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  1. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    That's why we get paid the $65. And, I agree that it's based on the general idea that BR can be thrown out -- but, especially in LL, it's not such a rare play to have F9 throw out the BR -- and we wouldn't consider F9 an infielder.
  2. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    I agree that it's based on the position of the fielder -- but that's still judgment as to whether he's deep enough to be an outfielder or shallow enough to be an infielder.
  3. Finger stiffeners

    Just mix some crushed viagra in with the neats foot oil when breaking in the glove.
  4. Interference

    Under which rules code? AS shown above, FED: Yes; OBR: No.
  5. Interference

    It's relatively new in OBR.
  6. NCAA Exam Thread

    That's your answer, right there. If they were testing the need to step-and-throw, then some answer like "it's a balk for failing to step toward the base" would be present.
  7. Does the homerun still count?

    He doesn't need to announce it, and it doesn't need to be announced at the time F2 touches the plate. It just needs to be obvious. (In this particular play, it's likely that SOMEONE (it doesn't need to be the catcher) will have exclaimed "R1 missed the plate".)
  8. Interference

    I think i gave enough of a hint. Those who know the answer already know it; those who do not will learn more by looking it up on their own.
  9. Interference

    This is not BI (where it can be ignored if the throw retires the runner). It's BR Interference -- a different rule for a different situation.
  10. 2 Man R1 and R2

    By stated mechanic, BU has the retouch. The problem is that if it's any sort of a trouble ball, then BU needs to stay on the catch for a while, and can't see if R1 tags up / leaves early. PU can help here. It's similar to the tag up of R3 with a trouble ball down the RF line -- BU can more afford to take a quick glance than can PU (depending, perhaps, on other runners). Know where your partner is looking, and look somewhere else to help. If you have help (suppose the defense appealed R1 in the OP), then communicate who was watching and who is going to rule on the appeal.
  11. Does the homerun still count?

    The run does not count. No run can score when a previous runner makes the third out.
  12. NCAA/NAIA tests

    Depends on the conference / assigner.
  13. Is this a balk?

    Not a balk as I envision the play -- but there can be more to it than just the leg.
  14. Yes. An "obvious" appeal is necessary. I wasn't there, so I can't say whether the umpire thought the play includes an obvious appeal.
  15. I don't get this interpretation

    Not until some TIME, but until some ACTION -- the start of a new "baseball play", or complete "body control". Where one stops and the other starts is up to the judgment of the individual umpire.
  16. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    No one doubts that the F3 (and most other) hockey-style mask is NOCSAE certified. I don't think that's the issue. gnhbua93 said, " They should get rid of that rule since there is a better option out there. " Taken literally, he mans there's a better rule. Taken not so literally, he means there's a product that works better that is technically illegal under the current rule. I'm just seeking clarification on what he thinks the better option(s) is (are) -- then we can discuss whether others agree that the option is truly "better."
  17. I don't get this interpretation

    It's judgment, and so it's hard to describe a play that makes it clear. But, if it's a separate move (that is, the fielder *has shown* you the ball and is not just lifting the glove *to show* you the ball, and is trying to pivot) then get the out.
  18. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Then I'll just ask -- what's the better option?
  19. I don't get this interpretation

    Just like NCAA and, I think, just like OBR (should be). You can't determine if the tag caused the ball to become loose, until the fielder makes another "baseball play" after the tag attempt.
  20. End of game situation

    An "award" just means the defense can't put the runners out. It doesn't mean the runners can't be declared out by the umpires for a base running violation.
  21. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    okay... I'll bite
  22. Obstruction: Rule and Mechanics Question

    You're welcome. IT's always a good day when we can learn something new.
  23. baseball 'look back'

    The logical equivalent of "unintentional is NOT INT" is "(If it was) INT is (or "it must have been") Intentional" That doesn't mean that everything that is intentional is INT. And, I agree that INT can be either intentional or unintentional, depending on the type of play and the rule set involved.
  24. Obstruction: Rule and Mechanics Question

    PU (or U1 in your example) can just say something like "Stay there" to R1 -- and then get together with Bu (U2) to discuss any award. It's much the same as a steal / check swing on a 3-2 count and a tag at second.
  25. Passed Ball

    Unless this is about some (usually youth) league where the D3k rule is not in effect.