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  1. 8-4-2B or 8-4-2C

    Yep -- and that's the OP (well, absent any OBS discussion). R3 failed to (a) "make a legal attempt to avoid" (or whatever the specific wording is) AND (b) altered the play -- so, (a) Out AND (b) INT.
  2. Benidtenei out of baseline

    I don't think that's reviewable.
  3. 8-4-2B or 8-4-2C

    I don't quite get the coach's argument because even if this was 8-4-2c (and I think it might have been), it's still INT and, thus, a dead ball runners return.
  4. Slot Position - Batter Hugs Plate

    The catcher can make it more difficult, but it's mostly perception. If the catch is inside, you can still see the glove and that section of the plate. WHo cares if you can't see the outside corner -- if the pitch is over there, the catcher will move and then you can see.
  5. Walk off hit???

    Here's the NCAA rule (emphasis added) (the "however" part deals with missed base appeals and is not relevant to your play): j. The individual fails to reach the next base before a fielder tags the runner or the base after the runner has been forced to advance because the batter became a runner; Exception—No runner can be forced out if a runner who follows in the batting order is put out first. However, if a runner is put out during live action, it does not remove the force on any runners who might subsequently be declared out for a running infraction.
  6. Interference on Double Play Attempt

    And that all other runners return TOP (instead of the normal TOI for FED INT).
  7. Base Award

    Correct. If R2 can make it home, even a slow BR can make it to first -- but you are correct that it's not specifically stated.
  8. Caught foul ball

    Actually -- I seem to recall that *might* be part of the rule in some softball codes (but I might be remembering something that isn't true.)
  9. Set position

    99% of the opposing coach's complaints are based on this fact, and not the pitcher's specific movements.
  10. Set position

    But, he's also stepping with the free foot as part of this move to the "hands at the chest / waist" -- and that's not allowed even if this is all part of a motion to pitch.
  11. Sign stealing prevention CHI - COL game

    I'd extend it. I understand if others wouldn't and would take the strict, literal, reading of MLBUM.
  12. Set position

    1) If any part of the glove is "at or below the chin" that's a legal set -- and that's what it looks like to me. The pause (if there was one) later would be illegal. 2) If the glove is entirely above the chin, then it's also illegal -- for not going to the set in one motion.
  13. Caught foul ball

  14. Two runners on third, lead runner out?

    Making sure that his ruling stood.
  15. Sign stealing prevention CHI - COL game

    (Subject to a change in the rule / interp after I retired) It's OBS in FED, but not in OBR. It's still illegal, though. From some old version of MLBUM: (12) With a runner on first base, the first baseman, rather than holding the runner in the traditional manner jockeys back and forth in front of the runner, several feet to the second base side of the bag. In the umpire's judgment the first baseman is doing this intentionally to block the runner's view of the pitcher. Ruling: While Official Baseball Rule 4.03(c) allows a fielder to position himself anywhere in fair territory, if the umpire deems the fielder's actions are a deliberate effort to block the runner's view of the pitcher, it is illegal and clearly not within the spirit of the Rules. The first baseman should be warned to stop, and if he persists, he is subject to ejection.