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  1. noumpere

    Batting Order

    The pitch to B5 "legitimized" B6's at-bat. B7 *should have been* the next batter, but that's only going to matter if the defense appeals. So far, the defense hasn't appeals, so only B6 is out. B5 is at first, and B6 is the next batter (the batter after B5). But, if the defense now appeals, B7 is out (for failing to bat after B6), and B8 is the next batter. B5 is removed from the bast, and two are out.
  2. noumpere

    “45 degree rule”

    The rule (likely) won't be re-written. No one in MLB has a problem with how it's generally interpreted (some might have some issues with the judgment of the step for some pitchers), and they are the ones who write the rules for THAT LEVEL (the other levels just "borrow" the rules). And, the more you do this, the more you will realize that the rules don't always say exactly what they mean or mean exactly what they say. That's part of what makes it so much an art.
  3. noumpere

    Mount Rushmore of Umpiring

    The first game of today's double header The second game of today's double header Yesterday's game Tomorrow's game
  4. noumpere

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    Only first, second, third, and home. No others.
  5. noumpere

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    That's (apparently) what I'm remembering, and the logical interp of its removal. And, why (probably) this was on the test. I'm sure it was discussed on this board or others when it was removed. The general logic with this removal and the "overslide the base on a walk" play is that the defense can't *make a play* that negates an award, but that the offense must still *run the bases legally* to take advantage of the award. Those plays are both in the old book I have on my hard-drive.
  6. noumpere

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    Can you check the current 9.1.1M -- If I recall correctly, that's the one that changed
  7. noumpere

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    FED sees it the same way: (old book reference) 9.1.1 SITUATION C: With two outs and R1, R2 and R3 on base, B6 receives a fourth ball. R3 touches second and is then tagged off base for the third out before R1 has reached home base. RULING: R1 became entitled to home base as soon as the fourth ball was declared. Consequently, his run scores.
  8. noumpere

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    iirc, it's a recent (within the past two years, I think) case play change.
  9. noumpere

    Runner Lane Interference on a Retired Batter Runner

    That's correct -- and it's in my (old) versions of JEA and J/R and in the FED case book.
  10. noumpere

    Runner Lane Interference on a Retired Batter Runner

    Thanks. Not in my version (which would be on page 61 or so) -- this section only has two examples. JEA has no such examples (already retired BR being hit while outside the runner's lane),
  11. noumpere

    Runner Lane Interference on a Retired Batter Runner

    What section is that in. It doesn't appear to be in my (earlier) version of the manual.
  12. noumpere


    You need to judge whether the balls got up into the fog. The "importance of the game" (really!? it's the first game of the season)?
  13. noumpere

    Runner Lane Interference on a Retired Batter Runner

    I disagree with BRD's interp on this.
  14. noumpere

    Tag-up Responsibilities

    Umpires always get confused on who has which "tag-ups" and who has which runners trying to advance. Sometimes, it's caused by poor terminology at training sessions. And, whatever is decided / appropriate for a given organization (I agree with the above, but recognize that some organizations might do it differently), PU can help BU out by looking where BU isn't looking (or can't look). (And, BU can help PU out.)
  15. noumpere

    Warmup pitches

    Yes, he gets the full warm-up. It's in a case or interp somewhere. Edit: From 2012: SITUATION 15: Runch, who was the starting pitcher, takes the mound in the fifth inning and takes his five warm-up throws. After getting B1 out, he changes positions with the first baseman, Lewis, who takes his eight warm-up throws. Lewis gets B2 to pop out and Runch now returns to pitch. How many warm-up throws is Runch allowed? RULING: When Runch became a first baseman, he obviously no longer was the pitcher in the game. When he legally returns to pitch later in the same inning, he is considered to be a relief pitcher. Accordingly, Runch is allowed up to eight warm-up throws to be completed in one minute timed from the first throw. (6-2-2c)