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  1. Idiot announcers..."he was walking away with his back to the umpire..." what a crock! He turned and said one more thing.


    I believe softball is the same as baseball here...if it is the first throw by an infielder, it would be 2 bases from time of pitch. I sit corrected. @beerguy55 is 100% right and I’m not.

    State Semi/Finals Tourney

    I did notice you’re not looking forward?

    Shoes for Football

    I agree.
  5. 78 is a toddler in my association. my first partner in a HS varsity game was 84 at the time. He umpired 6 more years, as often as he could. Oh yeah, he also worked basketball & football. He started officiating in 1951. He passed away last year at the age of 91. He would still be on the field but he became ornery and created a lot of enemies in the organizations. HE was also losing his skills. In the 60+ years he worked every level from LL to D-1 in all 3 sports. He was directly responsible for many of the payment agreements that officials in the area now have. Unfortunately, he became tentative on the field and lost perspective. Right now, there are at least 6 regular members of our umpire association in their 80s. Should they be on the field...that's another question.
  6. Don’t worry @lawump, the all star break is over. You can slow down your research on umpires in the news.
  7. If I had to put this much thought into my shirts for umpiring, I would retire.

    3 feet, continuing to advance,

    Reason #2

    3 feet, continuing to advance,

    Which is why after over 10 years, I have less than 2300 posts...
  10. LMSANS

    3 feet, continuing to advance,

    I didn't see a tag attempt when he made his wide u-turn.
  11. The kids keep score...when my son played t-ball 20 years ago, they always knew the score. It was amazing to see...22-19 and they were the only ones that knew it.
  12. LMSANS

    Feign to Third Balk ?

    I believe coach Ives has stated that the feint to 3B is still okay in LL.
  13. LMSANS

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transaction with @Storm13. I expressed interest in his WV Platinum on Friday and it arrived today at a very reasonable price.