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  1. That was one of the plans. Another, as I remember was to join one of the armed services. I hope she is doing well. She had many challenges.

    Association Web Site

    I have volunteered to take the lead in updating our association website. Our current site is old and not well maintained. I'm looking for ideas. I'm interested in where your site is hosted? who maintains it? How much do you pay for it? Can you share the URL? Ours is shoreumpires.org Any suggestions/comments are welcome... Thanks!
  3. You say that to get recruits, we should "eliminate the excuse". That is all I'm suggesting. I'm not looking for the great debate. I have a partner that bought 2 of every color that Official's Choice offered a few years back. When we worked a travel tourney, he suggested wearing something other than blue. I went along for the ride since he supplied the shirts. Nobody outside of the umpires that took the field after us noticed or cared. Look at the real reason we can't get recruits; the game has no time limits (yes, I know many leagues put time limits in, which many on this site put down as "not real baseball"), the other sports are shorter in length, have more action and pay the same or more. The number of participants is growing in Lacrosse & soccer at a faster rate (anecdotal, I don't have actual stats). Kids are playing one sport only and that is most of the year. So to get more umpires, we should modernize the shirt. Okay, I'll concede the point. I'm sure they'll be knocking down the doors to get in.
  4. Maybe we should go the route of soccer refs with many neon colors or better yet, vertical stripes, like most sports. Why wear a uniform at all? let's just wear street clothes or dress like the coaches in team shorts & sweats.
  5. What we do has very little to do with MLB umpires. I have to spend $$ to buy a rainbow of colored shirts & a variety of styles to make umpires happy. No one else notices. The OP was all about a potential umpire not wanting to wear grandma's shirt. Tastes evolve...the blue button shirts from the 60's & 70's were modern once.
  6. If that is the reason to not umpire, they are just looking for an excuse.
  7. I will let the fashionistas worry about how “modern” the shirt is. If uniform is the reason to not umpire, then don’t umpire. Your attitude is wrong anyway.

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    Not someone in the media!

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    I don't read lips, but I don't see any admission of guilt here.
  10. LMSANS

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    Exactly the kind of thing he would have learned in his youth. Personally, he loses a lot of points in my book if he knowingly cheated.
  11. LMSANS

    Force Play

    My sense of humor is obviously unique. Even with emoji.
  12. LMSANS

    Force Play

    I’m trying to find the “tie” in the rule book. It’s not there! A runner is either safe or out. If there were ties, then the call would be “yer tied, do it over”.
  13. LMSANS

    Force Play

    By Rulebook definition there are no ties...they are either safe or out. There is no third option.
  14. Idiot announcers..."he was walking away with his back to the umpire..." what a crock! He turned and said one more thing.