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  1. Rain!

    I'v lost 13 to weather and played 10. I also had to give 8 back because of work. Couple of those would have been cancellations.
  2. Check Swing Appeal or not

    I actually asked this question and his response was "If we don’t do it for the coach what do you think"
  3. Check Swing Appeal or not

    Opening day is tomorrow for NJ HS. Here is part of an email from our association interpreter, a very opinionated individual... We do not go to our partner on a check swing because the coach has requested it. We can go to our partner IMMEDIATELY if needed. We all must be consistent in this mechanic all the time. Coaches have told me and umpires that some umpires still go when requested by coach. Please stop that and be consistent and the coaches will understand better and not ask. While I know that we are not required to in HS, but I have always done it as long as the coach hasn't been a d!ck about it.
  4. May I atleast explain my rationale?

    Locking it up.
  5. Two Positioning Q’s (rhetorical maybe)

    A. It is what the book says to do. B. The field is smaller. When BU is in B, C or D, on fly ball outside, he/she is moving inside. 3-man, the mechanics change, but I can't remember the details. I'll let you know if I get any playoff games. Oh yeah, NJ does it different than the book for 3 man.
  6. Runner Completely Misses First Base

    NFHS softball rule is the same as baseball. She’s safe and you’re making up rules. I’m pretty sure USA (ASA), is the same.
  7. NFL makes announcements on all calls, not just the replays.
  8. If only I was making this up

    They are umpires from associations around the state. Do you know who your rep to UANJ is? they "help" the state interpreter with the test. When I went to UANJ meetings (about 5 years ago), it was 3 or 4 guys. I think now it might be less.
  9. Been there, done that...90+ mph fastball untouched by F2.
  10. If only I was making this up

    The tests are reviewed by 3 or 4 guys, tops. And then they have to be entered into Arbiter which opens another can of worms. They won't go with the FED test because there are too many errors. Is that the definition of irony? I have sat in on the meetings when they discuss the planning of the test...SMH.
  11. Two Positioning Q’s (rhetorical maybe)

    Agree completely. I will also add that the PU takes all fly ball catches in FED SB.
  12. If only I was making this up

    I was told this a couple of weeks ago and sworn to secrecy. I had the same 2 questions marked wrong.
  13. Kneeling for National Anthem

    I think it is time to shut down this conversation. If you have game management commentary, please share, else move on, there is nothing to see here.
  14. Kneeling for National Anthem

    I had it happen last year...crosstown rivalry game. After the anthem we had the plate meeting and I noticed that a young AC on one side and a player on the other side stayed on the line. We finished the plate meeting, I told both coaches that if those people were still on the line when the coach reached the dugout, the individual would be ejected and the coach restricted. Both coaches had the same reaction "get in the dugout!". When I shared this story with members of my association, they had never heard of this.I only knew about because of U-E.
  15. Fed Mechanic?

    BU takes BR into third on triple instead of FED PU coming up to 3rd on the triple.