate to do 6 baseball regionals ('00 Southern LL, '02-03-05-06-07 Southwest BL), the 2007 BLWS, and multiple district (since '94) and state tournaments, Legion, HS, BR and Mens games. When working with younger/newer umpires I offer these "big" games to them as I've BTDT and now its their turn to get experience. HOWEVER, I never turn down an opportunity to call balls and strikes in the "big" games. :)
  14. StoneyK

    What do you write on line-up cards?

    I have one i use but it is an excel type and keeps getting the "invalid file" message. Can the moderator fix/allow this?
  15. StoneyK

    Favorite umpire websites

    There is a group on Yahoo called "llumpire". It is geard mostly toward Little League but as we all know we call more that just one league or organization. There are ?s from all over the world and all levels of baseball. There is also a new one that has split off from llumpires called hs_umpires that has several of the posters from llumpires. They are both located in the Yahoo groups and they both ask that when you join you introduce yourselves.