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    Plate Shoe Design

    Move to a drier climate?

    softball test question #2

    Looks like a question from NJSIAA...answer is D.

    foul ball danger chart

    I lost feeling in my hand for a minute or 2.

    foul ball danger chart

    first pitch!

    foul ball danger chart

    Worst case scenario: RHB, lefty F2 who lines up outside the the outside corner and has never caught before. F1 throwing low 90s and has no idea where it's going. You don't even need the batter to swing...

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    This was a cross town rivalry game, on a Friday night, and they even announced lineups and umpires.

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    Same thing in our meeting and like I said, our local interpreter is bewildered.

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    I am the only umpire in my association to have this happen. Our interpreter doesn't understand why this is even mentioned. Ironically, he was on the bases with me when I had it happen. BTW, because of U-E, I told both head coaches that if those guys are still standing there when the coach gets back to the dugout, the coach and the player are ejected. Coaches took care of the situation.

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    It's not the rule interpretation, it's the way the question is posed. The NJSIAA test is broken down as follows: 10 questions on Mechanics - pure NFHS mechanics we all get the same questions 10 questions on NJSIAA Regulations - state adoptions we all get the same 5 questions 2019 NFHS Rule changes - We all get the same 5 questions 2019 NFHS Points of Emphasis - We all get the same 20 questions NFHS baseball rules - random selection from a group of 50 Here is one I got wrong from the points of emphasis... Question #27 National anthem standoffs do not reflect education-based athletics. If this occurs umpires shall direct the visiting team to return to their dugout followed by the same directive to the home team. o a.Correct o b.Incorrect
  10. LMSANS

    Warmup pitches

    I've completed the test. I got 4 wrong on the NJSIAA section, 2 wrong on the; 2 on the rule changes...I mixed up the answers when typing;2 wrong on points of emphasis. All of the rest I got right. I tried to do the re-take and it's being worked on by Arbiter. They say it should be fixed in a couple of days. Please share the text of the questions....they are always classics. I'll open a topic...
  11. LMSANS

    2019 NCAA Test Question

    Got ya covered... @noumpere
  12. LMSANS

    Bush League Play

    I believe this is true because of the look back rule. Leads are not allowed in NFHS softball.
  13. That was one of the plans. Another, as I remember was to join one of the armed services. I hope she is doing well. She had many challenges.
  14. LMSANS

    Association Web Site

    I have volunteered to take the lead in updating our association website. Our current site is old and not well maintained. I'm looking for ideas. I'm interested in where your site is hosted? who maintains it? How much do you pay for it? Can you share the URL? Ours is shoreumpires.org Any suggestions/comments are welcome... Thanks!