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    Balk or no balk?

    What rule set?

    Feedback: Game Tracking Website

    I use MileIQ. It automagically records each trip. At the end of the week, I separate business from officiating from personal. I also track my medical miles. It allows for multiple vehicles and custom reporting.

    2 outs infield fly

    The umpire can take whatever actions he/she deems necessary to correct the mistake. Did the runners run on the crack of the bat?

    MLB BALK- delayed deadball

    No choice on a balk. If the batter and all runners advance at least one base, the balk is ignored.

    Call strike up or down?

    Verbal down and then up for signal is also the fast pitch softball mechanic.

    Keeping Shirt Tucked In?

    I've always had an issue with the flex belt rolling, The Neat tucks have been great for me.

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    Another plus...

    More insights from NJ...

    Some guys decide which rules they will enforce, some just enforce all of them. Nobody said it was dangerous. It is considered by the authority to be an adornment. "It is not ours to question how, or why..." It has been a couple of years since the wizards of Robbinsville introduced this rule. It is usually just pointing to the hat and they take care of it.And when it is not an actual HS game, they are good to go for me.

    Wrap around mask pads

  10. LMSANS

    More insights from NJ...

    Actually, Señor Azul, it's NFHS that says the reflective glasses are OK. NJ says you can't where them on the brim of your hat or backwards. Reflective or not.
  11. LMSANS

    More insights from NJ...

    It's not the kids that think it's a fashion statement...just the state. So we have a rule that requires enforcement of the adornment rule.
  12. LMSANS

    More insights from NJ...

    NFHS has informed NJSIAA that there is no rule forbidding the wearing of sunglasses whether they are reflective or not. Sunglasses that produce a glare that affects a defensive or offensive player's ability to see should be individually removed; not collectively as a team. If an umpire judges the sunglasses to be a danger to others they should be removed. Officials need to use solid common sense in enforcing this directive. The wearing of sunglasses on the bill of the cap or behind the cap (thinking we can't see them) still continues to be prevalent. On cloudy days, if a fielder is wearing sunglasses on top of the cap, it is being worn as an adornment for styling purposes.
  13. LMSANS

    pitch count

    Duplicate topic...I merged them.
  14. LMSANS

    pitch count

    If they are thrown, yes.
  15. LMSANS

    What to do with HSM during ball in play?

    I've always worn a 6-stitch underneath my MVP2500. After the first half inning, I have never had any difficulty. I go back and forth between the HSM & traditional mask, depending on the backstop proximity.