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  1. Playing with 8?

    Doesn't LL allow for "borrowing" a player? even one from the stands, if otherwise eligible to play?
  2. I used these this weekend. Plate and base...my shirts stayed tucked. This is always a problem for me. Now, if you want to talk prep, that’s another story. I'll chalk it up to inexperience, but it took me 5 minutes to prep. i need practice, then maybe I’ll give a stronger endorsement.
  3. Women in the profession

    Read Pam Postema's book "You've got to have balls to make it in this league". She worked spring training games and was a crew chief in AAA. A friend of mine was on her crew and thought she deserved the next step. When I read the book, I got the impression she was given opportunities because she was a women and didn't seem hungry enough until they fired her. Every time she was ready to quit, they promoted her. The book is a good baseball/umpire read.
  4. Strange Ground Rule Double

    The layout of the local A team has 2 walls in the outfield that are in play and could have a bounce that goes over the yellow line on the neighboring wall. First time I worked the plate there (a HS game), I was told the ground rule by the host. I then waited the whole game for someone to hit that 400+ double. Fortunately, it never happened.
  5. High School Playoffs

    Here you go... 2018 NJSIAA/WILSON BASEBALL TOURNAMENT Important: Coaches must have a copy of these instructions as well as a copy of the NJSIAA Baseball Rule Modifications available at all games. Copies of these regulations are available at: www.njsiaa.org/sports/baseball
  6. Looking for umpires in South Jersey

    I can get both...
  7. Stealing home with a foul ball

    I can easily visualize this, as I was the batter when this happened when I was 13...one of my first AB in Babe Ruth League. R3 started his slide early when he saw I was swinging. Oh yeah I missed the sign.
  8. post game interview

    Good job, Bobby.
  9. Looking for umpires in South Jersey

    Yes 195 bisects the state. Being originally from JC and now living in Ocean county, my perception has changed.
  10. Looking for umpires in South Jersey

    How do you define south Jersey?
  11. National anthem protest

    Time to get back to the game...
  12. Check Swing Appeal or not

    Funny you should ask that question. He was voted out this week. Not because of this topic, though it probably contributed. He was our interpreter for 25 years, along with many state level positions. Most of the NJ guys on here know him. He was a good umpire. He just became full of himself.
  13. Ump from NJ

    My stat may be dated, but when you started at the Driscoll bridge south to Delaware, from a mile or less inland across to Camden/Trenton was all pine trees. Back when route 9 was 2 lanes and dirt shoulder. Burbs have creeped in.
  14. Ump from NJ

    It is worth noting here that the fee is not for leaving NJ, but rather for entering PA, NY. Another piece of trivia, 60% of NJ is covered by pine barrens.
  15. Check Swing Appeal or not

    Ahh...the difference a month makes...here is a follow up email received from the same individual: Because of inconsistent practice and not ever going to be a consistent mechanic regardless of NJSIAA or anyone else we must change the check swing mechanic. Here is the guidelines for it starting today and moving forward> 1. try to make your own call as the plate umpire - use sound judgement 2. if blocked out or for any valid reason go for help immediately to your partner 3. if you do not call it an attempt and coach asks you to check then go ahead and check with your partner but be ready and ok with it if he does say he went 4. do not go as a habit for help - only when you truely need it 5. if the coach starts asking too much then hae a quiet 1 on 1 conversation with him and explain that it can't be a regular thing 6. if you call it a strike because he went - it can't be changed - once called a strike stays a strike 7. go over the procedure in your parking lot pregame 8. never go to partner in A position with a lefty batter 9. when partner is in B or C its tough for him to make a good judgement so as a simple rule of thumb if you think he attempted to try to hit it and pulled back too late go with the "he went" 10 hope this solves the problem for us and games go on I don't know anything about a problem.