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  1. Bragging a little bit...

  2. Odd colored shirts

    Finally, the first functional rationalization I have heard for carrying more than navy shirts. Not that I’m going to start any time soon. There 2 or 3 guys I work with that would wear something other than navy. I have worn olive and grey when my partner provided them. Just not that interested in variety.
  3. NFHS Intentional Walk

    In softball, it is the coach, pitcher or catcher that can ask...definition 2-65-2 and rule 8-1c.
  4. Fred Munster Feet

    Maybe @BigUmpire can help...I know he's having personal issues, but he is 6'9"
  5. 2018 POE

    That, I remember!
  6. 2018 POE

    Same here on the audible, positive response.
  7. 2018 POE

    It's the result of an incident at a state championship football game where one player called another "N". The victims father was a lawyer in Trenton. It has to be read at all levels of NJSIAA sanctioned sports. I read it like a speed reading exercise. I worked with a guy that did it from memory...I was very impressed. I have read it hundreds of times and still read it. I have worked with several partners that used @lawump's version even though we are not supposed to. I also had my first anthem standoff this year and thanks to U-E, I was ready. A coach for one team and a player for the other (cross-town rivals). We did the plate meeting after the anthem. I closed the meeting by telling both coaches "if they are still on the line when you get back to the dugout, they are ejected and so is the head coach." They cleared the lines immediately.
  8. Celebrating 10 Years

    Congratulations Warren...if you knew then...
  9. Research Needed for Graduate School Project

    I completed the survey. I believe any tool that will help do the job should be considered. Having said that, the tool needs to be perceived as 100% accurate. It wouldn’t do to give participants another way of questioning our calls.
  10. PUC/Indyball b4 Pro-School?

    Going through the school will trump any additional experience at a lower level. It will automagically qualify you for better baseball.
  11. Veterans Check In

    Army - Finance Specialist. Fort Benning, GA 1976 - 1978.
  12. New guy on the block

    I’m a Jersey City native myself. My grandfather founded Washington LL and was part of the founding of Pershing Field Babe Ruth. what part of the city?
  13. "play"

    I asked Ted Barrett the question about MLB and here was his response: "The plate guy is responsible for putting the ball back in play, many don’t point it but they have it." Very succinct.
  14. When is it time to hang it up?

    I have one reason to keep umpiring. My grandfather umpired in 1930 and there has been a member of my family (uncle, father, cousin, brother) umpiring since then. As it stands right now, I am the last of the line. I want to make to 2030, I'll be 73. There will b 100 years of Sansevere umpiring. All that other stuff is a factor, too.
  15. Hit or Fielders Choice?

    I locked this topic. The guest area is supposed to be free of our normal sarcasm. Let's keep it that way.