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  1. Can you do anything here?

    DIdn't watch the video, but : Whenever the umpire messes up like this, you will find tension between those who want to "do what's right" (advance the runners) and those who "go by the rules" (return the runners, unless forced). It's similar to the questions we get periodically (including recently) on "the runner and the umpire collide -- the runner would have made an extra base" and whether this is UI (it's not). You can't really use 10-2-3 because the rule is pretty clear on what to do when time is called. And, you can't use the "rectify situations" clause because a rule wasn't reversed. The best we can hope for is that the umpire learns from this mistake.
  2. Missed call?

    Google "40 baseball rules myths" and see what else you "know for sure that just ain't so."
  3. Missed call?

    Unless all runners INCLUDING the BR have advanced -- the BR hadn't.
  4. Third out run scored

    Call the OP "not a force out."
  5. Third out run scored

    And the more common "the third out is an appeal for leaving the base early and it's a force out so the run can't score" error (and frequent question).
  6. Dropped third strike

    You are correct tin baseball; I don't know about softball. How did the protest turn out?
  7. Knee Pop

    You can ignore it. It's your partner's call (if you are U1, the call belongs to PU; if you are PU, the cal belongs to U1) ;).
  8. Interference

    Given that it was INT, I agree -- but I'd like to hear more about the actions and why INT was called. I know it's HTBT and judgment -- but it's possible this wasn't really INT.
  9. Batter interference at home plate

    I'd get the out. It worries me that I'm disagreeing with Maven.
  10. Hit By Pirch

  11. Batted ball hits fielders foot, then...

    The ball never hit the ground, so it's a catch. The play at first on R1 is an appeal play -- if R1 or 1B was touched before R1 returned, R1 is also out.
  12. Dead ball

    Same answer in National league rules, NCAA rules, HS rules, LL rules, Babe Ruth rules, Pony rules, etc.
  13. Baseball bat play

    And, pitcher gets some extra fielding and throwing practice.
  14. Infield fly not declared

    FED: It's the situation that matters, not the declaration -- in the OP both the BR and R3 are out. There's a specific case play on this. OBR: The rule is to protect the offense. If the defense gets zero or one outs, the play stands (that's the OP). If the defense gets two or three outs, then use judgment to determine what would have happened if the infield fly had been declared -- almost always, that's BR out and other runners return.
  15. Batter interference

    I've read that and I'm wondering if it's a change, or if it's valid, or if I'd apply it in my amateur OBR game ...